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Found 8 results

  1. Thiago  Gatto Tannus

    Shoulder clicking / discomfort (overdoing l-sit?)

    Hi all, I just joined GB and I'm really excited to start this journey. However, I believe I might have an injury in my right front shoulder (probably overuse in handstand practice and most likely l-sits, as I was practicing the latter very often). The symptom is the following: when I rotate my right arm backwards, on the way down (arm behind the body) as I pass the 90 degree angle (arm parallel to the floor) there is a big click like a tendon just got back in place in my front delt. I also feel a little click around the collar bone and discomfort when I simply push my arm straight down (as if pushing for the l-sit). It gets pretty uncomfortable and I feel my body asking for some shoulder extension stretching (like german hangs). I imagine these are not uncommon symptoms, what are you guys' thoughts on this? What are some general guidelines for optimal recovery (tips, exercises, protocols., etc)? So far I've just been hanging on a bar for like 10 minutes throughout the day and I also plan on doing the "Shoulder Recovery" routine that I saw on the platform yesterday (how often should I do this?). I appreciate any and all insights you guys have on this as I am really eager to recover and be injury-free.
  2. Hey, new guy here! Now that the introductions are done, i'm having a strange problem on movements like Hollow Body, L-sit progressions and similars. My upper body starts to shake when i for example try to lift my legs on L-sit, lying leg raises, or straighten them at hollow body. It does not feel tiring at all, i can hold the position just fine, i can breathe normally, talk while being in it. It's just that my core shakes uncontrollably. What could be the cause of this?
  3. Justin Cloud

    Ugly looking L sit, needs critique.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSPxPak9JfY What should the shoulder position be like? Depressed, and protracted or Retracted ? i'm hunching forward during the exercise which is unaesthetic, how do i adjust this? By leaning back on to my triceps? which i tried to do for a bit in the video.... If there's anything i'm doing wrong, point it out to me, don't be shy..... haha Thank you guys in advance!!!
  4. Tiago Fazollo

    Basic strength for L-sit

    Hello everyone, I recently began training L-sits and Handstands. As for the L-sit, I´m doing two exercises everyday to gain more strength, and I would like your opnion on the matter. For my core and legs (quads) I'm doing a "pike compression hold" as shown in the first picture. I'm striving to achiev 1 min hold (doing 2 sets of 30s atm) For the upper body, I'm doing the hold in the second picture, also striving for 1 min hold (also doing 2sets of 30s atm) So, is this a good way to start ? Are there other exercises that will help too? Thanks. (Sorry if english is broken, I'm from Brazil)
  5. Hello. I have read a few threads concerning hand placement for middle split hold/manna and L-sits previously but often the specific topic I was concerned with was not the main topic and thus I could not find the answers I wanted. Now, I have read that doing L-sits with hands forward is easier than wrists backwards or to the side due to how the wrist exerts pressure back towards the body to support it, and for another reason using hands more backwards than forwards is easier for the middle split hold and manna. I currently do a tucked L-sit on the ground as my L-sit stuff because I don't have paralletes. Originally I did it with my hands forward, but upon seeing numerous pictures of athletes performing the eventual progression the middle split hold with hands mostly towards the back, I got paranoid that my form was wrong. I cannot do any form of L-sit with my hands completely back, but I can do it with my hands directly to the side. Also when my hands are back, my shoulders are in a completely different position than usual and I am not sure if I am not mobile enough to exert strength through them in that position without hurting myself. My question basically is this: should I stop doing my tuck l-sits with hands to the side and switch to hands completely back or about 45 degrees to the back (halfway between sideways and backwards) in preparation for the middle split hold? When I try to do tuck L-sits with the latter position, I feel a strong discomfort, but not necessarily pain, in the ulnar area of the wrist. Perhaps I should attempt an even easier variation of the L-sit until I can adapt to this wrist and shoulder position? Your insight would be much appreciated. I do not want to eventually reach the tricep and core strength for the middle split hold but wait another 4 months getting the wrist flexibility for it.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm seeking advice about a right shoulder pain that I now experience while holding either a L-sit, or a static hold on the rings or on dips bar. I feel like my my right shoulder blade cannot support me and the pain is located in the lower portion near my spine (almost under it) of my right shoulder blade. The pain appeared after I managed my first muscle up on bars. Did it happen to anyone before? Does someone have an idea what it could be and what I can do to keep training (I don't want to lose all my progress!!!)? Thank you in advance JS
  7. I'm making a video with this hold, back and hips are off the ground, only hands and forearms touch the ground. I'm not sure if this exercise has a name, maybe something like "Reverse L-sit". Do you find it easy to hold? Any suggestions are welcome on the name
  8. Diwata Kanor

    L sit trouble?

    I have heard on this forum that an l sit is easier to hold than a tuck planche. However, I can hold a tuck planche for 13 seconds, but can not hold an l sit with my hips back for a second. I have decent pike flexibility, as I can touch the floor with straight legs. Also, I have decent abdominal strength, as I can hold the arch body hold for 60 seconds, and do slow hanging tuck leg raises to my chest for reps. What is the problem here?
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