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  2. Alessandro Mainente

    Video for elbows

    Hi Ben, the main problem of the elbows is that they respond to the progressive intensity. so there is no a secret or strange exercises for elbow preparation. a good progression of more challenging exercise is enough for the medial and lateral part of the elbows. for sure maintaining a correct balance between pulling and pushing, pronation and supination is the key for healthy elbows.
  3. Alessandro Mainente

    Video review page on new website?

    Hi Nils, this option will be available again once the new interface is fixed.
  4. Trace Taylor

    • Trace Taylor
    • Alessandro Mainente

    I have a question  about deck squats. Basically I keep having to use my hands to come to standing, I think because of my knees. One of those thick mats might be good but am doing it on a regular mat.  No real space right now for big equipment. 


    Do do you have any advice on deck squats?

    Movement and lower body routines use them. When I said they were too difficult I was moved back to regular squats, which feel good but would like some advice on this. Patience perhaps?

    Thank you !

    1. Trace Taylor

      Trace Taylor

      Maybe this is the wrong place to ask this? Any congratulations on all your hard work and happy holidays!

  5. Andrey Kruglykhin

    New web site: how do I get to my workout videos??

    Two suggestions for the new interface: 1. Can the name of the member be indicated at the top of the screen or next to the profile, please? The same way it was in the old interface and the same way it is still on the Forum page. That makes it easier to see that you are logged in - at a glance. 2. Can the same feature be added as in the old interface when you can see by change in colour / checked sign on the picture that a module has been done, please? This allows for a quick check what's been done in the week and what's still not - sometimes I need to change the programming for the week on the go and swap modules. may be a check sign next to each module in the schedule? Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
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