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Found 15 results

  1. Swann BUTEL

    Nakayama correctiv

    Hi every one, Since january i work nakayama, i have slow but good result, i'm able to do nakayama with wrist strap now but i seem's to be impossible without i lose the false grip, i don't sure if my form are correct, i need your expert eyes. this is a video of my nakayama. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhzGZNQHDA4vpD-i5JinMzbPv_l689EeCJhiwY0/?taken-by=swannbuttel Thx every one
  2. Hi every one, i'm curious about what method of progression is utilised for learn advanced moove on rings like D skill. I see many gymnast do some static with a little pause between 8 ( 3 x lsit to straddle planch hold 3 sec ) its seem more efficiency than just assisted hold even for more time under tension ? For new skill element have you some method off learning and progression ? is it preferable to cut the element on different phase or working it on global with assistance like ring strenght trainer and how to now when add resistance ? ( exemple nakayama with strap do 10 nakayama on the road for increase the leverage ) ? Thx for your knowledge
  3. Swann BUTEL

    advanced crosses variation

    Hi every one, My goal for this year is to be able to perform 2 D element on rings. ( pineda, azaryan) , i have 8 iron cross press, and 12 sec cross hold max, i can press cross with 10 % off my bodyweight. I continue to work my static strenght on iron cross from 2 different way : first with classic static hold, second at the iron cross position with zero tension press cross hold ( wrist strap ). I work muscle up wide to iron cross for the transition for pineda and pineda on strenght trainer ( i do assisted victorian press too with leg on the support for stregnhtening shoulder extension ) Azarian is more difficult for me, i can do it with strenght trainer ( lvl 5 /10) but i can't able to do simple azarian support on ring ( i do back lever to cross without bounce on strenght trainer and back lever press maltese press planche with leg on the support ) can i have some advice / opinion for continue to progress This is a video off my best azarian : ps : I have read all topic on this forum about d crosses etc
  4. Swann BUTEL

    Maltese curiosity

    Hi every one, I ask myself about Maltese on rings... I work iron cross/ cross pull and straddle planche but i see many gymnast unable too perform a planche but very strong on maltese. So i decided too begin maltese work in addition to my planche training. Wich exercice is unavoidable for mastering maltese ? With wich exercice i can begin maltese ? I think one exercice for understand the body line like board press and one exercice for straight arm strenght like maltese press on low ring, maltese lean too maybe ? I can try just too support slowly lower to maltese many time ? should i work on isometric too with band ? My goal is perform maltese on iron cross trainer in 6 months, i can do 10 rep on maltese press on low rings with strap on wrist and hold maltese on board for some seconde. Thx a lot
  5. Oscar Riaño

    Team China

    Hi people, I started rings not so long ago and for motivation I use to check for gymnasts performing strength routines on rings. I don't know what you think about the topic, but I realized that my favourite gymnasts on rings are all from China. The difference between Chinese athletes and the rest is super clear: they seek for perfection in their strength positions and the rest just a strong position disregarding the proper technique. I don't know why not everyone seeks for perfect position, it's sad I just saw a national competition in China and I enjoyed it a lot more than any World Championship or Olympic Games... The questions I have for you are: -What do you think about this topic? -Are perfect positions underrated in a rings routine (or not so highly valued by the judges)? -Do ring athletes seek for perfect positions and/but they don't achieve them OR they don't really seek for perfection? -Having a perfect position means that you are stronger? Thanks in advance and big respect for all of you! Oscar
  6. Oscar Riaño

    Maltese lean

    Hi guys, I was just wondering. Im capable of doing full planche on p-bars for about 7 seconds. A proper planche (with full protraction and pelvis rotation not yet; only straddled). I just got started with rings and I got super super addicted. I would like to be able to perform a perfect maltese on floor and rings. I was wondering, if it were possible to perform a full protracted maltese just by advancing in your maltese lean. I mean, if by going each time more and more forward it would arrive to the point in which i would be strong enough to lift my feet of the ground. Of course, next to it I'm doing some dumbell and maximal strength, but my training is mainly focused on leans, leans leans and more leans (for maltese). What do you guys think? Thanks in advance Oscar
  7. Swann BUTEL

    Striated shoulder

    Hi every one, Just one question for my curiosity, i see many gymnast with impressiv shoulder striation, almost every rings specialist have this type off physique. How do you explain this developpement ? Isometric work ? Density muscle ? Wath is your tips for achieve this goal in bodyweight training ? Best regard
  8. Al1r3zA

    very Strong

    hi guys , i make a biography and motivational video from my coach , some of these moves are very rare or the first time you see ,hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you gymnast think about this monster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DCtKCEjzSY&list=UUiUltzfutKmhMwbb_7Ffd7Q
  9. DentonConteh

    Floor maltese/Elbow hyperextension

    Ive been practicing floor Maltese for a couple of months and I am noticing that my elbows are beginning to hyper-extend, I have seen many gymnasts and calisthenics athletes who do maltese with crazy hyperextended elbows so it must be normal right?, I am not sure if its a good or bad thing though. Here is me doing a maltese and as I get lower my elbows begin to hyperextend, I do not get any pains at the moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk-3RTq6urs&feature=youtu.be
  10. Al1r3zA

    world record

    hi guys , this is my coach Payam hasannezhad ! i force him to do street workout and other strength move ( i like all kind of strength move ) and make a video from him , his Specialty is Rings , i think his flag pushups is a world record ( in this video is 20 but he can do a little more ) , what do you think guys ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFXiue5wJlE
  11. Joshua Chan

    Maltese to Planche-Spotted

    Hello, Working the push to planche. Its really hard to keep a hollow chest when pushing.Advice and criticism welcome. -Chan
  12. Joshua Slocum

    Maltese leans

    One thing I have found when doing planche training is that performing planks and planche leans during my warmup immediately improves my planche strength. My guess would be that this is because it allows me to reinforce proper body position, so when I enter a real planche, my body has already been primed to enter the proper support position. I am wondering if there might be a similar benefit to be had from doing planche leans with my hands out to the sides, i.e. maltese leans. I tried a few of these on Friday, and they were much harder than planche leans, but it does feel like it is patterning a good body position. Trying some assisted maltese holds afterwards, I felt that I was able to enter a cleaner support position with less effort. I'm a bit concerned, however, because in order to do a 'maltese lean', my hands have to be below my hips, which is improper form for a maltese. I'm pretty sure that doing this exercise will help my maltese strength in the long run. But am I also likely to develop a habit of holding my hips above my hands?
  13. Would the floor maltese transfer over well to a rings maltese and vice-versa? I've heard from some people that a floor maltese is harder. I currently can't train any rings malteses or crosses because my rings setup location doesn't allow it and I'm working on the floor maltese and some arm supported malteses on bars hoping it will transfer over to rings someday. Either way I'm still going to be working on the floor maltese even if it doesn't transfer well to the rings because it's a skill I really like too. Will maltese on bars correlate well to a rings or floor maltese and is it harder or easier than either? How about also a narrow arm maltese on PB? How well would that transfer to the others?
  14. I've been doing the same bent-arm strength workout for a few weeks now, and I'm looking to switch things up. This is what I've been doing: Warmup: ~30s holding handstand position 4-6 skill ring strength routine (e.g. front lever->muscle up to L-sit->hollow-back->back roll->back lever). 3x sets, with 5 minute rest between each set. Each exercise is performed slowly: 4x straddled planche pushups 4x maltese board presses (these are technically straight-arm, but they don't stress my joints much so I do them along with my bent-arm work) 4x inverted muscle ups, performed negative 4x inverted bulgarian handstand pushup 8x inverted rows on rings ~3 minutes manna work I'm of the opinion that it's important to up exercises every few-weeks to prevent the body from becoming ''acclimated" to a particular exercise. Thus I'm looking for new movements that will hit similar strength areas. Here's what I'm thinking so far: 3x cranks to work core and shoulder retractors 2x cirques on 15' rope to work bicep strength 4x wide-grip muscle-ups to work cross-related strength 3x Galimores to work planche strength ~3 minutes manna work I'm struggling to come up with exercises to replace the bulgarian hspu's and the maltese board presses. Any help/suggestions? Should I just keep doing those? Should I make any other changes to my routine? My primary goals at this point are building maltese strength and building/maintaining planche strength.
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