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Found 8 results

  1. Jules Morgan-Bert

    Adding / Removing Exercises

    Hi Everyone, Please could I ask your thoughts & experience on adding / removing exercises on the Foundation Series? For example, within the Rope Climb series, if I really enjoy Hinge Rows as an exercise, but I am currently on Pull Ups, would it be a bad idea to add Hinge Rows as an additional exercise? Thank you for your support and insight. JMB

    Rope Climb Preparation

    What are the requirements to start doing high volume rope climbs without your elbows dying? - I've never experienced elbow pain - I can do a single OAP on each arm all the way up on good days - My one arm 90-degree hold is good, I'm just chilling on the bar - I do ring dips with my the rings turned past parallel pretty effectively I do rope climb with no feet assist occasionally and I'm wondering if I should start really going at it, and if so how should I progress. Is it reps going up and down, time, or length?
  3. Hi, I am planning on including a ring setup and rope climb on an outdoor structure. I am thinking of hanging it up from a bar somewhere between 12 and 16 feet high. Are there things I won't be able to do at 12' that I could do at 16', and if there are, what are they? What is the minimum height to do different exercises that can't be done at 12'? I am about 5'7". Thank you, Micha
  4. Christopher Bassett 264228

    Rope Climb - Lowering down question

    Hello When lowering down on the rope climb as slow as possible, should one aim to fully extend the arms on each rep down or just get as many reps down as possible?
  5. Swann BUTEL

    Striated shoulder

    Hi every one, Just one question for my curiosity, i see many gymnast with impressiv shoulder striation, almost every rings specialist have this type off physique. How do you explain this developpement ? Isometric work ? Density muscle ? Wath is your tips for achieve this goal in bodyweight training ? Best regard
  6. Guest

    Beginning Rope Climbing

    Hello, I have 2 questions regarding rope climbing. I managed to do legless rope climbs yesterday for the 1st time and I want to ensure I train it correctly. I will only train it twice a week for now because I am nervous about overload on the elbows. For a beginner: 1) Should one be climbing up fast or should a slight pause be taken on each pull up on the rope? 2) Would climbing up say 2 metres and back down once for 4 sets a good start and then build the reps as I get stronger?
  7. Sam Andersen

    Climbing Rope Height

    I am about to build a rope climbing station in my backyard. I read a post where coach had mentioned his athletes doing rope climbs on a 7m rope. Is this the highest I would need to build a rope climbing station? Or should I build it taller?
  8. Katharina Huemer

    20 hanging leg raises - impossible?

    Hello! I am a 20 year old girl from Austria, basically doing acrobatics and not gymnastics, that's why I have a huge lack in strength! I want to switch my gym and for the test in June 2014 I need to be able to do 20 hanging leg raises, feet completely to the bar and I need to climb a 3m rope in a pike position, so hands only. I can currently master about 12 hanging leg raises to vertical (90 degree angle) and I can do 2 pull-ups and 4-5 chin ups. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to reach that amount of strength in 6 months? And can you give me a training shedule I can stick to? I train acro 3 times a week for two hours, but we do very little conditioning, mostly flexibility and skills! I have no idea about what to do, but we have a pull up bar and a rope in our garden! I would appreciate any kind of help! Thanks in advance!
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