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Found 2 results

  1. Chad Burger

    Tuck Planche Training Advice

    HI, I am new to bodyweight training just starting about 7 months ago. I have been researching training methods for the planche and have been stuck in the frog stand for a few months until recently. I am 6'5" and about 220lbs. I wanted to get some advice from some professionals on my tuck planche that I am currently performing to see if I am doing it correctly. I can only hold it for a few seconds. Tuck Planche February 2105.mp4 I have made some rapid improvements by performing and alternative shoulder lean. I bring my feet closer to my hands on the floor, lift up my back and lean forward about ten time never bringing my lean back to vertical. Any advice would be much appreciated as I hope to progress to at least a straddle planche. Chad
  2. Hello Everyone, I am new to GymnasticBodies.com and would like some help in making my goals a reality. Firstly, let me say a few words about myself: I am 17, 171sm tall, 70kg. I have been training bodyweight exercises for two years (the first year and a half mostly without any progress because of lack of information). Currently, my goal is to build a REALLY big muscular body with bodyweight training while at the same time having huge relevant strength to accompany it. I am aiming for a body like this one - http://oi44.tinypic.com/2vd63w6.jpg My question is: Is it possible to build such a huge body solely from ring training (if in a calorie surplus) since ring training is so much fun and amazing. Or if it isn't would adding weighted pull ups/dips/push ups do the trick ? My nutrition is in place, I have read a lot, and the foods I eat are perfect for gaining weight (chicken breast, whole wheat pasta and bread, white rice, potatoes, dairy and nuts). The reason why I want to attain my body while doing ring training is because I will also get INCREDIBLE strength gains and functionality/mobility which bodybuilding only reduces. Some notes about my traning: Day 1 - Pull: - I do sets of advanced tuck front lever holds, sets of dynamic front lever movement like inverted hang - advanced tuck FL - inverted hang. - I do sets of back lever static holds (reached a plateau at 5 seconds). - Weighted pull ups with 15kg about 3-5 reps per set Day 2 - Push: - Handstand push ups - about 6 reps, can't do more - planche lean - 35 seconds max and frogstand - 60 seconds max - planche lean push ups - diamond push ups and wide push ups with 17kg weights Day 3 - Legs: - 4 sets of 8 reps one legged squat with 24,5kg - 4 sets of 8 reps one-legged calf raises with 30,5kg I repeat day 1 and day 2 twice per week. I will transition to ring training depending on your answer. My main goal is muscle mass and my second goal is relative strength and functionality. Thank you for your help and support ! Ivan

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