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Found 7 results

  1. Samar Singh

    Leg Strength

    Hi, Just wondering if gymnasts have as wonderful legs as they have upper body? If not, how to gain muscle mass and extraordinary strength in legs (by body weight exercises only) while continuing to follow Gymnastics as Coach teach.
  2. Toni Laukkavaara

    Body composition from 2 years of training

    2 years ago. (with pump) End of deload week 2 years later. (no pump) Nothing spectacular, but i tought it was kinda cool haha
  3. Alexander Castiglione

    Body levers - form question

    I had a quick form check question about the Body Lever. I'm noticing in some videos - that the hips "break" slightly on the ascent back up to the start position, usually around at around 45 degrees or so, but obviously not on the descent. Is this "standard"? I know we should endeavor to remain as flat as possible and not break at the hips or become hollow (as hollowing would make it a dragon flag)? Can somebody please shed some light on this? If the hips aren't supposed to break - I need to revisit this movement to master it. Note that I am not talking about a major break or bend, just a slight one, maybe a few degrees. Thanks in advance!
  4. ayloedxa

    Hollow Body Hip position

    Greetings fellow friends, I have had a lot of discussion about the hollow body shape concerning the pelvis and/or legs. 1. If for example you are hanging from the high bar, you should press your chest inwards to achieve a round back. Now should there be an angle between the legs and the lower back/pelvis, i.e. should there be a small pike? Or should it be completely straight and all the roundness should come from the upper back area? I hope this question is clear :S 2. Also, when I do the hollow body on the floor, should I try to press my lower back so far into the ground, that my glutes lift off the ground? I hope that I articulated myself well enough and you can help me with this problem, Fynn
  5. Luka Kopusar

    "less is more"

    Hey there. Someone copied a link to a book "body by science", and ofc i wanted to read it because i wanted to know if this is really true. So the book tells you that 1 workout per week is enough, to see some visible results, and quite good results. I also attend a college where we have physiology and anatomy and such stuff, so i knew my way around in the book. it really does makes sense from a physiology view, so you break down muscles and you just rest until you are stronger than before, makes sense. And then i really questioned myself, do i benefit more with my 4 workouts a week (each muscle 2x) or would i gain more hyper,strength with less frequency. And than still a question or more of a habit, a drug... "but no, what will i do on rest days, i have to do some exercies" it really hit me, just like in the book that people really developed this kinda of thinking. I would try this type of training, but then i think what if i would waste my time. silly maybe, but im in kinda whirlpool right now. maybe for dynamic exercises more apart, what about statics like FL,BL,PL... i really hope for some of your thoughts and insights cheers
  6. Hey guys, so i recently just got into bodyweight workouts for gymnastics and bboy, and can you guys help me make a weekly workout plan. The only things i have access too are body weight workouts, pullups bars and dipping racks Thankyou My goal is to build strength and lose weight THANKYOU its my first time
  7. Clément POIRET

    Gb Wod For Earn Muscle Mass

    Hello all Well, I have a question, I will have rings and parallettes. I also have all the books of Vass TheSuperSaiyan, Overcoming Gravity, Convict Conditioning (1,2 SuperFAQ), and Building The Gymnastic Body, Raising The Bar (by Al Kavadlo) strengt Training Anatomy (by Frederic Delavier) Lafay methods and various books of Turbulence Training. I read most of these books and they all converge to almost the same type of WOD. However, even if I have more than a year of experience, having been assisted by the method Lafay does not help me to know how to design my own WOD correctly so I turned to the WOD of GymnasticBodies. Are they good for earn muscle mass ? thank you, Clement. PS : Sorry for my English, I'm French
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