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  1. Jonathan Skubis

    How to Make Stall Bars

    I started GB about 7 months ago and then the pandemic hit and all the gyms closed. Being that all my business travel was cancelled and I had some free time I went overboard and did a whole tutorial on how to build your own Stall Bars. I hope you all find it useful and let me know if you have any questions. You can find the detailed instructions and video here: https://www.jfskubis.com/post/how-to-make-stall-bars I hope it adds some value to your training! I know you all probably love GB as much as I do and don't want to see an end to your progress!
  2. Hey Everyone, So my girlfriend and I are looking at making our downstairs area into a gym. We had the idea of building a power rack with built-in on stall bars on the back side. We are unable to attach the stall bars to the wall, and a free standing one takes up a lot of space; so we came up with the combo. Also the power rack will house a pull bar, eventually hang rings, and also will probably add a dip station to it too. At the moment the power rack frame is looking to be about 4'x4'x 8'. The stall bars 3x8' attached to the back. The stall bars would be placed where you would usually rack the bar, and instead you would rack from the other side (you would be facing the stall bars). Any thoughts or ideas? Any potential limitations?
  3. Federico Minio

    Help with Stall Bar Options

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could provide any feedback on these 3 different stall bars. I am looking for a versatile option that would allow me to avoid having to have another pull up / hanging station in my home gym. My thinking is also that with options 2 and 3 I could use them to attach rings for basic ring or band mobility work. I just want to get some feedback from some more experienced users to make sure I don't overlook something important when deciding. Thank you in advance for any feedback!
  4. Hello, This is a set of stall bars I made with a board and pull-up/dip bar attachment. I plan on making a file with more pics, a cut list and detailed description if anyone is interested. You can see how it all neatly stacks away on the last picture. I use the board for HLR regressions, but i figure it can be used for tons of stuff.
  5. Bill Marr

    Made in Canada Stall Bars

    After more than two and a half years with GST, I finally installed stall bars in my basement gym...and man, what a difference maker. I researched various types and brands of stall bars extensively before buying and wow, did I find an incredible set. Manufactured in Canada by Northern Lights, they are sold in Fitness Depot stores throughout Canada and now in Texas. Here's why they are a terrific option for anyone considering installing a set at home: This is one hefty set of equipment. Made of heavy duty metal, the entire assembly weighs well over 200 lbs. The unit is 90” tall, and features 43" wide bars with 6” spacing from the center. The bars have a diameter of 1.25". They are easy to assemble, with excellent instructions. Once installed, nothing budges a millimeter. The top bar is comfortably offset, making for strict leg raises and windshield wipers. By raising the installation of the bars on 1.5" of rubber matting, I have more foot clearance from the floor...plus have the clearance for doing Reverse Natural Leg Curls. My hamstrings have never been stronger since doing these on a near-daily basis. And the price. This stall bar set is incredibly well priced. For most Canadians, shipping will be negligible since Fitness Depot locations are spread right across the country and can be picked up there. The cost of the bars is $628 CAD ($488 USD). I see little difference between these bars and those made by Rogue, which are priced at $994 CAD right now plus a hefty delivery charge out of the US. Any fellow Canadians (or Americans living in Dallas or Houston) considering stall bars for home, give these a hard look. You won't be disappointed. BTW...I have no affiliation whatsoever with the manufacturer or retailer. Just a very satisfied product user.
  6. So I finally broke down and will buy myself stall bars for my home. I know I will need them a lot eventually, so why not get them already now, right? I have my eyes set on these two, and wondering if you have experiences with any, or which one do you think is better/nicer? This is the Artimex from beach wood, 7'10", 15 rungs (thinking about the oval ones), $629 And this one Acadia, 7'6", 15 rungs (oval), $450+$70 shipping… they are 1.25 inch wider (36.75") and 4 inches away from the wall so one can wrap the arm around if yo want…
  7. James Rice

    Stall Bars Solution: Titan Fitness

    I assembled free-standing stall bars yesterday and am really happy with how it turned out. To make my stall bars, I purchased 3 items from Titan Fitness during a sale in August: X-3 Squat Stand $287.10 Stall Bars Top Set $45.90 Set of 6 Double Stall Bars $197.96 Dimensions 90.5" Tall x 50" Wide x 48" Deep A few caveats/tips: While the stall bar set I built feel sturdy, and don't wobble, I can't guarantee it's as safe as it would be if bolted down or to the wall. You follow my example at your own risk. Titan Fitness designs the stall bars accessories to fit their X-2 and X-3 Racks NOT their squat racks. The Squat Stand came with a pullup bar and base attachment are a couple inches wider than the stall bars, so I extra pieces for that I can't use. The stall bars are 42" and the pieces with the squat stand are 43". I only used 5 of the 6 double stall bar sets. Someone who's taller could move the top set up 6 inches and would have space for the final set of double bars. The bolts were too big for my socket set so I used two adjustible wrenches. I recommend laying one of the uprights on its side, with a spacer underneath, attaching the stall bars to that upright, then mounting the second upright while everything's still on its side. It gets heavy quick, so you'll want a friend to help you get it upright and move it to where you want it.
  8. Edward Healy

    Stall Bars for heavier athletes

    Hi All, Been working through F1 and I'd like to pick up a set of stall bars. In scanning previous questions on the topic, I've noticed I'm quite a bit heavier than others that have inquired (5'10" 230lbs.) . Would the initially recommended Durabod set suffice or should I be looking at other / more heavy duty options? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  9. Robert Chapman

    Temporary Parallel Bars - ideas needed

    Hello - does anyone have any clever ideas of how to attach / lash / clamp these parallel bars to my stall bars (pics attached). I need to able to remove them so my wife can park in the garage The P-bars are made of sched 40 1 1/4" PVC, with a 1" galv. pipe inside for strength. The stall bar dowels are 1.5" diameter. This is a "work in progress". Notice I also have some wall studs I could attach to. The main need for stability is in the direction perpendicular to the wall. Thanks! -Mitch
  10. Hey everyone, I'm moving into a smaller apartment and have to sell these excellent condition stall bars / Swedish bars that I've been using for the past 8 months or so. They're terrific: strong and sturdy, and were easy to install on my apartment wall. I'm pretty heartbroken that they can't come with me to my new apartment. Would anyone based in the San Francisco area be interested in buying them? I know not everyone feels comfortable building their own, so this could be a cheaper way to get a nice set. They're the VitaVibe 36" wide 90" high version that you see here: https://www.vitavibe.com/36-Wide-Non-Adjustable-Stall-Bars-Swedish-Bars-With-Chin-Up-Bar_p_70.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7Z3VBRC-ARIsAEQifZRk2iP3BSD3YdigkRRYgzZJtOj7RH2BP62bqDtRS4Kyon_3Vw69T_YaAnijEALw_wcB They're originally $399, but i'll sell them to you for $200 (or $250 including the Gymnastic Bodies back strap to use with them). Check out my Craigslist post here, and feel free to respond via Craigslist if you're interested! https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/spo/d/beautiful-stall-bars-swedish/6529367532.html
  11. Jonathan Sinclair Sinclair

    Offset bar in stall bars. What to do?

    Hey everyone, I've finally got some stall bars installed in my condo, and I've been using them a lot. The only thing I have found odd about them is the third bar down is also offset forwards like the top bar. I haven't ran into much of an issue with it yet, but I've just started into windshield wipers (PE11) and they are almost impossible just the way my head is pushed forward. I sincerely don't think I cheated my way through all the half windshield wipers and this is the reason I'm getting stuck here. These are the stall bars I have - https://www.artimex-sport.com/ca/products/stall-bars-vancouver-7-6-1-2-high-red-oak-code-221-e-1007 Just wondering whether this is something to just get used to and find a workaround, or if I should look into removing that bar entirely or try to drill a new hole to put that bar back into alignment with the others. Any advise would be appreciated!
  12. I want to buy a couple of stall bars in order to progress with my Foundation training. However, I cannot find any manufacturer that ships to Mexico. Does anybody know one? Thank you guys!
  13. Nick Ebner

    Training Pad for Stall Bars Needed

    Hey all, I have a client who purchased an installed stall bars in her apartment. The problem is her top rung is very far out from the others. I suggested she get a Gibson TOPS Training Pad, or something similar but 1.5 inch thickness is all she found and it's still not enough. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use? Attached is a picture. For reference, the metal bar is 1.5in thick Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Marcus Chen

    Gap in top rungs of Stall Bars

    I'm looking to get a set of stall bars and wondering what people advise about having rungs going all the way up and down vs. having a gap of a couple rungs at the top. I've been searching the forum and am having trouble finding a definitive answer as people seem to be doing fine with both kinds of stall bars. I'm trying to look (far) ahead at what kinds of exercises I will need it for. I could see exercises like Russian Leg Lifts being more uncomfortable with rungs behind the head/shoulders, but is it necessary to have rungs missing to do it properly? Any other exercises that could be impacted by there being a gap vs. not? Hoping someone with a lot more experience here can give some pointers and clarification. Thanks!
  15. Christopher Haddock

    New Homemade Stall Bars

    My new homemade stall bars. The most expensive part was the custom made hickory dowels. The only mistake I made was drilling the holes in the sides for the dowels 1/2 inch deep instead of 1 inch. However I glued and screwed them in and the hickory dowels are super tough so I'm hoping they will be okay.
  16. Andrew Long

    Ideas for stall bar installation

    Hej Everyone, I finally have the funds and time to install some stall bars at home but I only have one space to install them and I am trying to figure out how I might do that. I was hoping some people on here would be able to helop me out with some ideas of how to install these bars. Ill upload a picture to show the space below. I have to try install the bars between these 2 poles which are approx 2-3 meters apart. I cant tamper with the floor or the poles I might be able to drill into the beam above though not sure. basically trying to figure out how I can have stall bars inserted between these 2 poles without damaging anything. Cheers for the help
  17. Justin Scott

    Recommended brand of stall bars?

    I'm thinking of buying some stall bars. I'm in a rental so I'd like some that are fine attached to a wall without any long lasting changing to the wall (I assume most are like that). Are there any recommend brands?
  18. Chris Maudlin

    Stall Bar distance from corner wall

    I just purchased stall bars and plan on installing them on the wall up against the corner of my garage. Will this be ok, or do I need open wall space on both sides for exercises beyond the 36" stall bar width? I will have shelves on the other side of the stall bars, so will only really be able to use 36" inches directly in front of them.
  19. Chris Maudlin

    Stall Bar Rung Shape

    I am looking to buy the following pre-built stall bars, however notice they have oval rungs instead of round. Does this make any sort of difference in the required training exercises? https://infitnessequipment.com/collections/wall-bars/products/rockland
  20. Bob Hamlin

    Stall bar spacing in course videos

    Does anyone know the bar spacing on the stall bars that we see in the course videos? I'm finally getting around to building some stall bars. I don't have access to any stall bar installations, so bar spacing is the one design element where I have nothing to go on. All things being equal, I figured it would be good to have the same spacing on those used in the course videos, as that could help with trying to match positions, especially in H2. Any thoughts?
  21. Bryce Graw

    Will Stall Bars rip out my wall?

    I was discussing installing stall bars into my wall with my landlord. First, he wants to make sure I won't be ripping out the wall in my room before I put them up. I have drywall. My question is How can I assure him this won't happen? And what are some tricks/suggestions? Also, If you have any suggestions for what type of stall bars I should purchase for requisite of all gymnasticbodies foundation training, I would greatly appreciate that as well! Yours, Bryce
  22. Jonathan Silverman

    Stalls Bars are Expensive

    How will we bring elite gymnastic training to the masses if stall bars are more expensive than a high-powered personal computer? I'm not a woodworker so I can't build one. Can anyone out there make a blueprint for DIY PVC stall bars? That would be cheaper I imagine. Thanks.
  23. Vinni Williams

    Best Alternative to Stall Bars Yet!

    I have come up with the best alternative to stall bars yet! I mounted wood dowels in between my bathroom door using closet rod sockets. It was very easy anybody could do it. One of the great things about it is that you can take the bars down when your done. The whole setup cost me $14. Here is the final product. The more dowels you set up the more it will cost. A pullup bar is required. I have been wanting to do this for a while and finally had the time today to make it. You can put the bars at any height depending on your individual needs. The only supplies and tools you need are: Power drill Handisaw Level (iphone 5), 1-1/4" x 48" poplar wood dowels from Lowe's Wood closet rod sockets Extra screws You could also substitute the handisaw and power drill for a normal hand saw and screw driver. Also, I didn't use the screws that came with the closet sockets and instead used a longer sturdier screw. First select the height you want the bar and screw in the closet rod sockets on either side of the door frame, making sure they are level. Next, you will cut the dowel to the proper length, depending on the width of your door. You can do this my placing one end of the dowel in one door socket, Then line up the other end of the dowel with the closet rod socket on the other side of the door. Make a mark on the dowel where it touches the closet rod socket. Now, place the dowel in the sockets and there you have it! Very easy and cheap stall bars. Here is a picture of the stall bars in use. Stall bars are a necessary component to the Foundation Series. I have been using other methods for my exercises but I never felt I was getting the proper workout that I would get from stall bars. Now I can properly do the exercises and continue to move on in the Foundation Series! I looked all over the internet and gymnasticbodies.com and could not find anything similar to this. It has probably been done before but I could not find it. One down side to this set up is that it can only take so much weight. I would not hang from these bars with my full body weight. Depending on your door frame, and the type of support you use for the dowels, you could probably make something to support more weight. For now, it works with the exercises I need to do. In the near future, I will probably add more screws to the closet sockets for added strength. Also, the dowel will spin, but this can be easily fixed by adding a small screw in the open side of the closet socket. I hope someone else finds this as useful as I do. It is inexpensive, easy, and does not to a lot of damage to the door frame that will upset your parents or landlord. What do y'all think? Cheers!
  24. I want to start foundation and handstand, but they seem to require stall bars and places to hang rings. There is a park right across the street from my house, but the problem with the park is that there are no ladders or stall bar alternatives there. There's one basketball hoop, monkey bars , a playstructure, and a shade area with 2 tables. There's also a swing set, where I can hang rings in my house, the ceiling is too weak to support my weight, and I don't want to take any chances). Additionally, all the walls in my house are either too small or congested with furniture/pictures, giving me no space for stall bars. Does anyone know of alternatives? I would prefer to have all my equipment in one place, than having to run to the park and all around the house for different pieces of equipment. With a low budget, I cannot purchase a power rack, or expensive equipment, so could someone please help me? Thanks
  25. Oliver Harris

    Which Stall Bars

    I've found a stall bars dealer in the UK that seems to be pretty sound and from their selection I've narrowed it down to two options The first choice is: http://wallbars-ro.co.uk/Home-Wall-Bars-Beech-2.30-m?filter_name=221F and the second http://wallbars-ro.co.uk/Fitness-Wall-Bars-Gymnastics-Wall-Bars-Single-Wall-Bars-Wall-Bars-For-Home?filter_name=216F The second is more expensive but has the highest bar further forward like those used in the videos with the Hanging leg lift, would this make much difference to the leg lifts or should I save my money and go for the first option? (I've found the first option available for £50 less than the second) Thanks for your advice
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