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Found 13 results

  1. I was reading over Building the Gymnastic Body where Coach Sommer was talking about not pushing oneself during every workout, but allowing slow adaptation. He specifically suggested what he deemed in the book to be the best routine that he has created through his experience, the Steady State cycle. In this cycle, one does approximately half of their maximum hold time in a given static position for a set, and works up to a minute's time, or half of the maximum repetitions for a given strength exercise (non-static), and does up 5x5 working sets. The idea is that during the cycle, which lasts 8-12 weeks, neither the sets or reps should be changed so that maximum adaptation occurs before new maximum hold times or repetitions are established for the given exercises. Does anyone still use this method? If so, how has it worked for you? I ask because it does differentiate itself from the strict structure of what is now GymnasticBodies.
  2. Owen Cook

    Fitness on a submarine.

    I am a serving submariner and currently working my way through the foundation series and flexibility programme. I aim to maintain my progress even when deployed, however, many issues make it difficult to persevere. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. With no connectivity, progress through the series is problematic to chart. Lack of space and equipment, with the area available for fitness 3ft wide at best, long enough to fully stretch out and 7ft in height. Pull up bars and rings are available, as well as weights, stretching blocks and bands. Prolonged periods will pass where "phiz" or fitness/gym is unachievable due to operational reasons or sleep being more necessary in the time. Nutrition.... terrible. With very little ability to improve.
  3. I wouldn't dare to post this in fundation forum, I'd be hung there by fundation worshippers straight away The question is: Has anyone tried or have any experience in kind of applaying grease the groove to fundation progressions for harder fbs, using steady state cycle rule of 50% of intensity ? Do you think it would make sense if I did for example FL, SPL with coupled mobility exercises 3-4 times a week spread throughout the day ? I have to say that I tried this with L sit for the last 2 months and the progress is mind blowing, at least for me. From struggling with the template progression, being stuck on tough 18 seconds per set, after 2 months I can already do nearly 40 seconds of what is more half v-sit. Maybe dreaming a bit but legs are much higher than parallel. Would applying this method to 2 -3 exercises performed throughout the day fo 3-4 days a week be safe and productive ? Thx.
  4. Luce

    Twice a day

    I am new here and I simply tried to find a thread regarding training twice a day, I am sure there is something but couldn't find it. So, what is GB's view on training twice a day, or splitting ones' routine into two shorter sessions a day? Also, instead of training F1 and H1 on different days, could these both be done in the same day, F1 in the morning, and H1 in the evening, without taxing the system too much or getting into over training? In other words, doing strength work in the morning, skill work in the evening, or the other way around... Is there anyone who has experience training in this way with these programs?
  5. jan0sik

    Questions about my routine

    Hi! I've been working out for about 2 years now, but i'm not happy with my results of gymnastic training. My goals are: -V-sit -Straddle planche -Front lever -Back lever -HSPU I'm following a routine based on Kilroy70's template: 6 weeks cycle6 times a weekdo 5 cycles for max. rep. Skill:-RTO - 2 min-HS practice - 5 min Mon/Th:-L-sit - 5 x 6s-BL - Adv. Tuck (supinated) - 5 x 9s Tue/Fri:-FL - 5 x 10 s-PL - Adv. Frog stand - 5 x 10s Day 1A1)Inverted CurlA2)Bulgarian DipsB1)PistolsB2)Archups + 10 kg Day 2A1)HeSPU (1/2 rom)A2) Weighted Pullup + 20 kgB1)GHRB2)Leg raises Day 3:Core:A1)DFA2)Arch-upsB1)Leg-raisesB2)Oblique twists C) Plank as finisher (for as long as i can) Day 4A1)Tuck FL RowA2)RTO pushupsB1)PistolsB2)Archups Day 5A1)False grip hang (aim for 30 sec)A2)Robertowe dipsyB1)GHRB2)Leg raises Day 6 (mastering the basics)PushupsPullupsDipsLeg raisesPistols3s. max rep. each --------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my progress (or lack of it):-1 leg front lever for 5 sec-Can't hold a tuck planche with proper form (butt at shoulders height)-Floor l-sit for 13 sec-Full Back lever (pronated grip) - 5 sec, but with supinated i can hold only adv. tuck for 14 sec with a littlediscomfort in elbows-Can't do a full HeSPU-RTO hold (90 dg) for 25 sec without shaking What should I change in my routine in order to achieve my goals and become a stronger gymnast?
  6. Hey guys, so i recently just got into bodyweight workouts for gymnastics and bboy, and can you guys help me make a weekly workout plan. The only things i have access too are body weight workouts, pullups bars and dipping racks Thankyou My goal is to build strength and lose weight THANKYOU its my first time
  7. So I did some snooping for some articles about Gymnastics just cuz I love the sport and I found a 20-30 set workout that made a whole lot of sense to me about Gymnastics strength training, what do you guys think? found this on BB.com by the way Pushups (Close and Wide Hand Positions) Hanging Leg Raise Bench Dips Freehand Jump Squat Dumbbell Step Ups Chin-Up Hyperextensions (Back Extensions) Side Lateral Raise Standing Long Jump Plyo Kettlebell Pushups
  8. Hello there!I'm writing this topic in order to ask if my new routine (after one year of almost no exercise) will bring me to my goals, so I'd be grateful if you could share your opinions about it.My goals are the freestanding handstand,straddle L,single legs squat and overall flexibility. Everyday before workout I do leg strenght training Squats 10x3 Hamstring rises 10x3 Calf rises 20x3 (I do these as a superset) Straddle L (bent legs) 15sec x4 After the workout I do this flexibility routine - http://agt.degreesofclarity.com/stretching/ Day 1 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine Pull-ups 5x3 Dips 5x3 Wrist PU 10x3 Shoulder dislocates Day 2 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine FL(tuck) pull-ups 5x3 Planche(tuck)push-ups 5x3 Wrist PU 10x3 Wall slides (on the floor, my flexibility is bad and I cant move my arms upwards so I just hold them in the starting position) 10sec x2 Day 3 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine Curls 5x3 Wall Handstand 15sec x4 Wrist PU 10x3 Shoulder dislocates Day 4 rest Then I start again from day 1.I know something is missing and that's why I'd like opinions if possible.Thanks!
  9. Daryl Chan

    Help developing a routine

    Hello everyone my name is Daryl Chan. I was a tricker, doing flips and stuff, but i had surgery and was unable to move very much now that i am getting back on my feet. I am becoming more interested in the world of handbalancing.I have realised if i do not do handstands a bit every other day at least, I begin to lose the feeling and it slips away a bit. I was wondering if people would be willing to share their routines with me, and or maybe help me develope one of my own. As for my current handstand abilities. I will post a link below. sorry, i do not know how to post in the thread videos. my goals would be to eventually progress to one handed handstands Please feel free to comment critique or just help me devise a routine thank you.
  10. Hello all, I'm building a new routine and I'd like to know what do you think about it : It's a Pull/Push routine with push Monday and Thursday and pull Tuesday and Friday. Every workout start with skill work (Handstand work, straight-arm press, bent-arm press, and Manna work). Push days : X*X Tuck Planche hold 3*X Wall HeSPU (or HSPU/Free HeSPU) 3*X Ring Dips 3*X Tuck PPU 2*Max "Superman" (for lower back, I don't know if I must do it) Leg work (with SLS, BW Hamstring curls, calf raises) Pull Days : X*X Tuck Front Lever (or Adv. Tuck FL) 3*X Ring L-Pullups (or Ring Wide Pullups) 3*X Tuck FL Pullups (or Adv. Tuck FL Pullups) Grip work Leg work (like the push day) (Sorry for my english ) Thanks for your advices and criticisms Have a nice day !
  11. Firmgood

    Push (Chest) Workout

    I was wondering, if somebody know some Push (Chest) Workout (Routine) on rings, and stuff like that... Thank's! Cheers!
  12. Hi all! I'm new here and was hoping for some input on my current routine. It goes as follows. Two sets per move, same number of reps per move, progression 1 rep per session, 2 minute rest between sets, takes about one and a half hours. Each move can be found from here: Moves are not in the order of completion but rather by category. I try to mix them up to work out everything evenly. BAR Hanging knee to elbow Hanging leg raise Archer pull-up Hanging wipers Front lever (extending legs one after the other) PUSH-UPS Spiderman Hindu Diamond Crucifix OTHERS Pistols Bodyweight tricep extension Shoulder press holding the kettlebell by its horn and the bell facing upwards I do this 3 times a week and often after a 1,5 h - 2 h climbing session. Bouldering is my main sport. What do you guys think? Is it comprehensive enough?
  13. First of all I have some questions regarding to btgb. 1) About static holds for steady state cycle, here's a part where I do not understand: "You will perform ten sets of six seconds. This is important; at no time during the training cycle increase past a six second tuck planche hold. Maintain it even towards the end of the cycle, when you are feeling particularly strong and stable at 6 seconds." Is it telling me to stick with 6 seconds even though I felt that i'm capable of holding longer at the moment? 2) I'm still not sure how to progress with FBE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, I'll be throwing my goals and my "attempted put together routine" at you guys. status: Age: 19 weight: 180lbs height: 6'1 My Goals / current ability -Free handstand for 15sec (been trying to get this for quite a while)/// currently: I read beast skills tutorial on handstand, so I do it back against the wall. When I take my feet off the wall, getting the balance just felt like mere luck.) -free handstand pushup for 5 reps /// currently: able to do 3 wall HeSPU negatives) -Planche /// currently: only able to do frog-stand for 15 sec, my right shoulder joint hurts after doing frog stands) -able to perform 8 smooth ring dips /// currently: able to turn the ring out 45 degree, keep it close to my side, and hold it for 10 sec. When I do ring dips, it gets a little jerky with the transition of turning the ring back out after completing a rep. Able to do 5 ring dips if I disregard the holding position. -recover from my lower back injury. -obtain a similar physique like this dude (yes, It's awesome) Routine (currently incomplete, because i'm still a little confused) FSP: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri - L-sit- PB (have to use calculate steady state cycle numbers ) - ring turn out holds (have to use calculate steady state cycle numbers) - tuck front lever ( same as above, need to test max) -tuck back lever (same as above) -handstand balance practice (I'm not sure how to work on this) - frogstand (currently my shoulder joint hurts after doing them, i'll postpone) FBE: Mon: HeSPU negatives (not sure how to progress....) inverted chin-ups(not sure...) hang leg raises-half(not sure...) hill sprint (not sure...) Tues: ring push up progression (not sure...) inverted chin-ups (...) sls jump (...) do not know what lower back exercise I can do, because I do not have a partner while working out at the park. Thurs: hill sprint Fri: ring dips (...) ring elevated rows (...) wind shield wiper-half (...) sls jump (...) This is what I came up with so far. Last question.... how do I use pttp on FBE? Thank you
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