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Found 3 results

  1. Well, i trained 2 months for this skill, at the end of the third month i could hold it for 6 seconds. The week later to this achievement I started to travel, i went to a place where there was one park so i trained for the first two days there but then just focused on the experience so... 2 weeks of doing only planche training and when i came back home i tried it and i could even hold the one leg variant properly so i started training again.(lost my front lever and also my one arm really slow negative) Now, after 1 month, I finally got it today after a lot of frustration but, as the title says, im afraid of losing it again I would be happy to hear your opinions. advices, techniques, etc
  2. Santiago Pinzón

    Where is the weak link in this Front Lever?

    Hello GB! I have being working hard on my front lever for the past months, but as you can see below, I cant quite straighten my body yet. I can hold this position for about 3 seconds, and do not really feel much strain in it. I don't know if what's holding me back is my scapula strength or the strength in my core (glutes and lower back to extend the hips more). Where do you think I should focus on? Thank you for your help!
  3. Dmitriy Ivanov

    help with front uprise

    Hi guys. Working on my front uprise!...help and tips on how I can master this!!?? Video is my progress so far. this HTML class. Value is http://youtu.be/aQ2qUCdljpo
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