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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have returned to GB training six months ago after some time away and I am working through the Foundation 1 progressions and mobility and stretch sequences following the recommended schedule for level 1. Before this I worked through the Intro schedule. Now my body is used to the workload, I would like to introduce a bouldering session once per week and then in a few months move to two sessions per week. My motivation is for climbing is to use my strength, to have some fun, and to be more social with my training. My questions are: Where should I introduce this first bouldering session and then later the second session? Should I introduce them to the stretch days - Wednesdays and/or Saturdays? if so should I do them before or after the Stretch sessions? If not, should I deviate from the recommended schedule? How best should I approach my Bouldering training? Although the primary motivation is not to get good at bouldering, If I am doing it for fun, I still want to excel at it. Any recommended reading or suggested ways to practice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your time. Samuel
  2. Choosing a Rope - Help- Pros and cons of these Rope types of different Rope Fiber varieties for a newbie just starting simple Rope pullups / Bodyweight row like pulling with ropes? Rope Variety available: These varieties I have access to are available from this local place. http://gjropes.com/ropes/ - Cotton - Jute - Nylon - Polyproylene - HD Polypropylene - Manila - Sisal I have not asked pricing as they are a wholesaler with a small retail front and would not entertain small quantities unless someone showed up knowing what to buy. They are an hour or so away so I'll have to make a personal visit and choose: - Based on advise here and - Pricing they have It'd be easier for me to stick with the above local wholesaler. PS: Would prefer something that was less abrasive on the hands/ palms (bunch of rough jute with stray fiber tends to be). Alternative - DIY hack of Mountain / Rock Climbing ropes braided as a make shift Gym Rope. - Youtube - Height & Length QUESTIONS: ?? At my parents place, Ceiling height - 10/ 11 ft., I have 2 metal loops (screwed into concrete) through which I have Xtreme Rings hanging. I was thinking instead of a single rope of full height + little extra tail, maybe I should have 2 x height and loop the rope through the metal loops, on top of the Ring straps. Online Research: USA based stores & their steps/ recommendations on choosing ropes: If I was back in the US the online research pointed to these following options and suggestions on length/ material https://www.knotandrope.com/store/pc/home.asp https://www.knotandrope.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=3 https://www.knotandrope.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=2 http://jammarmfg.com/product/indoor-gymnasium-climbing-ropes/ http://jammarmfg.com/product/rope-loop-eye-climbing-ropes/ Decide which Rope - Steps:
  3. I've been a climber for about 8 years and have recently bought the Foundation Series, Handstand One, and the stretch series and am looking forward to my gymnastics training complimenting and improving my climbing. I can do about 3-4 one arm pullups with each hand, but I've been inspired by climber and physiotherapist Peter Mortensen as he trained his way to a one-pinkie pullup. http://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/page.php?id=6307 Unfortunately, he gives very vague advice [nothing quantifiable] on how to safely progress to that level (and he was not without injury). I've avoided most mono (one finger) work because it seems dangerous, but I've been thinking that a safe way to approach this is to use the same progressions used in gymnasticsbodies. Mainly start with low weight and short reps/time increase the reps/time and then go back to low rep/time with a slightly higher weight. I've started by just carry a 5lb weight slung around my middle finger while taking the dog for the walk each day. When that middle finger is fatigued I switch to the other and roughly keep track of how long (how many blocks) each "set" is. The goal is to slowly over the next few years get up to and maybe past my body weight. Do you guys have any advice? Is this the right approach? In the interest of time, safety, and usefulness I've decided that developing a middle finger mono on each hand is good enough for me. In case your interested I'm using the Eagle Loop by Ironmind as the sling.
  4. Jake Lawrance

    Bouldering/Climbing Training Sources

    Hey guys, this isn't really related to gymnastics but more of the climbing area. I know there are plenty of people who climb/boulder here for longer than I have (1 month) and I was wondering if they knew of any technique/training sources on the internet or a good book which could help teach me to 'move' better on the wall. Considering my first session I was climbing pretty much with my upper body and now I use my legs a lot more but I'm not that much better than before. Plus if there's any finger strength training sources on climbing that would be appreciated too! (I'm asking as I've looked briefly but with no luck and I'm going to be pretty busy for the next week it seems! ): Cheers!
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