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  1. Haoyang Li

    Is glute ham developer a must have?

    Hi: Newbiew here. Into the program for almost 2 months. I was wondering if the GHD is a necessary/ must have equipment for workout? Any alternative that would work the same? Thanks, H
  2. Jonathan Skubis

    How to Make Stall Bars

    I started GB about 7 months ago and then the pandemic hit and all the gyms closed. Being that all my business travel was cancelled and I had some free time I went overboard and did a whole tutorial on how to build your own Stall Bars. I hope you all find it useful and let me know if you have any questions. You can find the detailed instructions and video here: https://www.jfskubis.com/post/how-to-make-stall-bars I hope it adds some value to your training! I know you all probably love GB as much as I do and don't want to see an end to your progress!
  3. Hello, I am brand new to the program. I have been thinking of joining for a long time and have now taken the first step. I very much would like to begin but I have a big problem. Equipment. I have no rings, straps, or bars. I don't know where/what to get or how to install it. I am very motivated to begin but fear that because of my lack of knowledge of these pieces of equipment it will stop me dead in my tracks. I am 6'1'' 190 LB. If someone can be my guild past this barrier I am sure I will stay with the program for years. Thank you
  4. Timothy Letscher

    DIY Plyo Box

    I'm slowly building out basement gym equipment, either purchasing when it made sense (affordable stall bars, for example) but I couldn't bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars for a plyo box. There are a ton of DIY plans to find online but I liked this one because it laid out the cut lines for a single 4x8 sheet of 3/4 plywood. I paid $55 for birch from Home Depot and I couldn't be happier with the sturdiness. Works great as a pommel horse if I put a mat on top of it to do hanging leg extensions. Have fun!
  5. Mike Simpson

    Metal or Wooden Stall Bars?

    After lots of research, I'm ready to pull the trigger on the Rogue Stall Bar 3.0 and want recommendations on metal or wood. Price is not a factor. Comfort and safety are key. These will be installed in an unheated garage. Thanks for your suggestions!
  6. Nikhil Das Nomula

    Equipment for foundation 1

    Hi, I am starting my foundation 1 program and I have a door pull up bar and rings. Can you let me know if this will suffice or will i need some other equipment as I advance? Thanks, Nikhil
  7. Patryk Szaruga

    Hanging leg lifts [Equipment]

    Hello whats the name of belt used in Hanging Leg Lift Triplex video? As I am non native speeker its difficult for me to hear some specific worlds being said. Cheers.
  8. Clifford Bradshaw

    Minimum Equipment Reqs for Foundation

    Hey, I'm currently using the Handstand program twice a week while I continue to lift. I've actually seen better gains from the Handstand progressions than my lifting, and was thinking about starting Foundation 1, but don't feel like investing in a power rack or any extra equipment at the moment. How far can I get in Foundation 1 without purchasing any extra equipment beyond a dowel, an adjustable beach, a mat, and some weights?
  9. Are there suggestions you guys have for upper and lower body strength course medications? I don't have access to stretch bands or that stretch wall apparatus. Any modifications for bodyweight strength training for upper and lower body would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Stephen Nevins

    Equipment advice

    Hey Everyone! I'm Stephen and I'm just starting my GB journey. I know this post is a little premature ( I'm just starting fundamentals) and probably a repeat of someone else's question somewhere in this plethora of information, but I prefer to be prepared ahead of time. I've been reading posts about necessary equipment for F1/H1/Stretch, and noticed that it ranged from simple weights, a dowel, and rings ( all of which I own) to Stall bars and P bars, Paralettes, and straps ( all of which are a little more expensive). I'd like to know what would be an effective use of my money as I prepare to go further into the rabbit hole. Any help would be wonderful! Thanks!
  11. Neil Strickland

    Paralette bar alternatives

    Facebook force-fed me this ad, and I wanted to get some feedback: good idea, or worthless for the GST curriculum: i am not needing this yet, but I am in my way. Could chairs and rings cover all the needs, or is this a decent idea?
  12. Rebecca Conway

    Artimex stall bar options

    Hi there - I've just started GST and am very new to the forum so many apologies because this is a repetition of past posts, but I'd really appreciate some feedback on purchasing stall bars is possible? I live in India so I'm trying to find companies that will either ship here or ship to the UK wher eI have a shipping address, and I've found the following set of stall bars at Artimex: https://www.artix-sport.com/en/products/home-gymnastic-wall-bars-swedish-ladder-230x85-cm-14-rungs-cod-221-184 I'm 5'4" so I'm looking to get bars around 6'7" in height (as opposed to 7'10") as these seem to be a standard height - correct me if I'm wrong... there seems to be scope for adjustment to this design, particularly in terms of wall mounts and offset - the top and third bars here are offset here - the only caveat is that I'm after oval bars if possible. What changes if any would you make to this set? I was just wondering if these looked like they would be a good GST fit? I've purchased the Fundaments/Foundation One/splits/bridge bundle and I've peeked ahead and it looks like as a long-term investment (+ ease of working out at home over trying to find gyms here that have the right equipment), investing in stall bars seems wise. I've been going through the forum and found a lot of other options, I'm just keen to make sure I get bars I can ship here, and I'd prefer oval bars if possible, but also great to hear if someone has a preferred set they'd recommend over these. Thank you!
  13. Jacob  Lindqvist

    Can I use this instead of parallel bar

    I am currently on the Foundation 1 program and there was a need for parallel bars. I am wondering if this can substitute them. Because I do not have access to parallel bars. Or do you recommend anything else?
  14. Sergio Mgencasa

    Equipment for F2-F4

    Hello! I've been searching for the answer in the forum but I didn't find it. I'm on F1, thinking of buying F2-F4 or even H2. What else equipment am I going to need? I have F1+H1 equipment and a rope, any else? I'm selling my old weights (bar, dishes, and more stuff) and I don't want to sell something that I'm going to need in the future. Thank you!
  15. Jamie Sanden

    Installng rings/ropes/pull up bar

    Hi, We have a new baby and a new house, in the basement of which will be my office, once it's finished. Since it isn't finished at the moment, I thought it might be good to build something into the ceiling that would allow me to hang rings, ropes and a chin up bar, depending on the workout I'm doing. I apologize if this has been covered in another thread, but I'm just starting with Gymnastic Bodies and am taking care of the baby full time, so I haven't had a chance to search the forum extensively to see if this topic has been covered. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Jamie
  16. Justin Scott

    Recommended brand of stall bars?

    I'm thinking of buying some stall bars. I'm in a rental so I'd like some that are fine attached to a wall without any long lasting changing to the wall (I assume most are like that). Are there any recommend brands?
  17. Jasson Zurilgen

    Stall Bars- best ones to get?

    I am looking to purchase a pair of stall bars and would greatly appreciate a brand/type recommendation. Thanks!
  18. To give you some background information: I am 21 yo judoka of 10 years, not competitive but rather striving for perfect judo and body control, with normal health and general judo-given body control that lets me pick up any sport on moderate level by watching the real deal. For example I can adopt table tennis, golf and football by copying the other players on the fly. I can do 10+ behind the neck wide grip pull ups and shaky one leg squats. The thing is I'm not too flexible by nature and have been searching for ways to fix that. I came across this site on a random thread about calisthenics when someone said that is just gymnastics with poor technique. I'm impressed by the quality and credibility of the material as well as the good support on this forum. Not to mention this sounds superior in every way to other possibilities. Yoga was never an option as I have no desire to get acquainted with its religion. I'm moving out and starting my studies this month. I have the complex's gym free for use and I planned to do basic strength and mobility exercises every morning leaving the evenings to studies and judo/jog and other interests. I have some questions: Do the courses of GB fit for daily (or 5 times a week) use? How does upgrading work? If I buy Fundamentals + F1 w/pro+ package and later upgrade to full Foundation do I get a $195 (the cost of F1 w/pro+) discount to the already discounted bundle price of $395? I don't think Fundamentals is really invaluable for me but if I can save $80 of the $99 and still get fully discounted later on I don't mind doing it. At what point down the F1-F4 exactly do I need actual gymnastics equipment like parallel bars or a climbing rope? As a Finland based student some $500-600 + 24% VAT is already a huge stretch even spread over four years. If I have to pay $150 extra a year just to have access to a gymnastics gym away from my apartment even F1 isn't worth my time. It won't fit my budget nor my schedule. Sure I get it, GB is a gateway to gymnastics and you're supposed to move onto equipment at some point but I don't want to pay for the local gymnastics gyms for lessons and stuff if I only need the space. What happens when I'm done with the courses I want to do? I have trust in your Behavior based progressing system but how are reviews done? As a language enthusiast I know the true power to control comes through careful reviewing of the known. Is there a way to truly backtrack your progress if I for example don't do anything for two years and later want to get back to my former form? Thank you for your time! I wish I can find a good product and a hobby through this place. You've got a neat site and some real authority to back it up.
  19. Chris Maudlin

    Stall Bar distance from corner wall

    I just purchased stall bars and plan on installing them on the wall up against the corner of my garage. Will this be ok, or do I need open wall space on both sides for exercises beyond the 36" stall bar width? I will have shelves on the other side of the stall bars, so will only really be able to use 36" inches directly in front of them.
  20. Nick Ebner

    Portable Parallel Bars

    Can anyone recommend a portable parallel bar set up? I currently work out of a space where I cannot keep them up would need them to fold up to slide next to the wall. I have used the PowerMonkey one's but David Durante suggested I wait till they have new model or something else as they are very shaky. I found a bunch online, but I prefer the judgement of my peers with this topic if possible prior to making a decision. Also, they will primarily be used for the Hollow Back Press Dip progressions in a group class, nothing too dynamic for the moment. Thanks
  21. Hayden Mccomas

    Ring Substitute at the gym

    Can anyone recommend a way to set up a substitute for rings given the equipment at a normal gym? I am trying to figure out a way to perform the Hinge Rows (RC/PE1) and can't seem to get a good workaround going. Thanks
  22. I am looking for recommendations for a bar used for the Korean dip. I have one that I made, but it is unstable and is impeding my progress. Recommendations welcomed, thanks in advance! Kelly
  23. Etta Lindeboom

    How do I get rings set up in a small space

    Hi everyone! I just purchased the GST starter pack with foundation 1 and handstand 1. I already set up the beginner workout schedule and I'm just looking through all the exercises for preparation. Now, I've noticed that for the Hinge Row RC/PE1 I need rings. Right now I'm renting the top floor of a house and I can't just go and install whatever I like. I also have to be careful I don't bring the entire roof down if I do install stuff and work with it. Do any of you have any tips for installing rings? I was thinking about getting one of those doorway pull-up bars and hanging them on there, but I'm not sure that's sturdy enough. I also considered getting a membership in one of those crossfit gyms that already have the equipment, but the whole point of me getting into GST was not ending up with a gym membership. If nothing works I will just buy a set and find a playground with a bar that allows them, but that's a last resort. Also, if you guys know a way to substitute rings for the Hinge Row exercise, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your time
  24. Vinni Williams

    Best Alternative to Stall Bars Yet!

    I have come up with the best alternative to stall bars yet! I mounted wood dowels in between my bathroom door using closet rod sockets. It was very easy anybody could do it. One of the great things about it is that you can take the bars down when your done. The whole setup cost me $14. Here is the final product. The more dowels you set up the more it will cost. A pullup bar is required. I have been wanting to do this for a while and finally had the time today to make it. You can put the bars at any height depending on your individual needs. The only supplies and tools you need are: Power drill Handisaw Level (iphone 5), 1-1/4" x 48" poplar wood dowels from Lowe's Wood closet rod sockets Extra screws You could also substitute the handisaw and power drill for a normal hand saw and screw driver. Also, I didn't use the screws that came with the closet sockets and instead used a longer sturdier screw. First select the height you want the bar and screw in the closet rod sockets on either side of the door frame, making sure they are level. Next, you will cut the dowel to the proper length, depending on the width of your door. You can do this my placing one end of the dowel in one door socket, Then line up the other end of the dowel with the closet rod socket on the other side of the door. Make a mark on the dowel where it touches the closet rod socket. Now, place the dowel in the sockets and there you have it! Very easy and cheap stall bars. Here is a picture of the stall bars in use. Stall bars are a necessary component to the Foundation Series. I have been using other methods for my exercises but I never felt I was getting the proper workout that I would get from stall bars. Now I can properly do the exercises and continue to move on in the Foundation Series! I looked all over the internet and gymnasticbodies.com and could not find anything similar to this. It has probably been done before but I could not find it. One down side to this set up is that it can only take so much weight. I would not hang from these bars with my full body weight. Depending on your door frame, and the type of support you use for the dowels, you could probably make something to support more weight. For now, it works with the exercises I need to do. In the near future, I will probably add more screws to the closet sockets for added strength. Also, the dowel will spin, but this can be easily fixed by adding a small screw in the open side of the closet socket. I hope someone else finds this as useful as I do. It is inexpensive, easy, and does not to a lot of damage to the door frame that will upset your parents or landlord. What do y'all think? Cheers!
  25. I want to start foundation and handstand, but they seem to require stall bars and places to hang rings. There is a park right across the street from my house, but the problem with the park is that there are no ladders or stall bar alternatives there. There's one basketball hoop, monkey bars , a playstructure, and a shade area with 2 tables. There's also a swing set, where I can hang rings in my house, the ceiling is too weak to support my weight, and I don't want to take any chances). Additionally, all the walls in my house are either too small or congested with furniture/pictures, giving me no space for stall bars. Does anyone know of alternatives? I would prefer to have all my equipment in one place, than having to run to the park and all around the house for different pieces of equipment. With a low budget, I cannot purchase a power rack, or expensive equipment, so could someone please help me? Thanks
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