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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm back to my old plateau of my elbow tendon endurance being a limiting factor on a lot of my training, so I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do speed up my recovery window. Couple of quick things that I'm already doing: I'm NOT injured, nor do I have any elbow injuries in the past (all the advice I found was about rehab) I'm not pushing past the sharp localized pain (learned this the hard way my first year of training) I'm taking my time with my workouts now and not trying to rush (see point 2 about learning the hard way... lol) I point these out so people don't just say search the forums as everything I found was more from an injury recovery perspective, where as I'm more looking at this from a recovery optimization. I'm just wanting to make sure there's nothing else I can do then just proper warm up, rest and not over doing things to speed up my elbow recovery. Thanks everyone! Matt
  2. Swann BUTEL

    Maltese curiosity

    Hi every one, I ask myself about Maltese on rings... I work iron cross/ cross pull and straddle planche but i see many gymnast unable too perform a planche but very strong on maltese. So i decided too begin maltese work in addition to my planche training. Wich exercice is unavoidable for mastering maltese ? With wich exercice i can begin maltese ? I think one exercice for understand the body line like board press and one exercice for straight arm strenght like maltese press on low ring, maltese lean too maybe ? I can try just too support slowly lower to maltese many time ? should i work on isometric too with band ? My goal is perform maltese on iron cross trainer in 6 months, i can do 10 rep on maltese press on low rings with strap on wrist and hold maltese on board for some seconde. Thx a lot
  3. Swann BUTEL

    Straddle planche to handstand

    Hi all, hi tried this moove for fun, i m so close when i rise up but the strenght sensation motivated me to train this moove. How many seconde i can hold straddle planche for begin straddle planche to handstand and what kind of training for achieve this hard moove ? I tought at some straddle planche to handstand assisted with a band, handstand lower to planche maybe, i don't have a spotter and i have only paralette for training.
  4. Instinct

    Hyperextension Or Not?

    Hi to all... I have read a lot through the forum but i can't fix some points about the straight arm work, so i've decided to start one of the many post about this topic. I want to focus on this because of my elbow that have been being hurt for many years. I can train without many problems in general but i want to understand if i can gain something by doing a good straight arm work or i only risk to damage more the elbows. After this introduction the point which i want to discuss about is the lock out of the elbows during the straght arm work. It should be simply a "putting the forearm in line with the arm" or it should be more an hyperextension? Because i've read somewhere in the forum that if, during the straight arm work, you hyperextend, it is because you haven't built a good base of strength in the biceps; or maybe i have understood it wrong. Sorry if it's so but english is not my first language. But looking at the Jordan Jovtchev DVD i have seen that he hyperextend his elbow during some exercise, or it seems so. Haw should the straight arm be done? What does straight real mean? Ok, at the end the problem is that i don't want to risk to stress too much my elbows. For now i'm doing plank and reverse plank each WOD and i found this two already stressing even if not till the pain. I'll be thankful to everybody will have the patience to leave a reply.
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