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Found 1 result

  1. Jan Hluchník

    Throwing ego away

    Hi everyone, I am 19 years old, 75 kg, 180 cm boy. Since my 15 I started with some bodyweight exercises and after a while I added weights too. I managed to get to lets say 12 strict wide pull ups, L-sit, and less advanced bodyweight exercises. I got gymnastics rings for Christmas and it is about 3 months of my training with them. About month ago I tried Muscle Up with my poor false grip and I did it. I was happy and everything, but after weeks I realized, that my elbows are under huge pressure while MU (now even while dipping) and nowdays I cant do MU, I get stuck in that transition between pull and push and my elbows get under huge pressure, which leads to pain. The pain lasts thankfully only after these attempts to MU (now I dont do them of course), or doing dips and even little bit while doing pull ups. Now I understand, that I jumped into very fast and unprepared and I want to take many steps back and get really solid base for my more advanced work later. I am so glad, that the pain doesnt bother me all the time, now when I am just sitting and stretching hands little bit I dont feel pain at all, so I am really happy I caught it in the beggining. My question is, how long do you think will take to prepare my tendons and be able to get to real strength training again ? I am planning to continue with handstands (no pain while doing them), and plenty of soft work - this for 4 days a week, and 2 times a week have my leg session (it does not have much connection with previous problem, but I want to step back too and really get my lower body ready for heavy squatting again - I did heavy squats, but I feel, that my lower back are crap and I am decided to put the work in and improve it too) Another question I have - Do you think that less volumed work on rings - just support holds, maybe skin the can - will help me, or I should just stay away from rings completely to get 100% condition and preparation done? As the title of the topic says, I really want to Throw my ego away, and although I have some really basic strength I just feel that I maybe skipped some phase, which probably caused the problem together with trainings when I wanted to push hard and probably didnt take into consideration possible problems like injuries..
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