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Found 22 results

  1. Victor Mouclier

    Increasing triceps involvement in pulling

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone and their loved ones are safe from this f**k**g pandemic. My blessings from France. How to increase the participation of the long head of the triceps during fundamental pulling exercices (such as pullups/chinups, rows or front lever progressions) ? i know they're always working with the lats and shoulders to execute shoulder extension but i would like to know at wich angle they're getting optimal work as shoulder extensors. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge Long head
  2. Kovacs Marton

    Static hold max durations

    Hello everyone! I'm writing to you because I'm kind of stuck in my training progress (or at least progressing much slower than i used to).I'm a street workout athlete, everything im able to do i taught myself, I never sought professional advice up to this point.I can do 15 seconds front lever with good form, I can hold it for much longer but after that, the form isn't acceptable for me any longer so it doesn't count.I can do a straddle planche good form for 6-8 seconds if I aim for maximum hold, and a full planche for maximum of 4 seconds if I'm fully rested. I'd like to know if there was a specific method to further increase my hold on FL.(I aim for 40 seconds).I'd also like to know how to extend my control over my full planche so that I'm able to hold it for longer durations.My straddle planche annoys me the most, because strength-wise I don't find it that difficult anymore, but i struggle to hold it for longer than 8 seconds, and i can't seem to increase that duration. I thank you for your any advice in advance.
  3. Theo Rousselin

    Pain during front lever

    Hi everyone, I have a problem and want to discuss it with you in case you would have informations or advices about it. I've been practicing gymnastics (or calisthenics I don't know) on my own for a few years now. I managed to hold the front lever for 4-5 seconds several months ago, some weeks after, I started to feel a strong pain in my upper back, on a point located between the scapulas. It's like something is burning as soon as I go in tuck front lever position. After feeling that pain, I felt it everyday for 3 or 4 days and then didn't feel it anymore, I tried resting for 2 weeks but the same thing happened (less intense of course because I was being careful). Yesterday I tried going in tuck frontlever for the first time since one month and I felt the pain again. I noticed that when I go in full protraction the pain is almost inexistant, I think I am going to train it in full protraction next time although it doesnt seem natural for me. I have few theories about that problem, one is that I think I am sometimes forgetting to breathe out during my front lever holds. Thank you in advance
  4. Well, i trained 2 months for this skill, at the end of the third month i could hold it for 6 seconds. The week later to this achievement I started to travel, i went to a place where there was one park so i trained for the first two days there but then just focused on the experience so... 2 weeks of doing only planche training and when i came back home i tried it and i could even hold the one leg variant properly so i started training again.(lost my front lever and also my one arm really slow negative) Now, after 1 month, I finally got it today after a lot of frustration but, as the title says, im afraid of losing it again I would be happy to hear your opinions. advices, techniques, etc
  5. Hey! Planning to buy one or two courses. My main aim at the moment is to get a press to handstand going, aswell as front lever. I know i lack alot of general flexibility, especially hamstring, for the press to handstand and i think i lack alot of upperback or shoulder strength(i dont think its abdominals at least) for front lever. My question is what courses should i start with if i wanna be able to do first of all press to handstand, and second of all front lever. Trying to priotize since its a decent amount of money. My current strength level is that i can do a back lever in rings and on bars for a few seconds, not sure how proper the form is, but its not all that bad i think. No where near close being able to do front lever though(im able to do dragon flags easily and controlled and i train alot of hollow body, so i guess its my lats that are the problem or my shoulders, or i just dont keep my chest high enough in proper position. I am also able to do human flag quite easily for a few seconds on my right side, and a few seconds less on the left side, mostly because of gripping power being unbalanced. Im not quite able to press myself up into human flag though, i need to do a negative where i hold at the horisontal level. Strict muscle ups in rings for many reps isnt a problem, but on bars i tend to lose the false grip, even though i sometimes manage something almost close to proper form on bars for one rep. When it comes to balance, im able to keep a handstand quite easily if im not stressed, think my record is 30 seconds on the same spot, but i can improve it alot. But i think my flexibility is really keeping me back from being able to say do reverse leg raises in a handstand. When i do them in a headstand i tend to look like a banana when my feet touches the floor. Regards and sorry for the english from Sweden.
  6. Swann BUTEL

    Striated shoulder

    Hi every one, Just one question for my curiosity, i see many gymnast with impressiv shoulder striation, almost every rings specialist have this type off physique. How do you explain this developpement ? Isometric work ? Density muscle ? Wath is your tips for achieve this goal in bodyweight training ? Best regard
  7. Paulius Lazdauskas

    Static holds vs Sets n Reps

    Hey, so i reached a level of about 70 push ups, 27-30 dips, and 17 pull ups. So im not a begginer anymore, and i really want to master all the advanced moves like planche, front lever and so on and my main question is should i do like 1 day of sets n reps and on the other day do static holds (tuck FL, tuck planche, handstand, L - Sit) and flow with this kind of program? or should i do the progressions at the start of the training session and than do sets n reps from the energy that i am left with? Do i need to continue doing pull ups, dips and push up exercises at all? Do they help in my advanced moves proggressions?
  8. I wouldn't dare to post this in fundation forum, I'd be hung there by fundation worshippers straight away The question is: Has anyone tried or have any experience in kind of applaying grease the groove to fundation progressions for harder fbs, using steady state cycle rule of 50% of intensity ? Do you think it would make sense if I did for example FL, SPL with coupled mobility exercises 3-4 times a week spread throughout the day ? I have to say that I tried this with L sit for the last 2 months and the progress is mind blowing, at least for me. From struggling with the template progression, being stuck on tough 18 seconds per set, after 2 months I can already do nearly 40 seconds of what is more half v-sit. Maybe dreaming a bit but legs are much higher than parallel. Would applying this method to 2 -3 exercises performed throughout the day fo 3-4 days a week be safe and productive ? Thx.
  9. Alexander Castiglione

    Body levers - form question

    I had a quick form check question about the Body Lever. I'm noticing in some videos - that the hips "break" slightly on the ascent back up to the start position, usually around at around 45 degrees or so, but obviously not on the descent. Is this "standard"? I know we should endeavor to remain as flat as possible and not break at the hips or become hollow (as hollowing would make it a dragon flag)? Can somebody please shed some light on this? If the hips aren't supposed to break - I need to revisit this movement to master it. Note that I am not talking about a major break or bend, just a slight one, maybe a few degrees. Thanks in advance!
  10. Does anybody have any advice on how to get full ROM front lever pull ups. Apart from the first rep it is difficult to pull until the hips touch the bar. What would be the best way to progress to full rom, weighted front lever pull ups? Doing the first rep to the top then coming down really slowly? Thank you.
  11. Hi! As i said in the title, it pisses me of that a lot of people can achieve a planche in a year (or front lever in few months). Me and my friend have been training for the front lever and planche for almost two years, and we're stuck on the advanced tuck front lever for 30+ sec. Planche is no different. We can do sometimes adv. tuck, sometimes only tuck, but my friend is capable of doing a straddle planche for a secon of two (incline, not perfectly horizontal). We've tried everything. We also know what the retraction during the FL is and how to protract the scapula in planche, but still - there is no progress. We have a decent base of strength (we can do about 10 HeSPU, 3 full HSPU, 17 pull-ups, 30+ dips and some bulgarian dips, full back lever and 2 back lever pull-outs, a single dip with 50 kg attached to the dip belt and also pullups with 30 kg, multiple dragon-flags and headstand leg raises) and we really have no idea what we do wrong. We would like to know what are the technical issues behind our lack of progress. Can you please tell us how to do these two moves technically well and what are the proper progressions? We tried leans, holds for extended times and anything like that. Maybe we're wrong? Can you please describe the protraction and retraction in these movement, because maybe we misunderstood something. Any tip is appreciated. PS.: I saw the foundation one course and i don't really need it.
  12. Paul Jacquemin

    Scapular Pressure In Front Lever

    Hello, I’m having problems whit my advanced tuck front lever (knees perpendicular to the ground). When I’m trying the position whit good form I seem to feel a lot of pressure in my right shoulder blade. maybe rear deltoid?. And sometimes it just pops and gets out of the retracted position. I don’t feel any pain only pressure. And when I’m doing it whit bad form (little bent arms) I feel all the pressure in my lats Is this a lack of scapular strength? this seem to happen in my right shoulder blade, I have a little bit of scoliosis so the left side of my high back is stronger. If it is a lack of scapular strength could you recommend some exercises that could help to fix it? Do I need to go back to and easier progression? Do I need to focues on scapular strength exercice?
  13. jan0sik

    Questions about my routine

    Hi! I've been working out for about 2 years now, but i'm not happy with my results of gymnastic training. My goals are: -V-sit -Straddle planche -Front lever -Back lever -HSPU I'm following a routine based on Kilroy70's template: 6 weeks cycle6 times a weekdo 5 cycles for max. rep. Skill:-RTO - 2 min-HS practice - 5 min Mon/Th:-L-sit - 5 x 6s-BL - Adv. Tuck (supinated) - 5 x 9s Tue/Fri:-FL - 5 x 10 s-PL - Adv. Frog stand - 5 x 10s Day 1A1)Inverted CurlA2)Bulgarian DipsB1)PistolsB2)Archups + 10 kg Day 2A1)HeSPU (1/2 rom)A2) Weighted Pullup + 20 kgB1)GHRB2)Leg raises Day 3:Core:A1)DFA2)Arch-upsB1)Leg-raisesB2)Oblique twists C) Plank as finisher (for as long as i can) Day 4A1)Tuck FL RowA2)RTO pushupsB1)PistolsB2)Archups Day 5A1)False grip hang (aim for 30 sec)A2)Robertowe dipsyB1)GHRB2)Leg raises Day 6 (mastering the basics)PushupsPullupsDipsLeg raisesPistols3s. max rep. each --------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my progress (or lack of it):-1 leg front lever for 5 sec-Can't hold a tuck planche with proper form (butt at shoulders height)-Floor l-sit for 13 sec-Full Back lever (pronated grip) - 5 sec, but with supinated i can hold only adv. tuck for 14 sec with a littlediscomfort in elbows-Can't do a full HeSPU-RTO hold (90 dg) for 25 sec without shaking What should I change in my routine in order to achieve my goals and become a stronger gymnast?
  14. Kutay Serova

    Frontal Shoulder Injury and Front Lever?

    I just injured my frontal shoulder (anterior deltoid) in Planche Leans. I was wondering that can I continue Front Lever training while it heals. The pain is only during the front raising movement under the horizontal. If I start raising my arm to the front, the pain is only around the "planche lean angle" that I was training, above the horizontal isn't affected. It's only in the frontal plane, it moves easily in every other plane. I have stopped all horizontal pushing exercises for at least a week. My question is can I train Front Lever and (probably not but I'm asking anyway) Handstand without aggravating the injury?
  15. Samvel Azizbekyan

    Pain in lower back attempting Front Lever

    Hey everyone. I've been experiencing this problem with the front lever quite some time now. It appears to be that every time i try to get into the front lever, I feel like the only thing stopping me is this pain i get in my lower back. When i try to hold the position, thats when it hurts. There is no pain when I'm doing front lever pulls, only when i try to hold it. If anyone has any input or any information to why this may be, and how I could fix it, it'd be greatly appreciated.
  16. RichardTran

    Front Lever top-down vs bottom-up

    So probably 4 months ago i was able to do front levers coming down from the top like a negative for 12 seconds. I thought that being able to swing into a front lever and holding it is harder and would help me more So i started trying that and doing that. But now when i try to lower into a front lever i can barely hold it for a couple of seconds while i can swing into one and hold it for 10. I think going from bottle up requires less muscle recruitment as opposed to lowering yourself down... any thoughts? and should i strive to regain that strength?
  17. Just wondering about some of the harder bent arm conditioning exercises on the rings. I'm not yet at the level where I can do these, except curls, which I somehow did one day to show off in front of friends the topic is just me wondering which exercise is working what and in which way, and whether some are more effective than others. As far as I know, each of these exercises are conditioning the following muscles: Curls: Chest, Biceps, Anterior Deltoids, lats? FL Rows: Lats, Posterior Deltoids, Biceps, Middle and Lower Traps and Rhomboids BL Curls: Chest, Anterior Deltoids, Biceps, middle back musculature? Anyways, just something I was thinking about.
  18. Matti Paalanen

    Shoulder girdle in lever training

    Hi! Some background information (skip to the actual question if you like): I am 31 years old guy from Finland, I don't have gymnastics background, but I have practiced martial arts for ten years intensely and about six years ago started practicing handstands, basic flips and capoeira style acrobatics. Four years ago I found gymnasticbodies and started planche training and got myself rings. I haven't been able to follow a strict routine, but have held bodyweight exercising as a main way to keep myself fit and even progress a bit. At the moment I'm in a state where I can do a few muscle ups on rings, can hold decent advanced tuck planche for a couple of seconds and have quite good straddle back lever and advanced tuck front lever. ACTUAL QUESTION: I've been wondering about the way shoulders act when doing front lever training. When I do normal pull ups, the very beginning of the pull feels really natural and easy for shoulders, as they tend to roll to the movement without any hassle. But when I set my starting position more into lever-like state (raise my hips towards front of my body, or just raise my knees in front of my body), this naturally changes the position of the shoulders to a more difficult state pulling-wise. What it feels like is that when I try to do a pull when keeping my knees in front of me is that the very beginning of the movement is really awkward for the shoulders as if the joint itself is not in a position it likes to move at all. When I start to pull I notice that some muscles that surround the shoulder girdle / shoulder joint are doing a lot more work than in a normal pull up position, and midway through the movement the shoulder joint is still in a very different position than in a normal pull up movement. I hope this sounds understandable and more experienced people know what I'm talking about Now my question is that is this something that should be happening or am I doing it wrong somehow and should I try to "switch" the joint position somehow midway to the normal pull up position? Or should the pull be done in this state where the whole shoulder girdle area is very much intensely working to hold the awkward position of the shoulder joint? Thanks for any advice!
  19. i have read the book and now am making a work out split because i have not gained enough strength for the workouts. my split is Monday-warm up with elastic bands for shoulder ,inverted row 3x10, front lever hold normally around 25 seconds tucked, pull ups 5x5. no back lever because my protraction is far more developed than retracted. (also i need help with my front lever and more exercises to strengthen it) Tuesday -warm up , leg workout- front squat heavy ranges from 8 sets and to 2-5 reps, reversed curls with elastic bands( can not do with body weight yet) (switches off from also 10 sets of 8 to 10 reps for speed work) also some good mornings 5 sets of 10 (max front squat is 205) i haven't done percentages yet because my energy levels have been all over the place so i go as i feel. Wednesday- stretch and rehab for shoulder Thursday- deadlift- heavy same with front squats about 8 sets 2-5 reps.reverse curls 5 sets of 10. Friday- sprints 6 sets of 50 meters 4 sets of 40 meters (max) Saturday- same as Monday working on front lever because back lever is on straddle and front lever is not even parallel to the ground and tucked really. every day i do handstand work just just couple of kick up into handstand into wall and then balance. (also use handstands in my warm up)( i hurt my shoulders in a handstand i do not understand why but now i have a popping sound in my shoulders when ever i do pull up or raise me arm above my head, does not hurt though) can you guys tell me if this is over working out and yes once i am able to do a handstand on the rings and front lever and back lever and muscle up i will then work on the WOD but right now this is how i thought i should make my workouts because well i am still new and i have gotten injured twice by handstands so i am little confused about them still. also you can change what ever you want i just want to get stronger and have a better all around functional and stronger look physique.
  20. BodyTrain

    How To Workout?

    Hey, im 16 years old an come from germany. My goal is it to reach the Back/Front Lever, Human Flag, muscle up, one arm chin up and the full planche. I started my workout 7 month ago. I did one month some pull and push ups. After that I taked a break and 4 month ago I worked out again for a moth. I tried to reach my goal, but I haven´t any success... 2 month ago I go (and still go) to the gym. But I think that I will take a break. This was my little story. And now I will start again working out, with more intention. To my surprise, I did the muscle up, a 2 sec. Back Lever hold and an one leg Front Lever for about 8 sec. . I don´t now how I build the strengh for it, but Im happy. And now to my question. I would like to workout 4 days the week but I don´t now in which of the days I should train one exercise. Here is a example of how I would do my traning plan: Monday: Front/Back Lever training Tuesday: Muscle Up, explosive pull ups - explosive push ups Thursday: One arm chin up - push ups Friday: Front/Back Lever training Saturday: Chin/Pull Ups What do you think of it? Is it to much? Can I combine some days? I will start working for the planche and human flag, when I have an good front/back lever and a decent muscle up (can´t do more then one without that much kipping) I hope that you guys can give me some tips and sorry for my bad english.
  21. Joshua Slocum

    Proper Form For Front-Lever Pullup

    I was attempting to perform some front-lever pullups the other day when I realized that I don't know what the proper form for the movement is. Specifically, I'm not sure how close the hands are supposed to get to the hips. I can get my hands to within 3-4 inches of my hips, but not quite to the point where they touch. Is this improper form? Should I do an easier exercise until I'm able to touch my hands to my hips on the FLPU? If not, how high up should I pull in order to do a 'correct' FLPU?
  22. Michael Morello

    Learning How To Retract

    Hello i'm Michael i am a teen that was a gym rat doing bench,deadlifts,squats.(i still do deadlifts and squats) now i have a problem i want to get into gymnastics because really i want there physique, they are incredible. my problem is i have been doing these workouts for about 3 month, have been injured twice and i know why. my problem is my anterior part of my deltoid is so strong now it keeps getting injured because it is trying to do jobs it is not suppose to be doing such as by getting pulled or stretched beyond is capacity. (a pulled muscle) so i have been doing front lever and back lever (static hold up to 60 sec) and pull ups and other exercises like handstands. i got both injuries from doing handstands. my back lever is at a 20s second straddle and my front lever not even tucked for 30 seconds basically working on retracting my shoulders. so now i am at a standstill i have been injured twice both injuries are my shoulders. can anyone help me with some exercises to get my front lever to where my back lever is? i have found out that that is my problem to why i keep getting pulled muscles in my shoulders and now i am just looking for some exercises to help even my imbalances in my shoulders and back.
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