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Found 2 results

  1. I was reading BtGB and, being the foreigner I am, found it difficult to understand the entire section regarding program design. Would anyone be able to explain how they include isometric training (for the fundamental static positions) in their training (assuming they include a lot of dynamic movement)? Also, unrelated, but is this a move on the rings: start in back lever position, and perform bodyweight curl while keeping the body horizontal, and then push into planche position? Another unrelated question, but why is it that many of the street workout athletes look a lot musclier than gymnasts? Not necessarily that they look stronger but certainly they seem like bodybuilders. I'm talkin' bout HannibalForKing vs Ivan Ivankov here. H4K The Ivankov machine EDIT: Not really the best example for what I meant, looks like Ivan could rip H4K in 2 here. But, in general, a lot of the street workout dudes have different body proportions to gymnasts even though both do calisthenics.
  2. ForzaCavaliere

    "Everything below 90 degrees is rest"?

    I can't remember which thread, but somebody at some point mentioned that everything below 90 degrees in HLL is rest, which is why the L-V Leg Lifts are harder than full ROM. And it's true, it is harder. But does that mean HLL in the L-V category should be trained over full ROM. Same with, say, bicep curls, should they just be lowered to 90 degrees flexion and then back to top? And squats, etc. Sorry if I seem silly. Also, these either/or situations are silly, but I'm still curious so if only 1 range of motion could be selected for a specific exercise, should it be 90degree (more difficult) or full ROM?
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