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  2. Federico Minio

    Help with Stall Bar Options

    Hello Alessandro, thanks. So also thinking about the future (I am only 4 month into Coach Sommer's Recommended Weekly Schedule), would it be better to just go for option 1 + RINGs attached to the ceiling? I am setting up a new room so I have space. I just want to make sure I have the cleanest setup and not have to change as I progress... Thanks!
  3. Eloy Bote

    Recovering CrossFitter

    Hey Michael, The answer you wanna hear: If you enter for example the foundation course and you click on the gear icon, you can go to the course settings. There you can choose the step you want for the different courses. If you click on the dumbell icon on the top of the screen you can go to course library and navigate through the entire courses to see every step with videos of the exercises and check how far can you go. The answer you should take in account: In Gymnastics Strength Training (GST) in general and in gymnasticbodies in particular the perfect form is a must, so probably you shouldn't skip any step without making sure you are doing it with perfect form and full Range Of Motion (ROM). For example, 5x15 push ups are easy, but with perfect form and full ROM is not something you see often with people not familiar with GST. The foundation courses are a must to unlock your full potential! I have been training GST and tumbling for a few years and I thought like you to skip until my level but finally I put my ego down and started from the beginning! Just rank the workout too easy if it's too easy and you will progress fast until you reach a step where you have to train harder. Handstand 1 is very important to start from 0 but you can combine it with handstand 2, but take in mind that if you don't have a perfect line handstand you will be struggling soon in the course. But maybe I'm wrong, send a video of your handstand in the HS forum so the coaches can evaluate your form.
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