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Found 3 results

  1. Alessandro Pantanella

    High Bar Grips is this the Right Size?

    Hello everyone, after many years of GST I decided to start learning skills. At the moment I'm working on the high bar and after a couple of months is now time to start using grips. I've bought a pair of Reisport, followed the sizing guide and because I'm in between M and L the guide suggested to go with M. When I put them on they look and feel really small. I'm attaching a couple of pictures here, could someone let me know if they look OK? I may have put the right one on the left hand but I think you'll get the idea from the pics. Thanks
  2. Ever since I started getting into powerlifting at age 16, I've been weighing 100kg+ at 192cm. Lately I've burned a ton of fat by playing badminton and my bodyweight is now around 90kg with 7% bodyfat. However I'm trying to get around 80-85kg now since I notice most badminton pros my height weigh between 70-82. Also I'm interested in learning some gymnastics moves. This means I have to cut some muscle mass. Which makes me wonder if anyone has some nice information or articles about how much muscle mass you need relative to your height and body type in order to maximize strength-to-weight ratio? (assuming the athlete already has an optimal bodyfatM so they can't cut fat anymore)
  3. Hi, I'm 20 years old, 5' 11", and I've been into gymnastics training for about three years now. I also started lifting weights pretty regularly around two years ago. I put on around 25 to 30 pounds of muscle in the course of the first year of my weight training, and that seemed to set my gymnastics training back a little, more than likely because my body had to adjust to its "new form". Anyway! Now onto my point/question: What I've noticed is that gymnastics has really helped with my strength, but I'm not getting any bigger from it. Note that I am NOT doing gymnastics for aesthetic reasons, but the huge biceps and almost balloon-like shoulders that are typical for a lot of male gymnasts (mainly those who specialize on rings) do not seem to be even remotely in sight based on the gymnastics training I've undergone thus far. Here's a basic rundown of some of my ring abilities: I have a solid back lever (20 second hold with no problem), solid ring handstand (no forearms touching straps/rings or feet touching wrapped around straps), seven second straddle planche on rings (straight arms, little to no piking, and good protraction), and I'm fairly close to an iron cross. All that said, anyone else with a similar experience as me? I'm more than happy with the way I look, but after three years of training consistently, I'm surprised that I'm not as big as some of my friends who lift weights regularly or even some of my other gymnastics friends. I don't mean to be vain or anything, but this site is called "Gymnasticbodies", after all... So I just wanted to see if any others experienced a lack of "aesthetic progress". Thanks!
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