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  2. Hi everyone! I am new to GB, but excited about its program. In this post, I am looking for suggestions on how to schedule my week of GB with my other sports. My background: I used to cross country ski competitively and after I finished, I sustained an overuse, running injury to my right psoas. Never got imaging, did physical therapy for two years and now about three years later I still have notable inbalances and am not running yet. My brother turned me on to GB, and the stretching is the only thing that I have felt helps balance. And I am excited to do the program! I’ve seen in the form to balance sides adding reps on one side and stretches on the other tight side. However, I am a very active person and was wondering if someone could suggest a weekly schedule that would merge well with; mountain biking 2-3 times a week body weight strength (mostly PT still working on) 2x wk And cross country skiing 1-2x wk And sometimes I do long distance days on the weekend 3hrs+ When do you suggest stretching? Combining strength ie core/upper body/legs into one or two strength sessions a week? any suggestions help! Thanks!
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  4. Subscriber. Which courses to choose?

    Thanks for the reply Étienne! I'll follow the 6 Day Program on the My Available Workouts page and see how I go. Cheers.
  5. Gloucester Seminar

    No, it s not late, I think is actually soon but there are different prices phases. The sooner, the cheaper. First phase has finished already. I guess there will be places available for some pretty good time yet. Check the phases dead lines on GB main page.
  6. Hawaii gym/meet up

    Ahah! I'm moving out of Canada!
  7. What to do after time off?

    Hi Gareth 7 weels is not too much, I would start 2 weeks back in the progression/schedule.
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