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Found 3 results

  1. Santiago Pinzón

    Leverage in Middle split hold

    Hello everyone! I have a technique question. When doing the middle split hold, should I lean backwards as I push the hips forwards, or should my trunk stay stationary? I'm wondering if the initial stages of manna are like a "reverse straddle planche". Thanks for the help!
  2. Santiago Pinzón

    Where is the weak link in this Front Lever?

    Hello GB! I have being working hard on my front lever for the past months, but as you can see below, I cant quite straighten my body yet. I can hold this position for about 3 seconds, and do not really feel much strain in it. I don't know if what's holding me back is my scapula strength or the strength in my core (glutes and lower back to extend the hips more). Where do you think I should focus on? Thank you for your help!
  3. Alexander Castiglione

    Body levers - form question

    I had a quick form check question about the Body Lever. I'm noticing in some videos - that the hips "break" slightly on the ascent back up to the start position, usually around at around 45 degrees or so, but obviously not on the descent. Is this "standard"? I know we should endeavor to remain as flat as possible and not break at the hips or become hollow (as hollowing would make it a dragon flag)? Can somebody please shed some light on this? If the hips aren't supposed to break - I need to revisit this movement to master it. Note that I am not talking about a major break or bend, just a slight one, maybe a few degrees. Thanks in advance!
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