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Found 3 results

  1. Aleks009436

    Back lever with false grip?

    The topic speaks for itself. BL with false grip would make it easier to combine BL with other skils, but are there any strenght benefits or other benefits? In general, should BL be trained with false grip?
  2. Jesus Rojas

    Gymnastics Grip Question

    Hi guys ! What happen if an Olympic gymnast do their ring routine without the gymnastic grip ? and in what point is necessary to use the gymnastic grip on rings, how much it can improve or decrease your performance ? . Thanks
  3. Jake Lawrance

    Bouldering/Climbing Training Sources

    Hey guys, this isn't really related to gymnastics but more of the climbing area. I know there are plenty of people who climb/boulder here for longer than I have (1 month) and I was wondering if they knew of any technique/training sources on the internet or a good book which could help teach me to 'move' better on the wall. Considering my first session I was climbing pretty much with my upper body and now I use my legs a lot more but I'm not that much better than before. Plus if there's any finger strength training sources on climbing that would be appreciated too! (I'm asking as I've looked briefly but with no luck and I'm going to be pretty busy for the next week it seems! ): Cheers!
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