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Found 5 results

  1. Haoyang Li

    Rest week for beginner

    Hi: i have been following the intermediate guided plan for 6 weeks, and I didn’t skip any workout for the last 3 weeks. It is recommended to take a break for the 4th week? Thanks, H
  2. Hey all - I'm sure something similar has been posted before, so feel free to redirect if so. I couldn't find an appropriate search term. I work as a consultant, and as such, my schedule can be fairly unpredictable. Typically I have 3-4 weeks of steady training time where I make good progress, and then hit by 2-3 week stretches of travel and long work hours that slow me down. I'll find a local gym but struggle to muster the energy to do my current programming. I was wondering if there were any tips/guidelines for maintaining strength in these occasional 2-3 week stretches of travel/jetlag/long desk hours? I usually just end up doing some stretches I find fitting, and while I haven't lost progress, I find myself sometimes slow to get back into the groove when I'm back to my normal routine. Has anyone tried anything that they feel good about when they know they're not going to perform at their current peak? Maybe extending the de-load week just for the purpose of maintaining momentum, only stretching, or turning off the early alarm and just extending rest and sleep? Would love to hear thoughts as I haven't found the compromise for myself yet
  3. Jeffrey Mailly

    Recommend R/R section to Forum

    So I was hit with a cold on Saturday and immediately decided that sleep was in order. I've been getting 9+hrs per night and have not trained my typical Monday or Tuesday this week. I'm even trying to squeeze in naps if possible wherever I can (during lunch break in my car). Happy to report that I'm feeling about 90% normal right now and hope to catch up starting tomorrow provided i wake up feeling equally good. I can remember times when sleep wasn't a priority when it would take me 7 or more days to feel how I do now after only 3.5 being sick. I wanted to post on here to recommend a section similar to that of Nutrition that could cover things like Rest and Recovery which I am finding to be critical this week. It's SO important to listen to your body and we mention that so much here. Perhaps a Forum section devoted just to that might be helpful for encouragement and accountability.
  4. Hello there!I'm writing this topic in order to ask if my new routine (after one year of almost no exercise) will bring me to my goals, so I'd be grateful if you could share your opinions about it.My goals are the freestanding handstand,straddle L,single legs squat and overall flexibility. Everyday before workout I do leg strenght training Squats 10x3 Hamstring rises 10x3 Calf rises 20x3 (I do these as a superset) Straddle L (bent legs) 15sec x4 After the workout I do this flexibility routine - http://agt.degreesofclarity.com/stretching/ Day 1 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine Pull-ups 5x3 Dips 5x3 Wrist PU 10x3 Shoulder dislocates Day 2 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine FL(tuck) pull-ups 5x3 Planche(tuck)push-ups 5x3 Wrist PU 10x3 Wall slides (on the floor, my flexibility is bad and I cant move my arms upwards so I just hold them in the starting position) 10sec x2 Day 3 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine Curls 5x3 Wall Handstand 15sec x4 Wrist PU 10x3 Shoulder dislocates Day 4 rest Then I start again from day 1.I know something is missing and that's why I'd like opinions if possible.Thanks!
  5. I'm going to to the Scottsdale seminar next weekend, and I'm trying to figure out how much training I should be doing next week. Is it safe to assume that each day of the seminar will contain the equivalent of a moderate to heavy workout? Should I give myself a day or two of rest leading up to the seminar?
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