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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have been doing gymnastics training for 2 years. I am currently searching for adult gymnastics book containing scientific topics like gymnastics training concepts, Body joints, mobility, biomechanics and kenesiology. Please advise
  2. Niall Cummins

    ULTRA minimalist?

    Dear Coach Sommer,Thank you for your quality work. Due to very limited consistent access to time/space/equipment;Is it possible to develop adequate strength/flexibility using fundamental static positions(chapter 4 Building the Gymnastic Body book),stiff legged windmills and jefferson curls,rope skip and running?Lifestyle is not allowing consistency with fundamentals stretch,movement,handstand courses..Or do I just get with the programme!!Much appreciated,Kyphotic dentist.
  3. Not gymnastics related at all, but because we all need to rest once in a while, a good read is always welcome... And it is free Enjoy! “Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.†~ EL Doctorow, respected author and car owner. On Saturday 19th October, 2013, twenty-five writers pooled their collective talent and wrote every single word of the book you are about to read. The basic plot structure was worked out in advance and then broken down into bite-sized chunks for each writer to work on over the course of the day… and to test Doctorow’s theory properly we made sure it was really dark outside the car: With the exception of the guy who came up with the initial outline, none of the participants had any idea about the wider story, or where their section fitted in it. No map, no GPS. No idea of the destination. Just a steering wheel and a pair of headlights. * The result, I hope you will agree, is a fun ride. Tim R. October 19, 2013 NiaD 2013. Made Man You can download Made Man for free as an e-book, Kindle, or PDF.
  4. First of all I have some questions regarding to btgb. 1) About static holds for steady state cycle, here's a part where I do not understand: "You will perform ten sets of six seconds. This is important; at no time during the training cycle increase past a six second tuck planche hold. Maintain it even towards the end of the cycle, when you are feeling particularly strong and stable at 6 seconds." Is it telling me to stick with 6 seconds even though I felt that i'm capable of holding longer at the moment? 2) I'm still not sure how to progress with FBE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, I'll be throwing my goals and my "attempted put together routine" at you guys. status: Age: 19 weight: 180lbs height: 6'1 My Goals / current ability -Free handstand for 15sec (been trying to get this for quite a while)/// currently: I read beast skills tutorial on handstand, so I do it back against the wall. When I take my feet off the wall, getting the balance just felt like mere luck.) -free handstand pushup for 5 reps /// currently: able to do 3 wall HeSPU negatives) -Planche /// currently: only able to do frog-stand for 15 sec, my right shoulder joint hurts after doing frog stands) -able to perform 8 smooth ring dips /// currently: able to turn the ring out 45 degree, keep it close to my side, and hold it for 10 sec. When I do ring dips, it gets a little jerky with the transition of turning the ring back out after completing a rep. Able to do 5 ring dips if I disregard the holding position. -recover from my lower back injury. -obtain a similar physique like this dude (yes, It's awesome) Routine (currently incomplete, because i'm still a little confused) FSP: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri - L-sit- PB (have to use calculate steady state cycle numbers ) - ring turn out holds (have to use calculate steady state cycle numbers) - tuck front lever ( same as above, need to test max) -tuck back lever (same as above) -handstand balance practice (I'm not sure how to work on this) - frogstand (currently my shoulder joint hurts after doing them, i'll postpone) FBE: Mon: HeSPU negatives (not sure how to progress....) inverted chin-ups(not sure...) hang leg raises-half(not sure...) hill sprint (not sure...) Tues: ring push up progression (not sure...) inverted chin-ups (...) sls jump (...) do not know what lower back exercise I can do, because I do not have a partner while working out at the park. Thurs: hill sprint Fri: ring dips (...) ring elevated rows (...) wind shield wiper-half (...) sls jump (...) This is what I came up with so far. Last question.... how do I use pttp on FBE? Thank you
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