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Found 6 results

  1. Levente Horváth

    Can Planche training cause winging scapula?

    Hello, this summer I not trained a lot but stretched and relaxed instead because I found out I have scapular winging. I watched a lot of videos to inform myself but can't really find a way why my shoulders hurt a bit and my rhomboids always feel tight. Is it because of Planche training, I recognized instantly that I clearly don't have enough shoulder mobility because when I tried to elevate my arms the scapula came up, but my main problem I think is the rhomboids and every time I breathe heavy my spine crackles around the upper back area (it feels good tho).
  2. Santiago Pinzón

    Where is the weak link in this Front Lever?

    Hello GB! I have being working hard on my front lever for the past months, but as you can see below, I cant quite straighten my body yet. I can hold this position for about 3 seconds, and do not really feel much strain in it. I don't know if what's holding me back is my scapula strength or the strength in my core (glutes and lower back to extend the hips more). Where do you think I should focus on? Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi there, Look, I know rounded shoulders won't do me many (or any) favours in the long run and I assure you I am currently doing shoulder mobility work to fix this issue. However, I can't help but think that scapula protraction during planche looks similar to what my chest and back look like when I stand normally. My view is that, basically, people with non-rounded shoulders have to consciously get that concave in their chest when they protract during planche... whereas people with rounded shoulders are kind of automatically in that position (they don't have to make as much of an adjustment)? Does that make sense? I feel like this is a potentially very silly question, but thanks in advance for the replies!
  4. graehlap

    Scapula extension

    I have an issue with fully extending my upper back while practicing planche positioning. In doing planche leans and scapula pushups my mid rounds and extends upwards more than my upper back. This gives me an upsidedown v-shape look rather than a rounded back shield look. I know to push as though I am trying to touch my front delts together. I am not sure if this is a felixbility issue, a mind body connection issue, form or strength. Thanks for an advice. I can post pictures if it helps.
  5. Paul Jacquemin

    Scapular Pressure In Front Lever

    Hello, I’m having problems whit my advanced tuck front lever (knees perpendicular to the ground). When I’m trying the position whit good form I seem to feel a lot of pressure in my right shoulder blade. maybe rear deltoid?. And sometimes it just pops and gets out of the retracted position. I don’t feel any pain only pressure. And when I’m doing it whit bad form (little bent arms) I feel all the pressure in my lats Is this a lack of scapular strength? this seem to happen in my right shoulder blade, I have a little bit of scoliosis so the left side of my high back is stronger. If it is a lack of scapular strength could you recommend some exercises that could help to fix it? Do I need to go back to and easier progression? Do I need to focues on scapular strength exercice?
  6. Adriaan David Scholtens

    Scapula posture problem

    Hello gymnasts! I have already read lots of posts of people helping other people here on Gymnastic Bodies, and now I thought I'd make a topic myself, asking for some help. So here's the problem: Even when standing up, feeling like my posture is right, I notice my scapula sticking out, also in a relaxed position. When I try to make my scapula not stick out, the posture I than get feels really unnatural. Is this in any way bad, and if so, what can I do to make it not stick out while keeping a good posture. Thanks in advance, Adriaan
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