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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I've been making semi-decent progress with my pike flexibility with the help of Jefferson curls and some calf stretching work. However, I've realised that my glutes are as tight as tight can get. Like, to the point where my massage therapist tried stretching them and said "that's REALLY poor". I've sort of neglected stretching them over the years and was wondering if this could have hindered my pike progress? Could it be slowing down my progress in other stretches as well (e.g. middle split/pancake)? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi GB Community ! I remember some time ago when I was training JC with 20kg and good depth, and instantly after a couple of weeks doing this I test my pancake flexibility again and it was just much much better than before without training it directly. I was just able to touch the floor with my belly in a pancake position for the first time with the correct APT technique (long time ago I always did the pancake with a horrible rounded back). Is this true or it was just and eventually ? And assuming is right, because you feel the stretch pretty much in similar areas. Thanks
  3. ForzaCavaliere

    How to get good form on bar muscle-up?

    Hi everyone! I can do a slow muscle-up but it looks very ugly with a lot of piking and leaning. How should I go about cleaning up the transition phase? I am lacking the ability to do russian dips, would you attribute the ugly transition phase to this noted lack of torsional strength in the triceps? http://youtu.be/an35ptK3w88?t=10s
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