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Found 3 results

  1. Choosing a Rope - Help- Pros and cons of these Rope types of different Rope Fiber varieties for a newbie just starting simple Rope pullups / Bodyweight row like pulling with ropes? Rope Variety available: These varieties I have access to are available from this local place. http://gjropes.com/ropes/ - Cotton - Jute - Nylon - Polyproylene - HD Polypropylene - Manila - Sisal I have not asked pricing as they are a wholesaler with a small retail front and would not entertain small quantities unless someone showed up knowing what to buy. They are an hour or so away so I'll have to make a personal visit and choose: - Based on advise here and - Pricing they have It'd be easier for me to stick with the above local wholesaler. PS: Would prefer something that was less abrasive on the hands/ palms (bunch of rough jute with stray fiber tends to be). Alternative - DIY hack of Mountain / Rock Climbing ropes braided as a make shift Gym Rope. - Youtube - Height & Length QUESTIONS: ?? At my parents place, Ceiling height - 10/ 11 ft., I have 2 metal loops (screwed into concrete) through which I have Xtreme Rings hanging. I was thinking instead of a single rope of full height + little extra tail, maybe I should have 2 x height and loop the rope through the metal loops, on top of the Ring straps. Online Research: USA based stores & their steps/ recommendations on choosing ropes: If I was back in the US the online research pointed to these following options and suggestions on length/ material https://www.knotandrope.com/store/pc/home.asp https://www.knotandrope.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=3 https://www.knotandrope.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=2 http://jammarmfg.com/product/indoor-gymnasium-climbing-ropes/ http://jammarmfg.com/product/rope-loop-eye-climbing-ropes/ Decide which Rope - Steps:
  2. Sam Andersen

    Climbing Rope Height

    I am about to build a rope climbing station in my backyard. I read a post where coach had mentioned his athletes doing rope climbs on a 7m rope. Is this the highest I would need to build a rope climbing station? Or should I build it taller?
  3. Jon Douglas

    Taking matters into my own hands...

    Hi all, I have experienced simply ludicrous difficulties, one after another, trying to sort out of a decent climbing rope with no luck. If I found what I wanted, they were out of stock, or didn't ship to my country Western Australia location. Eventually I got sick of this and decided to sort it out myself. Below is my new portable climbing rope. It took about an hour and a half to braid 4x15mx9mm ropes together into one 5mx36mm capped with the heaviest o-ring I could find in my local boating store (to hang in a portable fashion by looping through itself). Total cost-- less than $30. No, you wouldn't want to be doing anything too crazy with it, but for a few metres up with a soft surface below? Perfect. I'll put it over a nearby swing set, and will have to do laps up and down to meet Coach's rep count. It is a touch thin, but I can't tell if that's going to actually be a problem, because I can't even grip my coffee cup properly after braiding tightly for so long I can pullup on it hanging from beams outside, but no chance of actually climbing. The o-ring is rated for tons, so the only issue I should have is taking care of it, and making sure I don't hang it anywhere rusty. I totally just ripped off this page; http://www.instructables.com/id/Braided-climbing-rope/
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