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Found 7 results

  1. John Everingham

    TFCC Tear, Prolotherapy?

    So I messed up big time. To make a long story short I was an idiot and tried to train around wrist pain. While it didn't hurt while training it slowly got worse over time and now 7 months later I am still trying to recover from a tfcc tear that occurred as result of poor decisions. I haven't done a handstand in 5 months (for 2 months I kept trying to see if it was better, not smart) and while most of the pain is gone while doing normal activities my wrist still feels unstable and I suspect it will come back if I try to resume training. I was thinking about trying prolotherapy but I do not know if it will help see as if my tfcc was going to heal completely I think it may have done so by now. I still have popping and cracking in my wrist so I am pretty sure the tear is still there just the inflammation has dissipated somewhat. Has anyone had any success with prolotherapy for healing a tear that just wont seem to get better? Are there any other treatments I can try other than PT, which I am currently doing. Is there any hope that I can eventually master the foundations series with my wrist in this condition?
  2. Aleksa Vujic

    Wrist Pain

    Hi guys, i just made account on this site cause it seem you are giving pretty good advices here.Question aboout wrist pain. I looked trough forum but i didnt find same conditions as i have. I recently started training handstand 3-4 months ago and i was just jumping in it whenever i could (i think its called greasing the grove), and now i can hold it more than 30 sec,also can do freestandin HSPUs but thats not where my pain comes from, when i started doing tuck planches after some time of workoin on it i got pain, and now i have it whenever i do tucked planches. The pain is going on pinky side,ulnar of my left wrist and i dont have it during tuck planche, i have it just as i release tuck and it last 2 seconds. Also i should mention that in that 3-4 months i got my first muscle ups, Also i tried underhand muscle ups and i got same pain like with tuck. Now i have pain holding underhand hang or doing chinups. I feel the little pain on pinky side wrist when i supinate wrist. Also no sweling of hand and. I found out that with my dominant right hand i can do 10+ one arm pushups but with left arm i cant more than 5. May you help me?
  3. Craig Jones

    Wrist pain on pommel

    How do you prevent wrist pain on pommel? My son and his gymnastics team are all suffering wrist pain especially on pommel ( I am not his coach). I have touched base with other coaches in Australia and they are all having the same problem.... I am assuming the wrist series in handstand one would help to strengthen his forearm and assist with wrist mobility. I am also thinking lack of shoulder stability over the hand on buck may place extra strain on the wrists. Coach Sommer had a link to an article on gymnasticscoaching.com linking to http://www.dragondoor.com/articler/mode3/229/ about this subject but is not available any more and I am trying to find him an extra training, stretching, preventative program before the pain stops him competing at the sport he loves. N.B He is now part of a PHD study on wrist pain in gymnasts. I have puchased f1- 4, handstand 1 & 2 and rings 1 and can see many beneficial exercises. Help and guidance greatly appreciated.
  4. So I have wrist pain here under the wrist and I was wondering if anyone else have this kind of pain, the pain is not so bad and becomes more worse the longer I am in the handstand/pushup position (90 degree angle with hand and forearm) with my hand (only my right hand) I have had this for soon a year and rest doesn't help. I went to a chiropractor (i think it is called) well he said that it was my "flexor carpi radialis" (google it) that was short and when in pushup position with my hand it was getting irritated. He said that I needed to stretch and also some strenghtening of that muscle. I have done that for some time now and the pain is minimal but when I do a couple of pushups I don't feel it at first and then it starts to come slow. So anyone had any experience with this? is it tendonitis? if so what should I do? Should I just continue with the exercises because these things take time or am I doing it wrong? I am still training other things like pushups with handles on the ground because the chiropractor said that was safe because it is only when in that 90 degree position with the hands. I'm also doing pulling exercises like pullups and other stuff with bars and rings. (I don't feel any pain when doing stuff when I grip and for example do dips).
  5. Ian Hogg

    Chin ups causing wrist pain?

    Hi all, I wasn't sure where to put this should maybe have an injury forum. I've been doing chin up holds and have noticed my right wrist has developed a lump on the top near the joint. I'm pretty sure having read up on here that it's a ganglion cyst (a leakage of synovial fluid from the joint). However any other post I've read about ganglion cysts seems to link them to pain during handstand/load-bearing work which don't cause me any pain at all. I have pretty flexible wrists about 30 degrees past vertical with palm down and about 10 degrees past vertical palm up. When holding chin ups I feel as if my right arm is opening up at the wrist joint. I also notice that my right hand grip tends to be more in the fingers than my left as if the hand is slipping off the bar particularly on the pinkie side which is odd as my right hand is my stronger hand. I have had tennis elbow (inner elbow) in this arm before from trying to increase pull up numbers I think probably from this gripping in the fingers. My question is probably what is the best way to build up my grip to get it more in the palms rather than in the fingers? Even if I start off in the palm it seems to slip down to a finger grip very quickly. Is my pinky side not doing it's share of the work if so how do I improve it? Hope that makes sense was typing up on tiny phone screen Many thanks for any advice!
  6. Ages ago I learnt my lesson about pushing too hard in my planche training when I encountered some wrist pain. I've backed right off my static holds and have been working on psuedo planche push ups which was going fine and I knew when to take it easy. I have hardly trained in the last two weeks due to a cold but my wrist has flared up and is at the point where even supporting my son in the water at swimming lessons had to be done with my right hand. My food intake has been lower than usual as well but not anything crazy. I'm going to buy H1 and start that once it goes back to normal to make sure I'm really preparing my wrists right but has anyone else had this happen before? That is, had their wrists (or other joints) been ok and then stopped training/eating as much and had pain flare up?
  7. Joel Tomkins

    Dorsal Wrist Impingement

    So I've been working consistently on my static holds for almost two months now, planche, L-sit and Front Lever progressions Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I follow my static work with some basic strength exercises using some rings. During the last week I've developed pain in both my wrists which is consistent with Dorsal Wrist Impingement (from what I've read so far). After cutting back on the planche work by doing less sets and using some pushup handles to minimise the bend in my wrist, the right is almost back to normal, however my left wrist is no better. I am going to take off a few days completely now and cut out the planche work for at least a week. I plan to slowly work back into it and focus more on conditioning to prevent this reoccurring. Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks in advance!
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