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Found 14 results

  1. I have a GST All Access subscription. I answered the questions and the system created a work out program for me. I’ve been following the program schedule for one week. During my second week, I had to miss a day of training. Should I do the work out from the day I missed or should do the work out scheduled for that day?
  2. Hey everyone, I 've been on the fence about purchasing the GB Fundamentals program for a while. since listening to Coach Sommers appearances on Barbell Shrugged and The Time Ferris Podcast. I'm beginning the second block of fundamentals this week and I have already experienced significant improvements in my overall mobility and body awareness. So, for anyone else out there who is hesitant about trying the program, I can definitely recommend giving it a go. #justdoit
  3. Thomas Newman

    Fundamentals to Foundations 1

    I’ve been working through Fundamentals and So far I’m liking the way I feel after the routines. I am wondering though if it is required that I am achieve mastery of all of the movements and fundamentals before moving into foundations or his fundamentals more just to get familiarity with the movements and foundations will build them up?
  4. Brandon Rainbolt

    Fundamentals Workout Question

    Hi there, I'm getting started with Fundamentals. The videos do a great job of explaining the movements, but I'm left uncertain about how many times or for how long I should try for each movement. The "follow along" sections of the videos are sometime literally 15-20 seconds long. Is that the actual recommendation for this program at this point? The "common issues" video of day 2 briefly mentioned in passing increasing from holding for 5 seconds to 10 seconds to 15 seconds, but the instructional video makes no mention of such an approach. Im excited about getting started (even at a very basic level), but I'm also left confused about how to proceed at this point. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Fernando Rodriguez 150096

    Next path to take for bjj

    I have just finished the fundamentals program. So naturally I am looking for the next course to take. With so many courses that I know would be beneficial for me, for training bjj. It's a bit overwhelming. So any suggestions from anyone that may have had the same issue? Just need a little help in the right direction.
  6. Chris Umiastowski

    Foundations One while doing Fundamentals?

    Hi folks, I'm one week into the Fundamentals course and I find that it's good, but really more of a knowledge base builder for me, not enough actual training given my starting point. I'm 42, been doing body weight exercises for about 15 years but not GST, so I'm fairly strong compared to an average guy, but I'm WAY weaker than the average GSTer. I want to dive into F1 concurrently with Fundamentals, but I'm heading to a beach vacation for 10 days as of tomorrow morning. I probably won't be as consistent with workouts during that time, and I'm not sure how good the Wi-Fi will be, so I may be limited with watching the videos. Can I still start the course even if I only get 2-3 workouts in during my vacation? Or will this screw up the progress tracking? I'd love to answer my own question but there is very little information publicly available about the content and progression of any of the GB courses. Thanks!
  7. Jenny Hutchinson

    Greetings from Ireland

    Hi everyone Just starting fundamentals, trying to get back into shape! Looking forward to the chat here. j
  8. Hi GST - Can someone share the link to buy the foundation one + stretch package without re-purchasing the fundamentals course (which I've already bought)? It's the $495 option on the website. I saw a link here a couple of months ago, but have been searching the forum and am unable to find it. Many thanks! Julie
  9. Chris Stringfellow

    Doing Fundamentals for extended periods?

    Hey all, I was curious what the thoughts were concerning doing Fundamentals for extended periods. I can't set up much equipment for now/in the near future but I was hoping to get the ball rolling with doing Fundamentals and perhaps increasing their difficulty after each round to better prepare me for getting into Foundations later. cheers!
  10. Lloyd Harrison

    Disc Bulge Fundamentals Course

    Hi All, I've seen variations on this subject covered in some other threads, but wanted to ask about my specific situation and whether anyone had any advise. About 2.5 months ago I hurt my lower back whilst doing squats at the gym. After an MRI and a visit to the Neurosurgeon I've been told I have a broad based disc protrusion in my L5-S1 which appears to be pressing on the nerve root. The doc said it will heal on its own but advised me against any heavy lifting for the foreseeable future, he has also referred me to get some physiotherapy. I live in the UK so this is through the NHS, which although is an amazing service, could take several months before I get seen. Therefore I've been looking for alternate ways to start rehabilitating myself. Oddly I'm only getting pain when I walk for long distances. I'm not sure if anyone has any experience with this but my question to the group would be, is starting the Fundamentals course going to be to much? should I avoid this for the time being? I'm keen to get active again and start building some strength. Thanks Lloyd
  11. John Crocker

    Pause F1 to do Fundamentals

    I purchased F1 back in March and I'm pretty sure Fundamentals wasn't available at that point, or maybe I just missed it. Due to inconsistency I'm not that far into F1. Would it be beneficial to do Fundamentals then restart F1?
  12. To give you some background information: I am 21 yo judoka of 10 years, not competitive but rather striving for perfect judo and body control, with normal health and general judo-given body control that lets me pick up any sport on moderate level by watching the real deal. For example I can adopt table tennis, golf and football by copying the other players on the fly. I can do 10+ behind the neck wide grip pull ups and shaky one leg squats. The thing is I'm not too flexible by nature and have been searching for ways to fix that. I came across this site on a random thread about calisthenics when someone said that is just gymnastics with poor technique. I'm impressed by the quality and credibility of the material as well as the good support on this forum. Not to mention this sounds superior in every way to other possibilities. Yoga was never an option as I have no desire to get acquainted with its religion. I'm moving out and starting my studies this month. I have the complex's gym free for use and I planned to do basic strength and mobility exercises every morning leaving the evenings to studies and judo/jog and other interests. I have some questions: Do the courses of GB fit for daily (or 5 times a week) use? How does upgrading work? If I buy Fundamentals + F1 w/pro+ package and later upgrade to full Foundation do I get a $195 (the cost of F1 w/pro+) discount to the already discounted bundle price of $395? I don't think Fundamentals is really invaluable for me but if I can save $80 of the $99 and still get fully discounted later on I don't mind doing it. At what point down the F1-F4 exactly do I need actual gymnastics equipment like parallel bars or a climbing rope? As a Finland based student some $500-600 + 24% VAT is already a huge stretch even spread over four years. If I have to pay $150 extra a year just to have access to a gymnastics gym away from my apartment even F1 isn't worth my time. It won't fit my budget nor my schedule. Sure I get it, GB is a gateway to gymnastics and you're supposed to move onto equipment at some point but I don't want to pay for the local gymnastics gyms for lessons and stuff if I only need the space. What happens when I'm done with the courses I want to do? I have trust in your Behavior based progressing system but how are reviews done? As a language enthusiast I know the true power to control comes through careful reviewing of the known. Is there a way to truly backtrack your progress if I for example don't do anything for two years and later want to get back to my former form? Thank you for your time! I wish I can find a good product and a hobby through this place. You've got a neat site and some real authority to back it up.
  13. I'm excited to start GB. I am not a beginner but I will respect the wisdom of coach Sommer and start with Fundamentals. I have achieved some of the aspects of F1 on my own when I was leaner and stronger. I'd like to do Fundamentals and concurrently drop some fat and gain some strength. I don't need to go for hypertrophy but I would like to lift some weights and ride my bike to boost my fitness, increase my strength and burn fat. Is this a mistake? I wouldn't be lifting to failure or doing high reps. Just some moderate training to boost my metabolism and hopefully prepare me for F1 and get me back to where I was. Insights are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. RichardTran

    Front Lever top-down vs bottom-up

    So probably 4 months ago i was able to do front levers coming down from the top like a negative for 12 seconds. I thought that being able to swing into a front lever and holding it is harder and would help me more So i started trying that and doing that. But now when i try to lower into a front lever i can barely hold it for a couple of seconds while i can swing into one and hold it for 10. I think going from bottle up requires less muscle recruitment as opposed to lowering yourself down... any thoughts? and should i strive to regain that strength?
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