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Found 11 results


    I have a longer arm than the other

    Hello guys, ive started traing levers some months ago, however, 3 weeks ago i had a small injury so i gave a break, however ive noticed that my right arm is like 1 inche longer than the left. I was wondering if this can increase the risk of injury or it can affect my stright arm static exercices
  2. Hi i am writing this because i want to hear. Any of your guys here who successfully fixed their snapping popping elbow kinda thing without having surgery. Its my medial tricep tendon that pushes my inner elbow nerve out of the groove and onto the bony part. I have tried every doctor physical therapist chiropractor. And they say you just have to live with it. It mostly happens in pronation the hands pointing. And i am wondering does any gymnasticbodies programs have a fix for this. Yeah because the tracking positioning in my elbows is not kinda correct. It mostly bothers me in the left. Than in the right. When the nerve is kinda tight. I have dealt with this little kind of injury for 3-4 years. Now. And no way i am getting allowed for surgery which they say isnt neceassary.
  3. Joshua Levitan

    Physical therapist in San Francisco

    Hello everyone, Has anyone found a great physical therapist in San Francisco? Special bonus if they're familiar with GST. I've started doing some GST work and have noticed my left elbow flaring up quite a bit. Particularly from some crab and pushups and chin-up holds. I was getting elbow pain from push ups about 7 months ago, so I want to properly fix any issues before getting into more intermediate GST work. Thanks! Josh
  4. Einar Vading

    Elbow mobility (flexion)

    I got all the way to minute three of workout one of fundamentals program before I ran in to a slight problem, "Locking out elbows". I can't straighten my elbows to 180 degrees. I'd say that I'm at 150 degrees or something like that. I don't know if that has always been the case but I know my mother has the same limitation. There is NO pain, NO noticeable stretch in the bicep just a plain stop. I would very much like to be able to lock out but I don't want to risk surgery since I have no problems outside of training. Has anyone had anything similar that they could work away with mobility drills or am I stuck in Neverlockingout land forever?
  5. Leigh Kettle

    Elbow injury Treatment methods

    Hey guys ive posted before regarding my current elbow concerns (in both elbows) and have taken advice from you by getting X Ray's seeking specialists etc . I went to see my local physiotherapist who advertised in joint issues and sports injuries so thought I would receive the advice / diagnosis /treatment I was after. however upon my first visit and subsequently my second visit yesterday she started using acupuncture. I have no knowledge on this subject so thought I would ask your advice . To me this seems like some kind of alternative treatment that has no real scientific substance to it . Am I wasting my time (and money)with this kind of treatment. I've felt no difference at all in how my elbows feel after both sessions and have to say was somewhat surprised that this was even used by a physio therapist as I assumed I would only get this kind of treatment if I specifically went to an accupunture clinic. is this common place now a days? She has also taped them up with kt and again what good this is doing I've no idea. My our advice would be much appreciated as always Many thanks Leigh
  6. Jan Hluchník

    Throwing ego away

    Hi everyone, I am 19 years old, 75 kg, 180 cm boy. Since my 15 I started with some bodyweight exercises and after a while I added weights too. I managed to get to lets say 12 strict wide pull ups, L-sit, and less advanced bodyweight exercises. I got gymnastics rings for Christmas and it is about 3 months of my training with them. About month ago I tried Muscle Up with my poor false grip and I did it. I was happy and everything, but after weeks I realized, that my elbows are under huge pressure while MU (now even while dipping) and nowdays I cant do MU, I get stuck in that transition between pull and push and my elbows get under huge pressure, which leads to pain. The pain lasts thankfully only after these attempts to MU (now I dont do them of course), or doing dips and even little bit while doing pull ups. Now I understand, that I jumped into very fast and unprepared and I want to take many steps back and get really solid base for my more advanced work later. I am so glad, that the pain doesnt bother me all the time, now when I am just sitting and stretching hands little bit I dont feel pain at all, so I am really happy I caught it in the beggining. My question is, how long do you think will take to prepare my tendons and be able to get to real strength training again ? I am planning to continue with handstands (no pain while doing them), and plenty of soft work - this for 4 days a week, and 2 times a week have my leg session (it does not have much connection with previous problem, but I want to step back too and really get my lower body ready for heavy squatting again - I did heavy squats, but I feel, that my lower back are crap and I am decided to put the work in and improve it too) Another question I have - Do you think that less volumed work on rings - just support holds, maybe skin the can - will help me, or I should just stay away from rings completely to get 100% condition and preparation done? As the title of the topic says, I really want to Throw my ego away, and although I have some really basic strength I just feel that I maybe skipped some phase, which probably caused the problem together with trainings when I wanted to push hard and probably didnt take into consideration possible problems like injuries..
  7. Daniel Bilek

    Pain Inside Elbow

    Hello I feel small pain and discomfort and im scary if i can injury myself at Elbow when i do Front Lever Rows or evelated plank (in extension) When im doing front lever i dont feel nothing only at the end of the set when my elbows are hyper-extension. When im doing front lever negatives i dont feel nothing too... When i do planche i dont feel any pain or any bentexercise. http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/media/Elbow/golfers-elbow200.jpg Here is picture where i feel it. Some advice?
  8. ishocker

    Old broken arm weak elbow tendon?

    Ok im still fairly new to this calisthenics/gymnastics lifestyle and I want to make sure I don't mess myself up so it anyone could assist me I would really appreciate it I broke my 2 left arm bones (ulna&radius) twice right in the middle of the arm when I was in middle school (Im 23 now) second time the bone came out and had minor surgery but no plates or screws though, but now im training for a planche but I feel my left arm is slight weaker especially around the back elbow right under the triceps muscle but right above the actual elbow joint I don't know it that's a muscle or tendon sorry, but when I try some poses like crow stand I feel that left elbow area barely has muscle but I feel a nice tight muscle or tendon on my right elbow (I feel it with my knees when I get in that stance) but when I do straight arm planche holds with my feet elevated on something I don't feel stress or feel like it's gunna snap but I guess i am afraid or siking myself out in my mind that my elbow is gonna snap backwards since I feel there's not to much strength there, I never feel pain or any of that sort from the crow stance as well and I don't want to In the future either. Im just thinking since I broke it twice and like a month apart from each other im afraid the muscles got reattach differently? If that's even possible So I guess my question is, will I be able to ever do a straight locked out arm planche or is that out the window due to my old injury? If not what exercise could I do to strengthen that one area/muscle? and also both elbows pop when I extend them out must of the time but never pain, is this normal?
  9. Hey there, Ive been having elbow problems since late January 2014. The trigger of my problem was probably(!) a combination of those two exercises: -Swedish Bars Front Support ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvuWwMcwRXM ) -Swedish Bars Back Support ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDCr_lXDd64&list=UUPCiBMarvDiTx-lknzt934g ) I combined them into following interval sequence: D1. Swedish Bars Front Support 10-30 sec D2. Swedish Bars Back Support 10-30 sec -Repeat D1, D2 for a total of 5 sets, resting 45-90 sec between exercises *I found this whole sequence on Ido Portal's blog and youtube account. However, i had basically no experience before in straight arm strength or support exercises ( maybe done L-sits some times before, however nothing structured). Means, my elbows weren't prepared at all for this stress, and of course, it resulted in injury. Around the same time, i messed around with tucked front lever and back lever tucks,-probably progressed too quick here too- that may have contributed to the paint injury symptoms I've been having since then. However, i did a heck lot of unstructured strength training, skill work , played more tennis than usual at that time, so it could also be some "collective injury/pain trigger". Basically: I was totally retarded. ​When Im looking back, Im thinking like " wtf did you do to your body?- injury out of what you did was a certainty". This was in late January 2014. ​So , please don't tell me this was dumb. Much rather, Id appreciate any input what you would do in my situation. What I did so far: Since then, Ive been to 2 doctors, and 3 physios.- Yet, nothing great has changed. 1 doctor and 1 physio was shit, ( diagnosis of them: tendonitis or bursitis, advice: rest and it will go away. also: never extend your elbows fully!! - "yes for sure, i thought",- and went. The other sports orthopedist and physio ( and osteopath ) both diagnosed me ( independently of each other) with some kind of ulnar irritation.- this made perfect sense, as my pain was in that funny bone- area, and when i accidentally would bump my elbow against something- it would hurt as well. So: DIAGNOSIS: Some kind of Ulnar Nerve Irritation. However, its very local and ISN’T radiating down the arm, and also ISN’T initiating some tingling sensations in my pinky. The sports orthopedist also found out ( via x-ray and visual inspection) that my elbows are having some slight valgus deformity- means their angles isn't around 180 degrees, but more about 168 degrees. Hence- he said- i ve been predisposed to those problems,and this external stress triggered my injury. He prescribed me physiotherapy for strengthening and stabilizing the elbow joint as well as ultrasonic therapy and cryotherapy. Im doing ultrasonic 2 x a week, each arm 10 min. , right after it cryotherapy 1 min. i think, also both elbows. Then, last week, my phyio added a new thing to this Diagnosis: He said he thinks my ulnar nerve isn’t really lying inside the cubital tunnel properly, it is more like slid up ( the medial epycondile i guess). Hence, increased friction ( because of that improper alignment) to my ulnar nerve could be the reason why my elbow still is doing trouble to me. ( Considering i stopped doing all sports since i found out this could be something severe ( around the beginning of March 2014, maybe even earlier). Supplements: Im also taking the following supplements (as advised my 2 good(!) physios:) Vitamin B complexVitamin Dliquid fish oil, 2 teaspoons a dayExercises: Those exercises have been prescribed to me recently: side-lying external rotation with 1kg dumbbell ( 3 x ~20, daily) Sitting/Standing External Rotation with 2 kg in each hand (3x ~20, daily). ( heres a photo of this so we both talk about the same: http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/articleimages/884/External-Rotation-Standing2.jpg So im doing those exercises daily, and also go to the physio about 2 times a week, where he does some manual manipulation. He said my ulnar nerve isn’t really in its "cubital tunnel" and IF its in,it always tends to hop out again , so he tries to bring it back in its groove permanently via some nerve mobility manipulation. The given exercises should reinforce so much stability to it, so it will hold the nerve stable. Also he tries to get some tension out of the adjacent muscles, also out of the neck, the lats and the upper arm. ( Since the nerve is going all the way down from the neck to the pinky). Thats about what was told to me. So this is about my treatment plan, but im not very sure if it will really give me the kind of relief i was hoping for. Until now, it didn't. If you'd had any input, Id be very glad. Thank you!
  10. Aleks009436

    Elbow pain / biceps tendonitis

    After trying out a variation of the pelican exercise I experienced some discomfort both inside my elbow and on the outside, (mostly on the inside). I have stopped working on this exercise and I will not go for it for a very long time. The question is then; should I take a break from training entirely or should I continue working on these exercises: Rings turned out support holds 20-60s German Hang 20-40s Front lever and back lever when the discomfort disappear Are there other exercises i should do to prepare/rehabilitate my elbow tendon?
  11. Maćko Z Bogdańca

    Cannot fully straighten my elbows (genetics)

    Hi, since i remember i've always had a little "rounded" arms (or maybe due to karate training since i was 8 to 16). I never considered it a thing to whine about but: - how do i follow gymnastic bodies program when doing i.e. pseudo planche push-ups or pseudo planche holds when having this issue? When i get into push-up position my arms automatically "try" to have my elbow-joint-back facing outside of my body. So myquestion follows: should i try to twist arms so my front of the elbow joint faces forward (ahead of me) during pushups, planche-variations or just let them arch to the sides? So far i've been trying to face them forward but eventually when i protract my scaps arms try to twist out. I'd be very greatful for proffesional answer (no "maybies" or "perhapses") cheers
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