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Found 2 results

  1. Boban Ilievski

    L-sit chinups question

    I did a couple of these today and I noticed some discomfort at the beginning of the movement, from the dead hang to bending the arms. The rest of the movement from like 150 degrees bent arms until the very top, chin to chest, I have no problems with, at all. The discomfort I'm talking about is in the shoulders, It's somewhat weird initiating the movement from the dead hang the shoulders rotate a bit in order to begin the movement. It's kind of like doing the shoulder dislocates exercise. I felt that if it wasn't for that discomfort I could do maybe three times more l-sit chinup than I did. I'm already proficient with the regular chinups and pullups. Any pointers? Is it something I'm doing wrong, or is this normal?
  2. I was talking to a friend of mine, who works out at a commercial gym and does freeweights and cables and stuff and doesn't train pullups often, and he mentioned casually that he can do a one-arm chinup (hand supinated). I was surprised, and made sure that he and I were thinking of the same exercise. He didn't show it to me, but from what he described he is really talking about a one-arm chinup (one hand free, the other doing the pulling). He said he did it as a warmup. Then he proceeded to say that a lot of people at his gym can actually do one-arm chinups and such. I don't know what their training is like, but if they go to a commercial gym regularly I'm assuming it's not really focused on GST. Do you think it's possible (probable?) to get a one-arm chinup without focusing too much on GST, rather training mostly freeweights? PS. My friend weighs almost 90kg, making it seem crazy to me.
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