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Found 4 results

  1. Thomas Parmer

    Developing the false grip

    I was playing around with muscle-ups on rings the other day, and i noticed i could only do them if i got through the transition part with high speed from the pull. about 5 reps in when i diddent have the same pullup strength i was nowhere close to completing the transition. after watching some youtube videos i learned that i should be using a falsegrip to get a smoother transition fase. I tried it but found out i was not strong enough in my wrists to hold it propery, so i but a barbell on the squat rack and managed to do a few slow controlled mucleups there as i could twist the bar and with it my hands on top of it. I figure my weakest link is is really getting the falsegrip and not the transition, although that will also need more work. So, i was wondering, What would be the best way of developing a good falsegrip? //Thomas
  2. William Trask

    False Grip Rings vs Standard Rings

    Gymnastic Bodies sells the Xtreme Rings 28mm or 1.1", Rogue sells Standard Rings 1.25" or FIG 1.1" (FIG = International Gymnastics Federation) MDUSA sells both Standard Rings 1.25" and False Grip Rings 1 7/8" False Grip Rings have a significantly wider thickness of 1 7/8-inch. Just curious if anyone has a preference between ring sizes. Thanks! if you remember what brand you bought please share as well.
  3. Flavio85

    One-arm False grip hang

    Hello guys, has anyone tried to get a one-arm false grip hang on rings? I can't find any video of this on youtube... I started training for it and I guess this is attainable, right?
  4. Aleks009436

    Back lever with false grip?

    The topic speaks for itself. BL with false grip would make it easier to combine BL with other skils, but are there any strenght benefits or other benefits? In general, should BL be trained with false grip?
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