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Found 2 results

  1. Maćko Z Bogdańca

    Cannot fully straighten my elbows (genetics)

    Hi, since i remember i've always had a little "rounded" arms (or maybe due to karate training since i was 8 to 16). I never considered it a thing to whine about but: - how do i follow gymnastic bodies program when doing i.e. pseudo planche push-ups or pseudo planche holds when having this issue? When i get into push-up position my arms automatically "try" to have my elbow-joint-back facing outside of my body. So myquestion follows: should i try to twist arms so my front of the elbow joint faces forward (ahead of me) during pushups, planche-variations or just let them arch to the sides? So far i've been trying to face them forward but eventually when i protract my scaps arms try to twist out. I'd be very greatful for proffesional answer (no "maybies" or "perhapses") cheers
  2. Martynas Morkūnas

    Korean dips for planche..?

    Hello, GMB. Are there any benefits from controlled ring korean dips, lowering to back lever, bent arm planche on ground? Will this fasten my real planche progress? If so, tell me more benefits about this.
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