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Found 3 results

  1. Swann BUTEL

    Nakayama correctiv

    Hi every one, Since january i work nakayama, i have slow but good result, i'm able to do nakayama with wrist strap now but i seem's to be impossible without i lose the false grip, i don't sure if my form are correct, i need your expert eyes. this is a video of my nakayama. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhzGZNQHDA4vpD-i5JinMzbPv_l689EeCJhiwY0/?taken-by=swannbuttel Thx every one
  2. Tiago Fazollo

    Basic strength for L-sit

    Hello everyone, I recently began training L-sits and Handstands. As for the L-sit, I´m doing two exercises everyday to gain more strength, and I would like your opnion on the matter. For my core and legs (quads) I'm doing a "pike compression hold" as shown in the first picture. I'm striving to achiev 1 min hold (doing 2 sets of 30s atm) For the upper body, I'm doing the hold in the second picture, also striving for 1 min hold (also doing 2sets of 30s atm) So, is this a good way to start ? Are there other exercises that will help too? Thanks. (Sorry if english is broken, I'm from Brazil)
  3. ForzaCavaliere

    "Everything below 90 degrees is rest"?

    I can't remember which thread, but somebody at some point mentioned that everything below 90 degrees in HLL is rest, which is why the L-V Leg Lifts are harder than full ROM. And it's true, it is harder. But does that mean HLL in the L-V category should be trained over full ROM. Same with, say, bicep curls, should they just be lowered to 90 degrees flexion and then back to top? And squats, etc. Sorry if I seem silly. Also, these either/or situations are silly, but I'm still curious so if only 1 range of motion could be selected for a specific exercise, should it be 90degree (more difficult) or full ROM?
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