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Found 12 results


    I have a longer arm than the other

    Hello guys, ive started traing levers some months ago, however, 3 weeks ago i had a small injury so i gave a break, however ive noticed that my right arm is like 1 inche longer than the left. I was wondering if this can increase the risk of injury or it can affect my stright arm static exercices
  2. Swann BUTEL

    Striated shoulder

    Hi every one, Just one question for my curiosity, i see many gymnast with impressiv shoulder striation, almost every rings specialist have this type off physique. How do you explain this developpement ? Isometric work ? Density muscle ? Wath is your tips for achieve this goal in bodyweight training ? Best regard
  3. Hi, I'm new to rings training. I've been training for only 1 month. The thing is... When I do the German Hang or Tuck BL with the chin-up grip, everything is fine. But I believe the right way is to keep a chin-up false grip, right? Well, when I do that, I can't even get into the German Hang because I feel a pain on the right/outer side of my right wrist, as if it is twisting too much. But on the left wrist, everything is fine. Considering I've never injured my wrists, how can I solve this pain & mobility issue?
  4. Aleks009436

    Back lever with false grip?

    The topic speaks for itself. BL with false grip would make it easier to combine BL with other skils, but are there any strenght benefits or other benefits? In general, should BL be trained with false grip?
  5. Hello !!! ----------------- I need help guys... Well honestly I have strong arms and I can lean forward so much...But can't move my legs from the floor. Even when I raise my legs from the tuck planche...I can't keep them !!! I think my problem is in my lower back , I can do a very clean Front lever...But can't do a Back lever. Is there any training or something to move my legs from the floor when I lean forward ? Do I need to master the back lever ? Thanks and sorry for my bad english =)
  6. Hi, I'm 20 years old, 5' 11", and I've been into gymnastics training for about three years now. I also started lifting weights pretty regularly around two years ago. I put on around 25 to 30 pounds of muscle in the course of the first year of my weight training, and that seemed to set my gymnastics training back a little, more than likely because my body had to adjust to its "new form". Anyway! Now onto my point/question: What I've noticed is that gymnastics has really helped with my strength, but I'm not getting any bigger from it. Note that I am NOT doing gymnastics for aesthetic reasons, but the huge biceps and almost balloon-like shoulders that are typical for a lot of male gymnasts (mainly those who specialize on rings) do not seem to be even remotely in sight based on the gymnastics training I've undergone thus far. Here's a basic rundown of some of my ring abilities: I have a solid back lever (20 second hold with no problem), solid ring handstand (no forearms touching straps/rings or feet touching wrapped around straps), seven second straddle planche on rings (straight arms, little to no piking, and good protraction), and I'm fairly close to an iron cross. All that said, anyone else with a similar experience as me? I'm more than happy with the way I look, but after three years of training consistently, I'm surprised that I'm not as big as some of my friends who lift weights regularly or even some of my other gymnastics friends. I don't mean to be vain or anything, but this site is called "Gymnasticbodies", after all... So I just wanted to see if any others experienced a lack of "aesthetic progress". Thanks!
  7. Julian M

    Back lever/ lower back question

    Hello everyone! First of all you need to know that I'm new on this site. Well, I have some questions relating to the back lever. I started practicing the back lever on Monday. The first thing that I noticed was pressure in my chest. So i guess this kind of pressure will disappear after some time. Well, I can hold a tuck planche for like 20 seconds and the tucked back lever for like 15 seconds. In both movements I can't straighten my lower back and I don't know why.. Why I can't straighten my back? It is due to lack of strength or something else? Is there any workout to strengthen my lower back? In the end I have to say that I am only training with my bodyweight. It would be nice, if anyone replies to my question! Sincerely Julian By the way I am not a native english speeker, so I apologize for my english
  8. Just wondering about some of the harder bent arm conditioning exercises on the rings. I'm not yet at the level where I can do these, except curls, which I somehow did one day to show off in front of friends the topic is just me wondering which exercise is working what and in which way, and whether some are more effective than others. As far as I know, each of these exercises are conditioning the following muscles: Curls: Chest, Biceps, Anterior Deltoids, lats? FL Rows: Lats, Posterior Deltoids, Biceps, Middle and Lower Traps and Rhomboids BL Curls: Chest, Anterior Deltoids, Biceps, middle back musculature? Anyways, just something I was thinking about.
  9. Hi GymnasticBodies Community, I have a few questions about the Back Lever which I want to start training and also to work on some progressions but I am not sure where to start. So from my research I have devised a list of progressions that I think would help the back lever development and will greatly appreciate some help, tips and advice based on individual experience with training the back lever. So here is what I have come up with. German Hang 5x30s Skin the Cats 5x5 Tight Tuck Back Lever Pull-Outs (3 Second Hold at Bottom) 3x5 Open Tuck Back Lever Pull-Outs (3 Second Hold at Bottom) 3x5 Half Lay Back Lever Pull-Outs (3 Second Hold at Bottom) 3x5 Back Lever Holds 5x5s Back Lever Pullouts (3 Second Hold at Bottom) 3x5r So what do you think of these progressions and numbers? Do you think they are realistic? If anyone has a solid back lever how long did it take you to prep the bicep tendon to turn the palms so they faced downwards and how did you progress? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  10. Matti Paalanen

    Shoulder girdle in lever training

    Hi! Some background information (skip to the actual question if you like): I am 31 years old guy from Finland, I don't have gymnastics background, but I have practiced martial arts for ten years intensely and about six years ago started practicing handstands, basic flips and capoeira style acrobatics. Four years ago I found gymnasticbodies and started planche training and got myself rings. I haven't been able to follow a strict routine, but have held bodyweight exercising as a main way to keep myself fit and even progress a bit. At the moment I'm in a state where I can do a few muscle ups on rings, can hold decent advanced tuck planche for a couple of seconds and have quite good straddle back lever and advanced tuck front lever. ACTUAL QUESTION: I've been wondering about the way shoulders act when doing front lever training. When I do normal pull ups, the very beginning of the pull feels really natural and easy for shoulders, as they tend to roll to the movement without any hassle. But when I set my starting position more into lever-like state (raise my hips towards front of my body, or just raise my knees in front of my body), this naturally changes the position of the shoulders to a more difficult state pulling-wise. What it feels like is that when I try to do a pull when keeping my knees in front of me is that the very beginning of the movement is really awkward for the shoulders as if the joint itself is not in a position it likes to move at all. When I start to pull I notice that some muscles that surround the shoulder girdle / shoulder joint are doing a lot more work than in a normal pull up position, and midway through the movement the shoulder joint is still in a very different position than in a normal pull up movement. I hope this sounds understandable and more experienced people know what I'm talking about Now my question is that is this something that should be happening or am I doing it wrong somehow and should I try to "switch" the joint position somehow midway to the normal pull up position? Or should the pull be done in this state where the whole shoulder girdle area is very much intensely working to hold the awkward position of the shoulder joint? Thanks for any advice!
  11. i have read the book and now am making a work out split because i have not gained enough strength for the workouts. my split is Monday-warm up with elastic bands for shoulder ,inverted row 3x10, front lever hold normally around 25 seconds tucked, pull ups 5x5. no back lever because my protraction is far more developed than retracted. (also i need help with my front lever and more exercises to strengthen it) Tuesday -warm up , leg workout- front squat heavy ranges from 8 sets and to 2-5 reps, reversed curls with elastic bands( can not do with body weight yet) (switches off from also 10 sets of 8 to 10 reps for speed work) also some good mornings 5 sets of 10 (max front squat is 205) i haven't done percentages yet because my energy levels have been all over the place so i go as i feel. Wednesday- stretch and rehab for shoulder Thursday- deadlift- heavy same with front squats about 8 sets 2-5 reps.reverse curls 5 sets of 10. Friday- sprints 6 sets of 50 meters 4 sets of 40 meters (max) Saturday- same as Monday working on front lever because back lever is on straddle and front lever is not even parallel to the ground and tucked really. every day i do handstand work just just couple of kick up into handstand into wall and then balance. (also use handstands in my warm up)( i hurt my shoulders in a handstand i do not understand why but now i have a popping sound in my shoulders when ever i do pull up or raise me arm above my head, does not hurt though) can you guys tell me if this is over working out and yes once i am able to do a handstand on the rings and front lever and back lever and muscle up i will then work on the WOD but right now this is how i thought i should make my workouts because well i am still new and i have gotten injured twice by handstands so i am little confused about them still. also you can change what ever you want i just want to get stronger and have a better all around functional and stronger look physique.
  12. BodyTrain

    How To Workout?

    Hey, im 16 years old an come from germany. My goal is it to reach the Back/Front Lever, Human Flag, muscle up, one arm chin up and the full planche. I started my workout 7 month ago. I did one month some pull and push ups. After that I taked a break and 4 month ago I worked out again for a moth. I tried to reach my goal, but I haven´t any success... 2 month ago I go (and still go) to the gym. But I think that I will take a break. This was my little story. And now I will start again working out, with more intention. To my surprise, I did the muscle up, a 2 sec. Back Lever hold and an one leg Front Lever for about 8 sec. . I don´t now how I build the strengh for it, but Im happy. And now to my question. I would like to workout 4 days the week but I don´t now in which of the days I should train one exercise. Here is a example of how I would do my traning plan: Monday: Front/Back Lever training Tuesday: Muscle Up, explosive pull ups - explosive push ups Thursday: One arm chin up - push ups Friday: Front/Back Lever training Saturday: Chin/Pull Ups What do you think of it? Is it to much? Can I combine some days? I will start working for the planche and human flag, when I have an good front/back lever and a decent muscle up (can´t do more then one without that much kipping) I hope that you guys can give me some tips and sorry for my bad english.
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