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  2. Alessandro Mainente

    Early morning training

    Hi Joe i do not really have an answer for you, you must try, track sensations like fatigue, energy level, and then adjust. Coches do exactly like that, they try basing especially on the logistic of the single athlete. I have students who cannot train without a pre-workout due to the lack of energy,, for example, i train without eating a pre-workout and i eat a 10% of my daily intake after the workout.
  3. Alessandro Mainente

    At which point should I mix the split and handstand into the Fundamentals

    Hey Orban, mixing is definitely a personal preference, if the time is the problem you split in 2 sessions on the same day. if you cannot split you cycle the stretch course when you have time availability. keep in mind that having a sustainable structure is the primary goal for having results.
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