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Found 4 results

  1. I have a GST All Access subscription. I answered the questions and the system created a work out program for me. I’ve been following the program schedule for one week. During my second week, I had to miss a day of training. Should I do the work out from the day I missed or should do the work out scheduled for that day?
  2. Hi, I have returned to GB training six months ago after some time away and I am working through the Foundation 1 progressions and mobility and stretch sequences following the recommended schedule for level 1. Before this I worked through the Intro schedule. Now my body is used to the workload, I would like to introduce a bouldering session once per week and then in a few months move to two sessions per week. My motivation is for climbing is to use my strength, to have some fun, and to be more social with my training. My questions are: Where should I introduce this first bouldering session and then later the second session? Should I introduce them to the stretch days - Wednesdays and/or Saturdays? if so should I do them before or after the Stretch sessions? If not, should I deviate from the recommended schedule? How best should I approach my Bouldering training? Although the primary motivation is not to get good at bouldering, If I am doing it for fun, I still want to excel at it. Any recommended reading or suggested ways to practice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your time. Samuel
  3. Hi everyone! I am new to GB, but excited about its program. In this post, I am looking for suggestions on how to schedule my week of GB with my other sports. My background: I used to cross country ski competitively and after I finished, I sustained an overuse, running injury to my right psoas. Never got imaging, did physical therapy for two years and now about three years later I still have notable inbalances and am not running yet. My brother turned me on to GB, and the stretching is the only thing that I have felt helps balance. And I am excited to do the program! I’ve seen in the form to balance sides adding reps on one side and stretches on the other tight side. However, I am a very active person and was wondering if someone could suggest a weekly schedule that would merge well with; mountain biking 2-3 times a week body weight strength (mostly PT still working on) 2x wk And cross country skiing 1-2x wk And sometimes I do long distance days on the weekend 3hrs+ When do you suggest stretching? Combining strength ie core/upper body/legs into one or two strength sessions a week? any suggestions help! Thanks!
  4. If one trains let's say mostly in the evening, does that mean that every training session has to be at the same time to be the most effective? Right now I'm training three times a week: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. At Tue/Thu I can only train in the evening, so I do my training at 19:00. But on Sunday I'm free all day, but I find it easier on my schedule to do the training in the morning at 09:00. What are the effects, if any, when following such a disbalanced schedule?

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