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Found 20 results

  1. Ben Southerland

    Anatomy Issues

    Hello, fellow trainers! My name is Ben and I was born with f*cked up elbows! Before delving into this topic, I'd like to provide a brief disclaimer that this is NOT a recommendation of how to fix your elbow pain. This is merely my personal journey with my specific joint problem, and how I've gone about fixing it. My hope is that other members of the forum can read this and perhaps share their own personal journeys with their own problems. Knowledge is power, and I can only assume that there are more trainees than just me who are suffering from their own anatomy. It can be a hindrance. It can make performing some of the GST progressions dangerous if your body can't anatomically handle it. PLEASE consult your doctor/orthopedist if you think you have these kind of structural issues. There just might be a solution. And now, back to my f*cked up elbows. To be more specific, I have/had subluxation of BOTH of my ulnar nerves at my elbow joints. If I bend my arms more than 90 degrees, the ulnar nerve slides out of its home in the cubital tunnel and across the bone that is supposed to hold it in place. It doesn't hurt, really. Just some slight discomfort the longer I hold flexion of my arms. It wasn't much of a problem until I started Gymnastic Strength Training. Foundation One is where I began, and things were going swimmingly until I reached the second progression of the push up variation. To begin with, I couldn't get my chest to the bar in progression one, so I thought I would just bend my arms up to 90 degrees, avoid the violent nerve shift (it was worse under load), and I would be fine to progress with that modification. BOY was I wrong. I got stuck doing regular push ups for MONTHS, until I finally woke up and realized that my modified push ups weren't going to help me progress through this program. I use push ups as the primary example, but it was a major set back in my row progression as well. This was enough incentive to get me to pay my local orthopedist a visit. He confirmed what I had already guessed was subluxation of my ulnar nerves. My hope was that this could be fixed with a brace or some physical therapy, and we wouldn't have to resort to surgery. Surprise! We had to resort to surgery. If I were to leave this unchecked, I would eventually begin to lose feeling and strength in both of my hands. So, I could either get it done now, or wait until it manifested later. To me, this was a no brainer. So, I got myself scheduled for surgery on my left (dominant) arm. It was called a cubital tunnel release with anterior transposition. Basically, they took my ulnar nerve out of the tunnel and replaced it outside in a new tunnel made out of excess skin and fat. Yummy. A new discovery was made by my surgeon during the procedure. The lower part of my tricep was somehow wrapped around my ulnar nerve, which may have been the culprit of the subluxation in the first place. He had to make an incision to free the nerve. What followed was two weeks in a splint (which I just got off two days ago). I absolutely hated that thing. Now, the stitches are out and the process of healing is still in progress. I'm still working slowly to get back my full range of motion, but I can already tell that the problem is, indeed, fixed. I will be scheduling surgery for my other arm before the year is out. That's my story, and it's far from over. I will keep y'all updated as I heal and get back into the swing of things GST-wise. I welcome any and all members of the forum to engage and discuss with their own experiences and knowledge. Train smarter, not harder. And most importantly, train SAFE.
  2. Clifford Bradshaw

    Minimum Equipment Reqs for Foundation

    Hey, I'm currently using the Handstand program twice a week while I continue to lift. I've actually seen better gains from the Handstand progressions than my lifting, and was thinking about starting Foundation 1, but don't feel like investing in a power rack or any extra equipment at the moment. How far can I get in Foundation 1 without purchasing any extra equipment beyond a dowel, an adjustable beach, a mat, and some weights?
  3. Well, i trained 2 months for this skill, at the end of the third month i could hold it for 6 seconds. The week later to this achievement I started to travel, i went to a place where there was one park so i trained for the first two days there but then just focused on the experience so... 2 weeks of doing only planche training and when i came back home i tried it and i could even hold the one leg variant properly so i started training again.(lost my front lever and also my one arm really slow negative) Now, after 1 month, I finally got it today after a lot of frustration but, as the title says, im afraid of losing it again I would be happy to hear your opinions. advices, techniques, etc
  4. Chanti Cooper

    Gymnastics Genesis

    Hi all, I am intending to start doing gymnastics in the near future, ideally towards the end of this year. I have recently begun doing calisthenics and trampolining (emphasis on the word "recent"; I have actually only attended trampoling once), and wonder if you think this combination will enable me to develop the necessary muscular strength and flexibility to start gymnastics with a lower risk of injury and a faster rate of advancement. My intention for doing gymnastics is to develop muscular size, strength, flexibility, endurance, and maximise overall physical health. I have a weight target and some strength targets. I currently weigh about 10 stone 11 pounds, and am an 18 year old male of perhaps 6 feet in height, with fairly big bones (wrists, elbows, knees etc.); aside from the bone weight, most of this weight is lean muscle. Evaluation of this body: my calves are strong, but my thighs are relatively weak (something I imagine will need to be altered for gymnastics performance); my upper body is relatively weak (I cannot perform a single unassisted pullup yet, though I am close; I cannot perform a planche, though I am able to balance all of my weight upon my hands with them placed on the floor behind my back; I can perform bodyweight dips, also). My ideal weight target is 13 stone; or else, 12 stone - whichever weight is the best for the balance of qualities described (I myself am not concerned with aesthetics, though since I am sure my future partner is, it is of course relevant! If you have even seen "American Psycho" with Christian Bale, or Brad Pitt in "Fight Club", this is the sort of size range I would be aiming for...). That sums up the weight targets; as for strength targets, I would like to be able to perform unassisted flips (e.g. backflips), handstand pushups, one legged jumps (leaping to a significant height) etc. Any advice you can offer to me, whether general, or specifically aimed at the targets I have expressed, would be appreciated. Thanks, Chanti.

    Goal: one arm handstand

    Hi everybody, I'm new on this forum and specialy french, so I'm sorry for my future mistakes! I need help for my handstand. I can do handstand with 2 arms during 20 secondes I think but I can't do special exercice for one handstand... For example, put my leg to the right or the left, it's so difficult... I don't know if it's a muscle problem or flexibily or anotherthing. Can i post a video of me to someone and tell me what is wrong ? Thanks you for your comment and sorry for my bad english
  6. Maxim Berman

    Training with labrum tear in hip?

    Dear folks at GB, I am writing because i need some advice. I am used to working out a lot but am troubled with an injury and i dont know what the best way is to start working out again. Around a year ago i started getting hip pains following an ankle sprain. After long sessions at the fysiotherapist i was referred to the hospital to get an mri done and they discovered a tiny tear in my labrum. So tiny that i do not think they will want to operate. The advice i was given in relation to working out was that i had to improve my flexibility and strength in the hip region (im very tight in my lower body). Right now i have pain with sit ups with my legs locked, leg raises, etc. Also, my hip mobility is terrible. You hear a lot of clicking noises from shifting tendons i believe. Do you think i could follow this program to improve these issues or you not recommend it? I just bought the fundamentals package and intend to follow it fo a week to find out if my hip can take it. Do you have any tips or experience/advice you could give on gaining hip flexibility with an injury like this? In the long run i intend to add swim training so i can work on my cardio too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Dmitriy Ivanov

    help with front uprise

    Hi guys. Working on my front uprise!...help and tips on how I can master this!!?? Video is my progress so far. this HTML class. Value is http://youtu.be/aQ2qUCdljpo
  8. ishocker

    Old broken arm weak elbow tendon?

    Ok im still fairly new to this calisthenics/gymnastics lifestyle and I want to make sure I don't mess myself up so it anyone could assist me I would really appreciate it I broke my 2 left arm bones (ulna&radius) twice right in the middle of the arm when I was in middle school (Im 23 now) second time the bone came out and had minor surgery but no plates or screws though, but now im training for a planche but I feel my left arm is slight weaker especially around the back elbow right under the triceps muscle but right above the actual elbow joint I don't know it that's a muscle or tendon sorry, but when I try some poses like crow stand I feel that left elbow area barely has muscle but I feel a nice tight muscle or tendon on my right elbow (I feel it with my knees when I get in that stance) but when I do straight arm planche holds with my feet elevated on something I don't feel stress or feel like it's gunna snap but I guess i am afraid or siking myself out in my mind that my elbow is gonna snap backwards since I feel there's not to much strength there, I never feel pain or any of that sort from the crow stance as well and I don't want to In the future either. Im just thinking since I broke it twice and like a month apart from each other im afraid the muscles got reattach differently? If that's even possible So I guess my question is, will I be able to ever do a straight locked out arm planche or is that out the window due to my old injury? If not what exercise could I do to strengthen that one area/muscle? and also both elbows pop when I extend them out must of the time but never pain, is this normal?
  9. Sebastiaan Schlichter


    Hello there, I've got 3 questions about gymnastics. My training split looks like this: Gymnastics: Monday, Thursday and Saturday Stretching: Wednesday and Sunday Cardio: Tuesday Leg conditioning: Friday Should I stretch 2x 2 hours a week (Like above) OR stretch 15-30 min and then do my gymnastics training? If I want to focus on gymnastics, should I stop with the Cardio and leg conditioning? I mostly do cardio for my health and legs to balance my body out. And last of all: What are the basic skills I should master that will improve my performance on all 6 apparatus? My list right now is: Planche - Handstand - Iron cross - Front lever. I would appreciate the help. Sincerely, Sebastiaan
  10. Hello !!! ----------------- I need help guys... Well honestly I have strong arms and I can lean forward so much...But can't move my legs from the floor. Even when I raise my legs from the tuck planche...I can't keep them !!! I think my problem is in my lower back , I can do a very clean Front lever...But can't do a Back lever. Is there any training or something to move my legs from the floor when I lean forward ? Do I need to master the back lever ? Thanks and sorry for my bad english =)
  11. Giselle Joy Dingcong

    I'm a beginner and I need you guys to help me

    Hello there guys I'm from Philippines, so I'm sorry if some of my grammar is wrong. Ok, so I'm new here... in this kind of field. I'm really interested in gymnastics since this last two months and I really want to learn it. It amazed me to see people how physically fit they are and it inspires me a lot. I'm 16 yrs old and quite chubby I weigh 57kgs. I'm not that flexible enough and I can't do handstand(I feel that my shoulders are poor ), and I'm now training myself to do the splits and push-ups. I'm asking for your advices guys to help me reach my goal to have strength, balance and flexibility. I want to know what is your diet, how/what do you exercise and how many times in a week, and how long is the progress. I'll be very glad with your advices for sure. Thanks a lot guys.
  12. Henry C.

    BL trouble-shooting: palm pain

    Greetings all. I've perused GB on and off for a couple years and started rudimentary gymnastic training in that time. This is my first post. I'm hoping to get some trouble-shooting advice regarding BL progressions. Specifically, sometimes when I do BL work the meaty part of my palms - the part connected to my thumb - hurts. It's not a good hurt, either. What might be causing this, and what can I do about it? Some background information on me... - I work on bars, not rings. - I can do a 60s German hang without pain. I am working on a flat tuck BL. - I'm not sure how to describe my palm position. I use what I think a regular fitness person would call a standard pullup grip. I do not have a false grip. If necessary I can provide a picture or video. Thanks guys. As Coach Sommer says: Yours in fitness, - Henry C.
  13. jan0sik

    Questions about my routine

    Hi! I've been working out for about 2 years now, but i'm not happy with my results of gymnastic training. My goals are: -V-sit -Straddle planche -Front lever -Back lever -HSPU I'm following a routine based on Kilroy70's template: 6 weeks cycle6 times a weekdo 5 cycles for max. rep. Skill:-RTO - 2 min-HS practice - 5 min Mon/Th:-L-sit - 5 x 6s-BL - Adv. Tuck (supinated) - 5 x 9s Tue/Fri:-FL - 5 x 10 s-PL - Adv. Frog stand - 5 x 10s Day 1A1)Inverted CurlA2)Bulgarian DipsB1)PistolsB2)Archups + 10 kg Day 2A1)HeSPU (1/2 rom)A2) Weighted Pullup + 20 kgB1)GHRB2)Leg raises Day 3:Core:A1)DFA2)Arch-upsB1)Leg-raisesB2)Oblique twists C) Plank as finisher (for as long as i can) Day 4A1)Tuck FL RowA2)RTO pushupsB1)PistolsB2)Archups Day 5A1)False grip hang (aim for 30 sec)A2)Robertowe dipsyB1)GHRB2)Leg raises Day 6 (mastering the basics)PushupsPullupsDipsLeg raisesPistols3s. max rep. each --------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my progress (or lack of it):-1 leg front lever for 5 sec-Can't hold a tuck planche with proper form (butt at shoulders height)-Floor l-sit for 13 sec-Full Back lever (pronated grip) - 5 sec, but with supinated i can hold only adv. tuck for 14 sec with a littlediscomfort in elbows-Can't do a full HeSPU-RTO hold (90 dg) for 25 sec without shaking What should I change in my routine in order to achieve my goals and become a stronger gymnast?
  14. Hello GB community, I'm starting this topic because I want to ask you a few questions. First of all, I want to say that in the last six months I've made an incredible weight loss. I lost 30 lbs (I went from over 200 lbs to 168 lbs) in the last six months by doing cardio. From around 15.7 till last week, I did some bodyweight (4 x 20 push-ups, squats - I added them around August; I didn't do them first two weeks, crunches, cobras and supermans). I was also running for 45 minutes with that bw training. So, I want to ask you, would Foundation One benefit me? Here are some pictures taken two weeks ago, but you need to know that before I took them I didn't do bw for 3 days, just ran for 45 minutes the night before. I was planning on starting it next Monday (16.9) and doing it for 3 months, till 16.12. I would do it 4 times a week, and right after it I would go running for 30 mins. So, 3 days rest, 4 days work (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri). I have a friend that's been doing F1 for a lot and he advises me to do it like that, but that I don't have to do HIIT running, that I just lightly run for that 30 mins. I am also going to change my eating habits, eat whole grains (black bread), not eat sweets (but fruit) and drinking only water and a glass or two of milk (and one cup of green tea when I remember to drink it). And one more thing : I have a pull-up bar, 5 kg dumbells and a bar made for push-ups/situps/dips (like this one : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_-EpLeF2W5fc/STwFcm1F0OI/AAAAAAAAADM/ZzMesPg-R1E/s400/Iron+Gym+Pull+Up+Bar.jpg). Since I have robust pull-up bar mounted in my doors, I just keep this one on the floor for things like push-ups and dips. So, I am trying to get in the best shape possible, health is my goal, since I want to become airline pilot. But, just to ask, could I get ripped in that 3 month period (Tyler Durden style), if I apply my regimen of workout and healthy eating? Here are the pics taken 2 weeks ago (before they were taken, I didn't exercise for 3 days, just ran the night before for 45 mins) : http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/user18188/media/7_zps1ee5dee3.jpg.html http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/user18188/media/8_zpsaff59956.jpg.html http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/user18188/media/9_zps99edbfd9.jpg.html http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/user18188/media/10_zps369d337c.jpg.html http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/user18188/media/11_zpsa983bd79.jpg.html So, what do you advise? If you need any more information, just ask.
  15. For those who don't know about this feature, tags are a great way to find similar content or a specific topic. They'll only work, however, if everyone gets in the habit of doing it. For threads with tags, related content will show at the bottom of the thread page. Good tags are those that other people are likely to also use and are either broad categories (e.g. "front lever") or specific but commonly understood (e.g. "MN/PE1").
  16. Boris Mikael Taube

    Program Critique

    Hello Im going to write down the program i maked. And im curiouhs what people think about that? Any tips etc. All the critque will be helpful. I dont know what to do if I should do the Foundation series. I see people that get AMAZING resutls but do they just really only follow the Foundation series or they do more traning ? Warm up: 1.General warm up 2.Wrist streches + wrist excercises from coach sommer 3.Scapula routine by ido portal 4.Shoulder band warm up by Gregor a gymnastic bodies member that he took from Jordan Jortchev 5. FSP L-sit(low) Planche lean German hang Wall hs Straddle l sit (bent legs) I do FSP 4 times a week. When im mastered all these moves 3*30 i going to start on F. lever, B.lever and planche work Session 1 1.HSPU negatives 5 second 5*2 A1.Row XR bulgarian 5*5 supersett with A2.Push ups XR 5*5 In the end of the session i always do one rehab/prehab exccercise for shoulder like cuban rotation og band pull Light streching 15-20 minutes Session 2. 1.strict MU on rings 5*2 A1. False grip L-tuck(working toward L-sit) Pull ups 5*3 A2.Dips rings 5*3 I throw in som rope climbing in the end if feeling good Light streching 15-20 minutes Session 3 General upwarming Squat routine by Ido portal 1.Pistol squat 3*14 rep A1.Shrimp squat 5*3-5 rep supersett A2.Leg raises 90 degree A1.GHR 5*3-5 supersett with A2.Straddle L-sit lift 5*10 Streching legs 30 minutes I do session 1 and 2. 2 times a week and legs 1 time. I have one day a week i do Just the warm up. Little more flexibilty work and light streching the whole body. What do you people think about the program?
  17. Hello there!I'm writing this topic in order to ask if my new routine (after one year of almost no exercise) will bring me to my goals, so I'd be grateful if you could share your opinions about it.My goals are the freestanding handstand,straddle L,single legs squat and overall flexibility. Everyday before workout I do leg strenght training Squats 10x3 Hamstring rises 10x3 Calf rises 20x3 (I do these as a superset) Straddle L (bent legs) 15sec x4 After the workout I do this flexibility routine - http://agt.degreesofclarity.com/stretching/ Day 1 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine Pull-ups 5x3 Dips 5x3 Wrist PU 10x3 Shoulder dislocates Day 2 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine FL(tuck) pull-ups 5x3 Planche(tuck)push-ups 5x3 Wrist PU 10x3 Wall slides (on the floor, my flexibility is bad and I cant move my arms upwards so I just hold them in the starting position) 10sec x2 Day 3 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine Curls 5x3 Wall Handstand 15sec x4 Wrist PU 10x3 Shoulder dislocates Day 4 rest Then I start again from day 1.I know something is missing and that's why I'd like opinions if possible.Thanks!
  18. Hi! Today my shoulder dislocated during training for the second time since starting F1. My routine is as laid out in the book. 4-5 days a week. I'm on Pe1 on most movements. The first time was this Thursday (less then three days ago) which I also followed up with 20 minutes of handstand and 40 minutes of weightlifting focusing on the shoulder area. The focus if the weightlifting is to a some mass to my shoulders, especially the back and around the scapulae to improve my posture and add some cushioning to rolls on hard ground (Parkour). After I was done, stretching and all, I thought I´d be a good boy and do some wall stretches (back flat against wall, arms perpendicular to the floor, 90 degree bend in the elbows, back of hands against wall and move hands up and down.) I barely placed my elbows on the wall and rotated my arms up against the wall before my shoulder popped with some crunching sounds in the shoulder socket. It popped back after a few seconds. The second time was today, Sunday. Again my F1/Pe1 workout done. Followed it up with some rehab exercises from Dieselcrew (search on youtube of interested) Cuban rotations 2x 12-15 Band external rotation 2x 12-15 Band pullapart 2x 12-15 Band pulldown behind neck 2 x 12-15 Band dislocations 2 x 12-15 After that I started practising handstands. After one 30 sec hold I dropped back. Felt good. Rested a minute or so, and just stretched my hands down out my sides, feeling a little tight in chest. POP! There went my shoulder for a trip once again! This is SO FRUSTRATING! Especially since I'm actually doing rehab-exercises reguarly! I have a history of shoulder dislocations, I've probably had over 30 incidents during the last 12 years. Thats why my shoulder can pop back again after a few second, but believe me, these are full luxations. Since december 2012 I´ve been really good at doing my oh so boring rehab exercises, and above all, I´ve started implementing Bent-over side laterals with 2-5 kg dumbells for 15-20 repetitions for 2-4 sets every weightlifting session and my shoulders have felt amazingly stable! I've been dislocationfree since august 2012. Before starting training with gymnastics. I like gymnastic training, I love handstand training. But obviously this programming doesn´t cut it for my unstable right-shoulder. I need advice on what to do. I believe that my chest and front of my body is much stronger than my rear delts and scapulae muscle and therefore, need a different kind of ratio of pressing (SpL, HbP) to pulling (RC) exercises. Also, any advice on how to implement handstand practise? Now I'm doing face to wall-handstands.
  19. Hello GB community, I am brand new here and have always been interested in strength training. After reading many of the forum posts about F1, H1, and BtGB and hearing about the results that accompany the training/workouts, I decided I am definitely going to begin here. I have decent strength and a weight lifting background. That being said, I have no experience at all with gymnastics or any of the movements involved (I'm sure no flexibility either) and was wondering which of the three guides (F1, H1, or BtGB) I should begin with. Also, what equipment is essential to progressing in the program? Any advice on the matter is welcome and greatly appreciated as well as any other general tips. Thanks!
  20. i have read the book and now am making a work out split because i have not gained enough strength for the workouts. my split is Monday-warm up with elastic bands for shoulder ,inverted row 3x10, front lever hold normally around 25 seconds tucked, pull ups 5x5. no back lever because my protraction is far more developed than retracted. (also i need help with my front lever and more exercises to strengthen it) Tuesday -warm up , leg workout- front squat heavy ranges from 8 sets and to 2-5 reps, reversed curls with elastic bands( can not do with body weight yet) (switches off from also 10 sets of 8 to 10 reps for speed work) also some good mornings 5 sets of 10 (max front squat is 205) i haven't done percentages yet because my energy levels have been all over the place so i go as i feel. Wednesday- stretch and rehab for shoulder Thursday- deadlift- heavy same with front squats about 8 sets 2-5 reps.reverse curls 5 sets of 10. Friday- sprints 6 sets of 50 meters 4 sets of 40 meters (max) Saturday- same as Monday working on front lever because back lever is on straddle and front lever is not even parallel to the ground and tucked really. every day i do handstand work just just couple of kick up into handstand into wall and then balance. (also use handstands in my warm up)( i hurt my shoulders in a handstand i do not understand why but now i have a popping sound in my shoulders when ever i do pull up or raise me arm above my head, does not hurt though) can you guys tell me if this is over working out and yes once i am able to do a handstand on the rings and front lever and back lever and muscle up i will then work on the WOD but right now this is how i thought i should make my workouts because well i am still new and i have gotten injured twice by handstands so i am little confused about them still. also you can change what ever you want i just want to get stronger and have a better all around functional and stronger look physique.
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