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Found 5 results

  1. Chad Burger

    Tuck Planche Training Advice

    HI, I am new to bodyweight training just starting about 7 months ago. I have been researching training methods for the planche and have been stuck in the frog stand for a few months until recently. I am 6'5" and about 220lbs. I wanted to get some advice from some professionals on my tuck planche that I am currently performing to see if I am doing it correctly. I can only hold it for a few seconds. Tuck Planche February 2105.mp4 I have made some rapid improvements by performing and alternative shoulder lean. I bring my feet closer to my hands on the floor, lift up my back and lean forward about ten time never bringing my lean back to vertical. Any advice would be much appreciated as I hope to progress to at least a straddle planche. Chad
  2. pracc88

    Tuck Planche Progression

    Hi Guys, I set my self a goal of being able to do 10 tuck planche push-ups by July, I've been into bodyweight fitness for the past 2 years and have always been lurking around on this website and various other gymnastics / callisthenics forums. Over the past 2 years I've accomplished the muscle up on bars, muscle up on rings, pistol squat and have set myself the challenge of 10 tuck planche pushups last month. I have been doing dummbell work doing over head presses, PPPU's and planche leans for coming up to a month and feel that I've made little to no progress, the moment I try and lean forwards I just tumble onto my face. Are there any other exercises that I should be doing to achieve my goal, and also what did you guys find helped you achieve the tuck planche / tuck planche pushup with correct form the fastest? Any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Diwata Kanor

    L sit trouble?

    I have heard on this forum that an l sit is easier to hold than a tuck planche. However, I can hold a tuck planche for 13 seconds, but can not hold an l sit with my hips back for a second. I have decent pike flexibility, as I can touch the floor with straight legs. Also, I have decent abdominal strength, as I can hold the arch body hold for 60 seconds, and do slow hanging tuck leg raises to my chest for reps. What is the problem here?
  4. Sailor Venus

    Tuck Planche, Hip Lifts

    I discovered a way to create a tuck planche. When doing dips, at the apex of the dip, I roll my shoulders forward and lift my hips up - I build shoulder strength by doing that. I find it more effective than doing frog stands. Frog stands don't help me much. From there I can either extend my legs backwards to work towards a straddle planche or extend my legs forward in front of me to achieve a L-straddle. My current problem is I couldn't lift my hips up to shoulder height. At the moment it is just under it. Shall I keep doing sets of hip lifts and eventually I have the strength to raise my hips higher than my shoulders? Thanks.
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm excited since this is my first post in this wonderful place. Well, here I go.. I just decided to start working on the WODs. Obviously I have to scale down to one of the easiest versions of every movement. The WOD for November 27 requires us to do 2 L-sit presses to tuck planche.. Here is the problem, I feel that my L-sit is "descent." I feel like I claim that it is not horrible. However, I can't do a tuck planche... How should I go about scaling this movement. I believe that I can go from tuck support to descent L-sit and back to tuck support. Should I just try my best to push back as far as possible from the tuck support? Or is there another movement I could substitute? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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