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Found 7 results

  1. Should i keep the natural curve of my spine on this exercise? I have understood this that i should press my lower back to floor completely, and after i while i start to shake visibly. I can still hold the position, i can breathe and talk. My core just shakes uncontrollably.
  2. For what feels like my entire life I've had an occasional (maybe two times per year) pain shoot through the bottom of my foot, right in the middle of the arch. It seems to happen randomly and always starts just as I take a step and only lasts for a few seconds. Afterwards there is no lingering pain or pressure whatsoever and I've never had any injuries or surgeries in my foot or anywhere else. It feels as if the bottom of my foot has completely ripped open. It's a sharp, burning, and extreme sensation that really feels like my foot is starting to rip open from the center of the sole outwards to the heel and toes. Every time it happens I ask everyone around me if they've ever had that pain and I'm happy to say that just a couple of days ago, finally, I got my first "yes"... The curiosity feels worse than the pain.. what the hell is happening in my foot?
  3. Sebastiaan Schlichter


    Hello there, I've got 3 questions about gymnastics. My training split looks like this: Gymnastics: Monday, Thursday and Saturday Stretching: Wednesday and Sunday Cardio: Tuesday Leg conditioning: Friday Should I stretch 2x 2 hours a week (Like above) OR stretch 15-30 min and then do my gymnastics training? If I want to focus on gymnastics, should I stop with the Cardio and leg conditioning? I mostly do cardio for my health and legs to balance my body out. And last of all: What are the basic skills I should master that will improve my performance on all 6 apparatus? My list right now is: Planche - Handstand - Iron cross - Front lever. I would appreciate the help. Sincerely, Sebastiaan
  4. Giselle Joy Dingcong

    I'm a beginner and I need you guys to help me

    Hello there guys I'm from Philippines, so I'm sorry if some of my grammar is wrong. Ok, so I'm new here... in this kind of field. I'm really interested in gymnastics since this last two months and I really want to learn it. It amazed me to see people how physically fit they are and it inspires me a lot. I'm 16 yrs old and quite chubby I weigh 57kgs. I'm not that flexible enough and I can't do handstand(I feel that my shoulders are poor ), and I'm now training myself to do the splits and push-ups. I'm asking for your advices guys to help me reach my goal to have strength, balance and flexibility. I want to know what is your diet, how/what do you exercise and how many times in a week, and how long is the progress. I'll be very glad with your advices for sure. Thanks a lot guys.
  5. Jesus Rojas

    Gymnastics Grip Question

    Hi guys ! What happen if an Olympic gymnast do their ring routine without the gymnastic grip ? and in what point is necessary to use the gymnastic grip on rings, how much it can improve or decrease your performance ? . Thanks
  6. Hi! As i said in the title, it pisses me of that a lot of people can achieve a planche in a year (or front lever in few months). Me and my friend have been training for the front lever and planche for almost two years, and we're stuck on the advanced tuck front lever for 30+ sec. Planche is no different. We can do sometimes adv. tuck, sometimes only tuck, but my friend is capable of doing a straddle planche for a secon of two (incline, not perfectly horizontal). We've tried everything. We also know what the retraction during the FL is and how to protract the scapula in planche, but still - there is no progress. We have a decent base of strength (we can do about 10 HeSPU, 3 full HSPU, 17 pull-ups, 30+ dips and some bulgarian dips, full back lever and 2 back lever pull-outs, a single dip with 50 kg attached to the dip belt and also pullups with 30 kg, multiple dragon-flags and headstand leg raises) and we really have no idea what we do wrong. We would like to know what are the technical issues behind our lack of progress. Can you please tell us how to do these two moves technically well and what are the proper progressions? We tried leans, holds for extended times and anything like that. Maybe we're wrong? Can you please describe the protraction and retraction in these movement, because maybe we misunderstood something. Any tip is appreciated. PS.: I saw the foundation one course and i don't really need it.
  7. Bas de Smet

    Lower back pain

    Dear fellow gymnasts, I have been walking around with pain in the upper part of the lower back for the last couple of weeks. The pain is at its worst when I have been in a bended position while standing for a couple of seconds (picking something up from the ground for example) and then standing straight again, or the day after a heavy training session. Such a training session then also includes doing flips ans bar swings etc. The pain isn't the same every day. Sometimes it feels like it's almost gone, but the day after it can feel quite painful again. My question is if someone can help me out with some exercises that might fix this problem, or if someone has other suggestions on how to get rid of this backache. Thanks in advance, All the best, Bas
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