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Found 4 results

  1. I have a GST All Access subscription. I answered the questions and the system created a work out program for me. I’ve been following the program schedule for one week. During my second week, I had to miss a day of training. Should I do the work out from the day I missed or should do the work out scheduled for that day?
  2. Riley K Reynard

    Starting from scratch

    Hi! I’ve been frequenting the gymnastic bodies forums for quite some time now and just recently decided to take the plunge and try the free trial. Im having some trouble deciding where to start. Part of me wants to start at the complete beginning and move through all of the progressions first 2 reasons. First of all I want to go back through and smooth out any weak points I might have and give my body the proper time to adjust. Secondly, I am a strength coach and I feel it would be extremely beneficial for me to go through the learning process from beginning to end as a student so I have a better understanding of how to implement gymnastics strength with my athletes/clients. A little bit about where I’m at right now: 1-2 one arm chin ups on rings and on a bar 15 freestanding HSPU 5-6 freestanding HSPU full ROM on bars 2 stalder presses in a row 6ish second straddle planche front lever is pretty weak, I can control a full eccentric but have no more than a 3 second hold can’t really hold a bent arm planche on the floor but I can do a few straddle hollow body presses full middle and front splits but they are not that comfortable yet. will include some videos and pictures for proof
  3. Janbek Qardan

    Customize my program

    Dear GB's and GB community, I would like to ask about programming my training routine: The quick brief I'm doing calisthenics for 3 years now but I had my down and injuries and all is going well and I train 5-6 times per week and I just have some questions: 1- should I move to these workouts and continue my current calisthenics routine or should I just focus on this program? 2- Can I adjust my program and add more exercises or just do the 3 A, B, C and then it is over? 3- I want to know how I can structure my workouts in the best possible way?
  4. Hey all. Like many, I was just introduced to coach Sommers by Tim Ferriss' podcast. Being an avid listener to all of his stuff, especially the strength and fitness related things, I am quite intrigued. I knew of the idea of GST before, and had seen the impressive physiques and massive amounts of strength that these gymnasts had, but I had no idea where to begin. Now I want to dive in head first. A bit of background. I'm 28 currently - I was obese and lost 120 pounds about 6 years ago and have been powerlifting and doing olympic lifts since. I have a 3.1x bodyweight deadlift and a 2.45x bodyweight squat. My bench is rather pathetic. I did the four step free GST assessment and could hold the positions for the required three sets - however I was very shaky and without perfect form on the third. And as far as the standing pike I could get my hands flat on the floor with my knees straight, but could not reach behind my ankles and as far as standing on my tip toes...Forget about it! Haha. So yeah, I'll admit I'm basically a zombie when it comes to GST, as coach Sommers would put it. Food lifestyle: All whole food with copious amounts of plant matter. Lots of eggs, lots of fatty fish. One day a week me and my girlfriend go out and I will have some wine, scotch, and/or some processed foods, but every day I still practice portion control and generally hover around maintenance calories or a little below. I do plan on starting with the Fundamentals, but I have a few questions first. First off: Should I stop powerlifting altogether for a while? I struggle with insomnia and my sleep isn't great - thus my recovery capacity suffers and I have learned to live with it and train accordingly. As I start fundamentals, I realize I can probably include powerlifting since it's really just identifying weaknesses and deficiencies, right? As I progress into Foundations, should I begin to phase it out altogether? Secondly: I'm 5' 10", morning dehydrated weight around 174, but training weight with clothes and hydration would be around 184. I'm around 12.5% bodyfat. Should I -focus- on dropping fat first to make these movements much easier, or should I just focus on mastering the program? I have extensive caloric restriction experience and would have no problem getting to <10%; I just know my performance would suffer at first. Third and in the same vein: I currently supplement with 5-7g of creatine a day. When I started doing this, I gained around 6 pounds in 1-2 days. My strength stayed the same, but my work capacity as far as lifting volume goes increased dramatically. Should I continue supplementing with creatine and keep the weight on, or would it be beneficial to stop supplementing to get rid of the extra water weight? Whew, long winded. TL;DR: Should I focus on losing fat or focus on the progressions? Should I stop supplementing with creatine to lose excess water weight or will the performance benefits be good for GST? Should I slowly phase out powerlifting going from the fundamentals to foundations or stop it as soon as I start the fundamentals? Thanks.
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