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Found 3 results

  1. Philip Kristoffersen

    Trouble with the ring muscle-up

    Hi people! I hope you can help me out with this one cause it is really bothering me I started back in May last year with working on the ring muscle-up. I teamed up with a really great coach and he pushed me quite far - ive honestly never been in a better shape. I almost got the Front-Lever down, practicing my Back-Lever, can do up to 17-18 pull-ups in a row, currently doing 5 sets of 8 dips with +15kg and yet ... no ring muscle-up. The transition is killing me and i can barely get it to work. It bothered me so much that after 6 months of practicing i just stopped all together. Im currently working out only in bars in which ive done Muscle-Ups a couple of times, but with a great amount of kip. I read a little on the forums and i also saw a couple of videos and honestly i just wanna go back at this beast. The only annoying thing is everyone is talking about muscle-ups as if kipping is okay. I dont get it - i dont want to do a kipping muscle-up. I want a clean strict one. Can you guys please throw me your top 3 tips/exercises at me so i can get back into it? I really want to nail this thing so i can move onto other fun things in the rings
  2. ForzaCavaliere

    How to get good form on bar muscle-up?

    Hi everyone! I can do a slow muscle-up but it looks very ugly with a lot of piking and leaning. How should I go about cleaning up the transition phase? I am lacking the ability to do russian dips, would you attribute the ugly transition phase to this noted lack of torsional strength in the triceps? http://youtu.be/an35ptK3w88?t=10s
  3. Samvel Azizbekyan

    Muscle injury, brachialis?

    Hey there everyone, I have a couple of things that I need help with and id greatly appreciate the assistance. I've had a muscle injury about 2 months ago, and i feel like im really falling behind on my training and want to get back into it as soon as possible. I think what caused the injury was doing a slow muscle-up with my 45lb vest. I cannot tell which muscle it is that I injured, it feels like its between the bicep and tricep. I think it might be the brachialis muscle. There is no bruising around the area, and as far as pain, there really isnt any...i mean there is enough so i can feel that its not normal but it doesnt really hurt..It feels like it is right in between the elbow and shoulder. What would you guys suggest that I should do? I really take my training seriously, and thats all i really do. I havn't been able to work on anything but legs, abs and lower back. If theres anything that you could tell me that would help a whole lot. I've tried to get tips and help from other people...but no one really has anything other than the basic things to tell me;rest, ice, compression, anti-inflammatories. I do all of that...but is there really anything else that would speed up the healing process? Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys.
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