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Found 4 results

  1. ForzaCavaliere

    How to get good form on bar muscle-up?

    Hi everyone! I can do a slow muscle-up but it looks very ugly with a lot of piking and leaning. How should I go about cleaning up the transition phase? I am lacking the ability to do russian dips, would you attribute the ugly transition phase to this noted lack of torsional strength in the triceps? http://youtu.be/an35ptK3w88?t=10s
  2. WadeWilson

    One arm chin up question

    Yesterday i tried a one arm chin up with my right hand on the bar and my left hand on my right arm. I managed to do 4. Today i tried the same with the left hand and i can't do one. How can this happen? I can do around 12 pull ups overall. How can my left arm be so weaker? Or is this probably a form problem? Sometimes when i'm front squatting i lean more on my left leg. I think my hips aren't really aligned. Any good exercises i can fix this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, I have basically registered to ask this one question (although I have been watching this forum on and off for a few years now): How do you go about training for multiple repetitions of one arm pull/chin ups? A bit about myself and current level of strength, I do rock climbing and weigh around 58-62 kg. I can do a one arm pullup from the deadhang position, to where my chest touching the bar, in a decently controlled manner for both arms. However, when I try to do my next repetition after lowering down, I can only get the bent arm or half arm lock position. I can do mutiple repetitions of the compound movments (from deadhang to half arm lock position) & (from half arm lock to full arm lock), but cannot for the life of me do both together for repetitions. Also, my personal best was 3 OAP/C with my right arm and 2 OAP/C with my left, but that was over a year now and I cannot recall how I got to that state. Presently. my strength level seems to fluctuate quite wildly, on some days I will struggle and not be able to do even one with either arm even with warm up, and on other days, I will be able to do it from cold start. This could perhaps be attributed to some extent of my fluctuating body weight. Approaches that I have used to train with mix success: 1) Repetitions of one arm negatives after doing one arm pullups 2) Locking off in a static position with additional weights (either half arm lock with more weight, or full arm lock with less weight) 3) Repetitions of weighted pull ups at about a total 150% of body weight) 4) Repetitions of one arm pullups with reduced weight for 90% of body weight) Please share with me your thoughts and advice!
  4. I was talking to a friend of mine, who works out at a commercial gym and does freeweights and cables and stuff and doesn't train pullups often, and he mentioned casually that he can do a one-arm chinup (hand supinated). I was surprised, and made sure that he and I were thinking of the same exercise. He didn't show it to me, but from what he described he is really talking about a one-arm chinup (one hand free, the other doing the pulling). He said he did it as a warmup. Then he proceeded to say that a lot of people at his gym can actually do one-arm chinups and such. I don't know what their training is like, but if they go to a commercial gym regularly I'm assuming it's not really focused on GST. Do you think it's possible (probable?) to get a one-arm chinup without focusing too much on GST, rather training mostly freeweights? PS. My friend weighs almost 90kg, making it seem crazy to me.
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