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Found 5 results

  1. Victor Mouclier

    Increasing triceps involvement in pulling

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone and their loved ones are safe from this f**k**g pandemic. My blessings from France. How to increase the participation of the long head of the triceps during fundamental pulling exercices (such as pullups/chinups, rows or front lever progressions) ? i know they're always working with the lats and shoulders to execute shoulder extension but i would like to know at wich angle they're getting optimal work as shoulder extensors. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge Long head
  2. Mouclier Victor

    Rear deltoid

    I hope everyone is spending a great summer ! I would like to know what is the ideal motion/exercice to work the rear deltoid (is it transverse abduction-extension ? shoulder extension ?) by this subject, i would like to read your thoughts and experiences about balance between front and rear deltoid. thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, I have basically registered to ask this one question (although I have been watching this forum on and off for a few years now): How do you go about training for multiple repetitions of one arm pull/chin ups? A bit about myself and current level of strength, I do rock climbing and weigh around 58-62 kg. I can do a one arm pullup from the deadhang position, to where my chest touching the bar, in a decently controlled manner for both arms. However, when I try to do my next repetition after lowering down, I can only get the bent arm or half arm lock position. I can do mutiple repetitions of the compound movments (from deadhang to half arm lock position) & (from half arm lock to full arm lock), but cannot for the life of me do both together for repetitions. Also, my personal best was 3 OAP/C with my right arm and 2 OAP/C with my left, but that was over a year now and I cannot recall how I got to that state. Presently. my strength level seems to fluctuate quite wildly, on some days I will struggle and not be able to do even one with either arm even with warm up, and on other days, I will be able to do it from cold start. This could perhaps be attributed to some extent of my fluctuating body weight. Approaches that I have used to train with mix success: 1) Repetitions of one arm negatives after doing one arm pullups 2) Locking off in a static position with additional weights (either half arm lock with more weight, or full arm lock with less weight) 3) Repetitions of weighted pull ups at about a total 150% of body weight) 4) Repetitions of one arm pullups with reduced weight for 90% of body weight) Please share with me your thoughts and advice!
  4. Dave James

    Dealing with Lat Strains on SR

    I'm a competitive USAG Level 8+ gymnast. I have a recent bilateral strain and soreness with sudden onset, ie, did not develop over weeks or months. What have you found successful as far as recovery process and time? I'm 5-6 weeks until season competitions.
  5. Hello all, I'm building a new routine and I'd like to know what do you think about it : It's a Pull/Push routine with push Monday and Thursday and pull Tuesday and Friday. Every workout start with skill work (Handstand work, straight-arm press, bent-arm press, and Manna work). Push days : X*X Tuck Planche hold 3*X Wall HeSPU (or HSPU/Free HeSPU) 3*X Ring Dips 3*X Tuck PPU 2*Max "Superman" (for lower back, I don't know if I must do it) Leg work (with SLS, BW Hamstring curls, calf raises) Pull Days : X*X Tuck Front Lever (or Adv. Tuck FL) 3*X Ring L-Pullups (or Ring Wide Pullups) 3*X Tuck FL Pullups (or Adv. Tuck FL Pullups) Grip work Leg work (like the push day) (Sorry for my english ) Thanks for your advices and criticisms Have a nice day !
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