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Found 4 results

  1. WadeWilson

    One arm chin up question

    Yesterday i tried a one arm chin up with my right hand on the bar and my left hand on my right arm. I managed to do 4. Today i tried the same with the left hand and i can't do one. How can this happen? I can do around 12 pull ups overall. How can my left arm be so weaker? Or is this probably a form problem? Sometimes when i'm front squatting i lean more on my left leg. I think my hips aren't really aligned. Any good exercises i can fix this? Thanks in advance!
  2. I was wondering if a stretching program should be incorporated into Foundation One to increase flexibility, or if the integrated mobility stuff is sufficient? If the former, does the book contain these stretches?
  3. Hi all, I have basically registered to ask this one question (although I have been watching this forum on and off for a few years now): How do you go about training for multiple repetitions of one arm pull/chin ups? A bit about myself and current level of strength, I do rock climbing and weigh around 58-62 kg. I can do a one arm pullup from the deadhang position, to where my chest touching the bar, in a decently controlled manner for both arms. However, when I try to do my next repetition after lowering down, I can only get the bent arm or half arm lock position. I can do mutiple repetitions of the compound movments (from deadhang to half arm lock position) & (from half arm lock to full arm lock), but cannot for the life of me do both together for repetitions. Also, my personal best was 3 OAP/C with my right arm and 2 OAP/C with my left, but that was over a year now and I cannot recall how I got to that state. Presently. my strength level seems to fluctuate quite wildly, on some days I will struggle and not be able to do even one with either arm even with warm up, and on other days, I will be able to do it from cold start. This could perhaps be attributed to some extent of my fluctuating body weight. Approaches that I have used to train with mix success: 1) Repetitions of one arm negatives after doing one arm pullups 2) Locking off in a static position with additional weights (either half arm lock with more weight, or full arm lock with less weight) 3) Repetitions of weighted pull ups at about a total 150% of body weight) 4) Repetitions of one arm pullups with reduced weight for 90% of body weight) Please share with me your thoughts and advice!
  4. I was talking to a friend of mine, who works out at a commercial gym and does freeweights and cables and stuff and doesn't train pullups often, and he mentioned casually that he can do a one-arm chinup (hand supinated). I was surprised, and made sure that he and I were thinking of the same exercise. He didn't show it to me, but from what he described he is really talking about a one-arm chinup (one hand free, the other doing the pulling). He said he did it as a warmup. Then he proceeded to say that a lot of people at his gym can actually do one-arm chinups and such. I don't know what their training is like, but if they go to a commercial gym regularly I'm assuming it's not really focused on GST. Do you think it's possible (probable?) to get a one-arm chinup without focusing too much on GST, rather training mostly freeweights? PS. My friend weighs almost 90kg, making it seem crazy to me.
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