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  1. Michael Sahr

    Working out through soreness

    I am 53 years old and began doing the gymnastic bodies workouts about a month ago. I recently went water skiing for the first time in years and developed soreness in my left hamstring. I don’t think I pulled a muscle but I’m not sure. I am continuing to do my workouts through the soreness. Is this a good idea or should I allow the sore hamstring to fully recover first? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am experiencing a popping in my left shoulder that occurs throughout the day when I move it to pop/click it in a certain pattern. I have had it for about 2 years now, although with no pain. THe only thing I could correlate its onset with was doing weighted dislocations and perhaps progressing with weight to quickly; I lost complete control of the 45lb bar at the end range of motion and heard/felt some crunching/clicking, which I figured is normal from listening to Coach Sommer on the Tim Ferriss podcast. I have tried everything I can think of: physical therapy, hanging/traction, rest, but nothing seems to fix it. Any insight or help would be appreciated.
  3. I am recovering from a minor hamstring tear (tear is to muscle belly and not connective tissue), but do not want to stop all GST while in the recovery process. I am currently working through Foundation 1 with Middle Split and Front Split during a given week. Stretching seems to aggravate the hamstring tear (even light stretching). What exercises can I continue, and which should I discontinue until fully healed? Also, what indicators should I look for that indicate my hamstring is ready for more intense workload? Thanks, Ryan
  4. Crisshaun Nelson-Jackson

    SI Joint Pain After Twist

    Hey! I was wondering what the causes of pain in the SI joint after twisting motions could be. It was noticed during yoga. Supine position, knees tucked and moved from side to side. And then other times, just twisting in general. Anyway. It’s the first incidence. Any guidance as to where the problem might be? Weakness or tightness or something?
  5. Hi all I'm reaching you guys asking for an advise for my shoulder and bicep injuries My training routine was bodyweight, Rings and some parallettes I also used Gymnasticbodies stretching series I injured my self I'm not sure how but probably was over training using the RINGS The MRI results is FINDINGS The right supraspinatus tendon demonstrates bright signal that is seen reaching the tendon articular surface but not its bursal surface. Right acromioclavicular joint arthropathy is noticed. Type II acromion. Intermediate signal seen involving the subscapularis and intra-articular long head of biceps tendons. Normal MRI appearance of the glenoid labrum, gleno-humeral ligaments and joint capsule. Subacromial subdeltoid bursal fluid distension is noted. Normal appearance of the articular cartilage of the shoulder joint. IMPRESSION Right supraspinatus tendon partial thickness tear. Right acromioclavicular joint arthropathy. Subacromial subdeltoid bursitis. Intra-articular long head of biceps and subscapularis tendinopathy. Doctor advised to take a rest and stop excersicing specially overhead exercises As I read that loading and exercising is better than resting for recovery Phisyo sessions here in Saudi Arabia are very expensive and most of it just Ice and laser therapy without any excersices What's your advice Should I rest or do any of GB programs or series And how long will it take to heal from your experience Thank you

    I have a longer arm than the other

    Hello guys, ive started traing levers some months ago, however, 3 weeks ago i had a small injury so i gave a break, however ive noticed that my right arm is like 1 inche longer than the left. I was wondering if this can increase the risk of injury or it can affect my stright arm static exercices
  7. Mike Antonio

    Shoulder Surgery Next Friday

    Good day everyone. So I’ve been having an issue with my Dominent shoulder due to a small tear in the labrum (slap tear). I attempted physio and other treatments over the course of approximately a year and a half with very little Progress. So im scheduled next Friday for a possible labrum repair or possible bicep tenodesis with some rotator cuff maintenance as well. I have the surgeon free range to do whatever he feels is best once he looks inside. My shoulder hasn’t made much progress up until last week. Now this could be my brain f’king with me but I am able to get into positions that I couldn’t get into last month. Like foot supported planche lean, hspu and even a few dips. Keep in mind my job has been extremely time taxing lately so training has very been minimal. My physio guy and I assume that once I start training regularly again I will likely aggravate the shoulder and be back to wear I was a few months ago if I don’t do surgery. I guess I’m just looking for a little reassurance as I feel like I’m possibly risking surgery for minimal results. I do still have some pain when performing internal and external rotation (no weight) at the end ranges. Although I’m really looking forward to 4 months off of work and almost feel like that’s half the reason I’m looking to do this. I’m hoping to be able to still train at somewhat of a high level. I have goals of planche, strict ring muscle ups and press to handstand. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, mike
  8. Mike Antonio

    SLAP tear advice

    Good day everybody. I'm reaching out hoping to get some advice regarding a torn labrum. The background. I started having shoulder problems in summer of 2016. I went from using the rings to using the parallettes to doing floor programs to now not being able to do anything with my right shoulder. I even went all the way back to foundations 1 to try and start over from the very beginning. Move such as table tops or crabwalk's seem to be my nemesis. I started having treatment with Physio, massage and Chiro back in October 2016. I've made no progress and things of actually only gotten worse over time. Make no progress my doctor finally sent me for x-rays and ultrasound. I saw the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday. He said based on my symptoms and explanation of my problems but it's very likely I have a slap tear. MRI is coming soon to confirm. He offered me a Cortsione shot which I passed on. So I'm just wondering, is there any chance of me healing a slap tear at this point without surgery? And if so, any recommendations on rehabbing going forward? Thanks everybody for your time.
  9. Tom Hughes

    Wrist issues, post-injury

    Hi everyone, first time poster, just getting into GST and loving it so far. In 2003 I shattered my left wrist and had surgery which resulted in a plate and screws. I also have a protruding piece of bone that is visible when I bend my wrist forward (see pics) This means that it is painful to fully bend my left wrist back to 90 degrees in order to do a press to the floor for press-up or handstand training. I currently use dumbells on the floor that act like parallettes to do press ups and want to continue to use them for handstand work. My question is, should I try and work on flexibility with this bad wrist, or just stick to parallettes? I really want to do Handstand One, Two & Three, but don't want to commit to buying the courses if I can't do the movements. Can you just substitute flat palms on the ground for parallettes in each exercise? I'm worried that it's not just a flexibility issue with the wrist, but due to the protuding piece of bone, I will never be able to get the wrist fully back and may actually cause serious damage if I try. I was told paralette handstands don't really count, so want to do the full "proper" movement. Any input is appreciated, thanks. Tom.
  10. John Everingham

    TFCC Tear, Prolotherapy?

    So I messed up big time. To make a long story short I was an idiot and tried to train around wrist pain. While it didn't hurt while training it slowly got worse over time and now 7 months later I am still trying to recover from a tfcc tear that occurred as result of poor decisions. I haven't done a handstand in 5 months (for 2 months I kept trying to see if it was better, not smart) and while most of the pain is gone while doing normal activities my wrist still feels unstable and I suspect it will come back if I try to resume training. I was thinking about trying prolotherapy but I do not know if it will help see as if my tfcc was going to heal completely I think it may have done so by now. I still have popping and cracking in my wrist so I am pretty sure the tear is still there just the inflammation has dissipated somewhat. Has anyone had any success with prolotherapy for healing a tear that just wont seem to get better? Are there any other treatments I can try other than PT, which I am currently doing. Is there any hope that I can eventually master the foundations series with my wrist in this condition?
  11. Colm O'Reilly

    "Raggedy" Long Head Bicep

    Hey, Apologies if this was covered elsewhere but my searches didn't reveal anything. Brief history: MMA injury aged 19 (15 years ago), tore AC joint due to being thrown. Let it "heal", go about life. CrossFit for 10 years along with Irish National level lifting with poor enough thoracic mobility and occasional recurrent problems. Jan 2016 - compete at Nationals. Thereafter, shoulder not right, missing lifts well below capacity, ongoing shoulder 'niggle'. Jan 2017 - Nationals again, worse, shoulder in agony for days after. Physio recommends MRI. MRI reveals "significant partial tear of supraspinatus and long head bicep described as "raggedy" by surgeon. Corticosteroid shot approx 5 weeks ago in supraspinatus area - zero effect on strength or pain. Have been dabbling in GB since last summer, and more seriously this year. In particular performing the thoracic bridge series 1x/week religiously since October. Occasionally have pain on push ups, noticeable dull ache on full shoulder extension and sharp inhibitory pain on full flexion of right shoulder (even with increased flexibility). Anyone any advice on dealing with this issue or similar with GB, or alterations I should make? Can provide more detail if needed. Thanks!
  12. This might be a bit of a long shot but i will still give it a try to ask in here. Might be someone who has experienced something similar. I'm not quite sure when i got this injury, but it definitely got worsened or might even have started 2 years ago doing a mobility class. We were practicing the pancake and had a person to push on your lower back. I remember i could feel the pain in my right back/inner thigh, but i didn't really say anything (ye, i know it was stupid and i really regret it now). To day, 2 years after it still not good, i don't have any problem during the daily work, and i only feel pain when i specifically stretch in split position or like the pancake. Nothing at all when i'm doing butterfly stretch for instance. I've been to doctor and physiotherapist and they haven't really been able to identify the injury. I've tried several exercises from the physiotherapist but it hasn't got any better. i've tried longer break etc. The pain is like a stinging pain from the groin and all the way to inner knee. The pain only starts when i get into the outer position the feeling is like if i go any further i will get a injury like a ruptured muscle. I know thats probably not the case, but more to indicate how the pain is feeling. I think the injury might be located to the m. gracilis, but not certain about that either. It has just been frustrating for so long now and i don't really know what to do or how to rehabilitate it. So i hope someone might have any ideas or might have experienced something similar.
  13. Leigh Kettle

    Elbow injury Treatment methods

    Hey guys ive posted before regarding my current elbow concerns (in both elbows) and have taken advice from you by getting X Ray's seeking specialists etc . I went to see my local physiotherapist who advertised in joint issues and sports injuries so thought I would receive the advice / diagnosis /treatment I was after. however upon my first visit and subsequently my second visit yesterday she started using acupuncture. I have no knowledge on this subject so thought I would ask your advice . To me this seems like some kind of alternative treatment that has no real scientific substance to it . Am I wasting my time (and money)with this kind of treatment. I've felt no difference at all in how my elbows feel after both sessions and have to say was somewhat surprised that this was even used by a physio therapist as I assumed I would only get this kind of treatment if I specifically went to an accupunture clinic. is this common place now a days? She has also taped them up with kt and again what good this is doing I've no idea. My our advice would be much appreciated as always Many thanks Leigh
  14. Hello, I'm a newbie here on GB. I just bought F1, H1, and Stretch courses yesterday, hoping to start my fitness journey anew. Long story short, I injured (pulled) my right hamstrings about 13 months ago from doing 5RM Barbell Back Squat in StrongLift 5x5 program. Despite finding help from PT who led me through series of isometric/eccentric rehab exercises told me to lower my squat volume, I continued to squat heavy and sustained my injury for the next 4 months. I also got hip impingement from the same side as well although it is now much better. The hamstring strain, however, never really got better over the years. The pain was right where sitz bone (ischial tuberosity) and hamstrings meet, so it is extremely likely that it's tendon inflammation issue. ;( The thing is I want to start F1, H1, and stretch courses right away, but I'm so worried that my hamstrings issue may flare up again. I regularly do yoga for over a year, and every time I try any forward fold or front/side splits, my hammie would cry for mercy. How should I proceed with the GB Programs I bought? What are some caveats if I delve into specific causes, regarding my chronic injury? Thank you, NT
  15. Hi All, I'm at about month 20 of recovering from a high hamstring tendon injury. It's been a sllloooowww process. Fortunately, after months of plateaued recovery progress (or even regression), I discovered that *stretching* was the source of my lack of progress. I've stopped stretching my hamstrings completely. I'm as stiff as I've ever been but my hamstring is finally healing. Though I'm still only probably at 90% recovery. I'm nervous about how to return to developing hamstring mobility. Does anyone else have experience with returning to stretching a hamstring after an injury? Is there a protocol for returning to stretching? Because most therapists only deal with getting patients back normal ROM, I can't find any materials on what, say, a gymnast would do to return to competition after a hamstring tendon injury (or any tendon/muscle involved in extended ROMs). Thanks!
  16. For what feels like my entire life I've had an occasional (maybe two times per year) pain shoot through the bottom of my foot, right in the middle of the arch. It seems to happen randomly and always starts just as I take a step and only lasts for a few seconds. Afterwards there is no lingering pain or pressure whatsoever and I've never had any injuries or surgeries in my foot or anywhere else. It feels as if the bottom of my foot has completely ripped open. It's a sharp, burning, and extreme sensation that really feels like my foot is starting to rip open from the center of the sole outwards to the heel and toes. Every time it happens I ask everyone around me if they've ever had that pain and I'm happy to say that just a couple of days ago, finally, I got my first "yes"... The curiosity feels worse than the pain.. what the hell is happening in my foot?
  17. David Sigthorsson

    Post carpal tunnel surgery

    I'm looking for advice/recommendations concerning returning to training after carpal tunnel release surgery from experienced trainers or people who have gone through it? It seems so many if not most of the gymnastic exercises rely on at least being able to put weight on your wrist and then more and more so as you progress. Any advice? Tips? Expectations? Etc Some background: I recently went through my worst flare of carpal tunnel syndrome, ending with proper diagnosis, EMG, and then successful carpal tunnel release surgery (first on my right hand, soon on my left). I'm recovering quickly so far but I expect I'll be asked to not put pressure on my palms for a few weeks more at least. I'm in my late 30s, fairly fit and strong compared to the average person and I'd gone through the foundation series and was working into the fundamentals. I was/am looking forward to progressing on with the program/s.
  18. Stuart MacIntyre

    Shoulder Separation

    Hello all. I am looking for advice with regards to an injury I have been carrying for years, a shoulder separation, and I am wondering if anyone has any experience coaching athletes with this injury in the past. Or more precisely, is the course, fundamentals and beyond, suitable for completing with this injury. I am starting some Physio on it as I have neglected it really for many years. If there is any prep work I could do or any online resources anyone could recommend that would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi, I'm considering starting the program, and trying to understand if it would work for me. A couple of questions I couldn't find answers for, sorry if they're there and I missed them. 1. Injuries. In general - how do I know if the program\specific parts will improve the situation (and should be practiced through pain) or worsen it (and should be avoided). More specifically, I have knee\ankle\foot pains that started about four years ago with an overtraining injury (achilles tendonitis, running), and developed to different pains that come and go (mostly without specific diagnosis). These are at least partially due to an over-pronation tendency of my left foot, which I'm not sure I'll be able to get rid of. I'm also trying to treat this using other means (PT, insoles), but this is another attempt after many that have failed. Should I wait to start GST, to see if this other treatment improves the situation? If I don't, can GST be an alternative way to recover? Should I continue other treatment? 2. I've seen recommendations to stop certain other activities when starting GST. Does this apply to jogging and swimming (I do these in ways that don't affect my injuries)? If it does, what type of cardio activity can be done safely while getting into GST? Many thanks, D
  20. Just curious if anybody has cursory experience with what I will describe. I have never had any serious or notable shoulder injuries that I can recall. I notice this mostly when I am sitting relaxed, and exhale. The muscles in my shoulder relax and then I feel...not a tingling sensation like a muscle falling asleep, but a sort of...crackly sensation? Not really electric like a pinched nerve, I don't think, but close. The sensation is on both sides of my armpit, like where the pec meets the pit and then the meaty lat on the back of the armpit. I can occasionally feel the similar sensation when I do certain exercises. I am rather flexible and have found no way to engage or stretch out the sensation other than when I breathe out. It is only in one shoulder. Is it just a lightly pinched nerve? Very curious.
  21. Hi all, I got into amateur gymnastics training ~4 years ago, dove in headlong without building a solid foundation and using too much volume, and have been out of the game with a bunch of muscle pain issues as a consequence. I'm hoping to start over from scratch with regular video coaching (if not in person) and focusing exclusively on restoring proper movement, no strength until my body is ready for it. The Fundamentals course seems like a possible option. I still have some predictable aches and pains - in particular, certain t-spine movements will set off my costochondritis. My question: what threshold should I reach before trying to start Fundamentals? I know that rest is key, but too much inactivity will lead to problems as well. Thanks! (For anyone else dealing with pain, I found http://painscience.com to be a nice resource. I'm a nerd and love that he cites all his primary research sources.)
  22. Maxim Berman

    Training with labrum tear in hip?

    Dear folks at GB, I am writing because i need some advice. I am used to working out a lot but am troubled with an injury and i dont know what the best way is to start working out again. Around a year ago i started getting hip pains following an ankle sprain. After long sessions at the fysiotherapist i was referred to the hospital to get an mri done and they discovered a tiny tear in my labrum. So tiny that i do not think they will want to operate. The advice i was given in relation to working out was that i had to improve my flexibility and strength in the hip region (im very tight in my lower body). Right now i have pain with sit ups with my legs locked, leg raises, etc. Also, my hip mobility is terrible. You hear a lot of clicking noises from shifting tendons i believe. Do you think i could follow this program to improve these issues or you not recommend it? I just bought the fundamentals package and intend to follow it fo a week to find out if my hip can take it. Do you have any tips or experience/advice you could give on gaining hip flexibility with an injury like this? In the long run i intend to add swim training so i can work on my cardio too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Dillon Roy

    FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement)

    I'm very interested in pursuing GB to heal and strengthen a body worn from professional athletics. I have a quick question about GB and participants who have Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). I'm curious if GB training is conducive to this injury and what precautions and experience Gymnastic Bodes have with the injury. Thanks for any insight provided.
  24. Brad Hankee

    Stretching with an injury

    Hi All: My first post. I just started doing the foundation and stretch courses. My goal is to become flexible. No one in my family can sit crosslegged and I am so tight I am injury prone. I have had a pain in the right side right where the pelvis meets the lower back (from deadlifting about a year ago). The chiro just has me doing hamstring stretches. I know the stretch classes are for once a week but heard coach say that some daily warmup/streching is necessary. I also heard him say that if done more than once progress will suffer. My question is are there any stretches I can do daily at night while watching tv that would not hinder, but help progress? Thank you in advance. Brad
  25. Peter Iordanov

    Trapezius injury from assisted victorian

    I was working on front levers lately and got confident so I took my parallettes and attempted an assisted victorian cross. I lifted my body just a bit (parallettes are barely 10 inches high) and couldn't do it. On the next morning I was having back pain on my right side while inhaling, also when bending down to touch my toes with my hands. It has been almost a week now and the pain is still there. How can I get rid of it ?
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