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Found 3 results

  1. Riley K Reynard

    Starting from scratch

    Hi! I’ve been frequenting the gymnastic bodies forums for quite some time now and just recently decided to take the plunge and try the free trial. Im having some trouble deciding where to start. Part of me wants to start at the complete beginning and move through all of the progressions first 2 reasons. First of all I want to go back through and smooth out any weak points I might have and give my body the proper time to adjust. Secondly, I am a strength coach and I feel it would be extremely beneficial for me to go through the learning process from beginning to end as a student so I have a better understanding of how to implement gymnastics strength with my athletes/clients. A little bit about where I’m at right now: 1-2 one arm chin ups on rings and on a bar 15 freestanding HSPU 5-6 freestanding HSPU full ROM on bars 2 stalder presses in a row 6ish second straddle planche front lever is pretty weak, I can control a full eccentric but have no more than a 3 second hold can’t really hold a bent arm planche on the floor but I can do a few straddle hollow body presses full middle and front splits but they are not that comfortable yet. will include some videos and pictures for proof
  2. I am looking for some guidance regarding the intro plan that includes fundamentals, restore, and bands. First off can you purchase this plan without having a gym fit subscription? I’ve read that the band series is only accessible with a gym fit subscription. Secondly, I would like some advice on whether this plan would be a good choice for me. I’ve been working on foundation 1, handstand 1 and the stretch series for a few years now with very slow progress due to a shopping list of nagging injuries (partial tear in rotator cuff, bicep tendinosis, Median nerve issue in palm, and some advanced degeneration around my TL junction). Within the last year, the middle split program and Cossack squats also started to cause an issue in my left hip/groin. I am wondering if taking a step back and incorporating the intro plan would be a good approach for me. Per week I am currently completing foundations 1, handstand and part of the TB series once. I now only complete one of MS and FS each week because if I do both, my groin is aggravated. I also complete hip rehab exercises twice a week and try to hang for around 6 minutes per day. I am particularly interested by the restore course, as well as the band series. I’m not so sure fundamentals would be as useful to me. Would someone with more knowledge of these courses be able to chime in on whether someone in my position would benefit from all of these three courses or maybe just one in particular?
  3. Zach Nielsen

    Is This Really For Me?

    I am very interested in this, but to be honest, I am rather skeptical, but willing to be convinced! Here are my "defeater" objections. 1. I am 40 years old and have never been able to touch my toes. Genetically my whole family has total lack of flexibility. 2. Chronic back pain between the shoulder blades and lower back. It has gotten a bit better from doing rows on the rowing machine. Running helps my lower back feel better. I assume this is mobility related. Chiropractic care for six years didn't really help. Wasted money! 3. Chronic pain in my elbows from doing pull-ups for many years, especially through p-90x. They pretty much hurt all the time at a low level that is annoying. I got rather strong doing p90x, but seemed like my back pain and joint pain was exacerbated. 4. My body isn't exactly ideal. I was born with slumped shoulders naturally and knock knees. 5. I am concerned that a video format will be good for showing me what it should look like, but how do I know if I am doing it right? I don't have someone next to me who knows what they are doing, able to tell me what I am doing wrong if I am doing something wrong. For example, I'm sure a professional could show me how to do these moves without joint pain, but if I am by myself or with a partner with no experience trying to help me, how can I know this will work? 6. I am willing to work hard over the long haul, that is no problem. As long as I can see little by little results. P90x was great in this way. I got stronger than ever. But my body hurt. At age 40, the "hurting" tends to just increase. 7. I am rather in shape but my mobility sucks. And my joints hurt. I was an above average high school athlete in basketball, but that was 22 years ago. What do you think? Thanks for enduring my concerns! Zach
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