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  2. Alessandro Mainente

    the schedule

    Perfect, if you lack of mobility in some exercises stay on this segment until you fix the mobility gap. if you pass the upper body in terms of strength you can mark it as done. other courses like hamstring restore etc they are not linked to a target so you can simply mark it as done.... As you progress over the following levels things can change a bit.
  3. George Traganidas 235308

    Shoulder alignment issue

    @Alessandro Mainente I agree with you 100%. In the last 3 years I am trying to fix damage done over the last 30 years It will not happen overnight. And to be honest, during these 3 years of doing GB I have seen huge improvements. I can touch my toes when doing standing pike and I can touch my fingers when doing supine shoulder extension. Day and night with where I was when I started. So I know that things take time and patience. I am more conscious of my work posture and trying to get better there. Where I would like some help from you is to recommend some stretching for the shoulders to do in addition to everything else I am doing. Thanks, George
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