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Found 11 results

  1. Madhav Gopakumar

    Choosing Exercises

    Hey guys, I am starting the intermediate one program, and I have been weight training for two years now. Should I choose the easiest progression that I cannot do, or the hardest progression that I can do? For instance I can do about 13 wall supported headstand pushups, 15 dips full rom, and 6 ring dips full rom, but these progressions are way ahead of pseudo-planche pushups - which I find it challenging to do 10. Thanks, Madhav
  2. Paulius Lazdauskas

    Static holds vs Sets n Reps

    Hey, so i reached a level of about 70 push ups, 27-30 dips, and 17 pull ups. So im not a begginer anymore, and i really want to master all the advanced moves like planche, front lever and so on and my main question is should i do like 1 day of sets n reps and on the other day do static holds (tuck FL, tuck planche, handstand, L - Sit) and flow with this kind of program? or should i do the progressions at the start of the training session and than do sets n reps from the energy that i am left with? Do i need to continue doing pull ups, dips and push up exercises at all? Do they help in my advanced moves proggressions?
  3. Alexander Castiglione

    Ring Dips - Turnout help

    Hey Everyone, So I've been messing around with some progressions, and I've been struggling with ring dips. Despite being able to bang out 30-40+ without the turnout (I can almost hear coach laughing since CrossFit does "fake ring dips," I now see exactly what he meant. That being said, I've been struggling with the turnout portion. I can do it, but it's not as smooth as it should be, and under fatigue, it's ugly. One thought I had was to do something like tabata holds in the turnout position, but other than that, I'm out of ideas for how to get stronger in the turnout position. Any help or ideas, greatly appreciated. Note: Korean dips, russian dips, etc, I have them all. "Real" ring dips seem to be eluding me though. Thanks up front!
  4. Hi all, I'm thinking of purchasing F1 and H1, but have concerns about a shoulder injury. I'm 50 years old, and have spent the last year or so rehabbing some pretty bad rotator cuff tendonitis and biceps tendonitis (anterior shoulder pain). I've come a long way and for at least 9 months have been back to weightlifting, handstands, frog stands, front lever work, etc. The tendonitis is still there, but I'm learning to manage it. I'm told it will never heal completely mostly due to inadequate blood flow to those areas. My real concern is with dips. This post by Eric Cressey explains it very well: http://www.ericcressey.com/baseball-strength-training-programs-dips (That's me in the comments asking about muscle-ups, and being told directly to never do dips again.) Eric is generally very concerned about any movement that puts the elbow behind the body as this aggravates the anterior shoulder capsule. It's certainly a problem for me. Part of me is optimistic that with slow and proper progression I can get back to doing dips pain-free, but another part of me knows that is very unlikely. So, does F1 make any sense at all if one can't do dips? On the other hand, is F1 the real road to recovery?
  5. I'm experiencing some pain and stress in my sternum-clavicula-acromion (or, the bones between my chest and shoulder) when I do dips on parallel bars (haven't tried rings in many months). To give an idea of my strength level, I'm doing F1, currently can do 4 x 12 pushups. I'm doing dips because I mix in a muscle-building routine with F1. I read that popping your clavicula joint or having it "wear out" due to excess chest-workouts is a concern to be taken seriously. I certainly don't want to run into this again when I'm doing actual dip-sets from F1. Tips or tricks to alleviate this?
  6. Hi, I am looking for some strenght program for OAP and free HSPU. My 1RM for pull up is 40 kg and for dip 50 kg.
  7. Nicholas Herreros

    Parallel Bar - New Idea?

    I know many have already talked about homemade parallel bars but, I have an idea and wonder if anyone has tried anything like this? I want to attach cables or a rope thru a PVC pipe (1 1/2" to 2" in dia) attached wall to wall (approx. 10ft. apart) with the use of anchor bolts / eye bolts in my wall studs. This should allow me to unclip / unhook the rope or the cable and set the bars aside out of my way when not in use. I definitely need the bars to be at least strong enough to do swinging dips. I think the idea will work but i'm wondering if they will sway around & require some extra support? Any advice would be appreciated before i give my idea a try. Or if anyone has done this already what did you do to make it work? Nick
  8. Martynas Morkūnas

    Korean dips for planche..?

    Hello, GMB. Are there any benefits from controlled ring korean dips, lowering to back lever, bent arm planche on ground? Will this fasten my real planche progress? If so, tell me more benefits about this.
  9. Firmgood


    Hey Guys, Is there anybody that has workout for chest (push) with rings and dip bar? I would like example of workout, like number of exercises, sets, reps, rest between sets/reps... And how could I progress that workout, when it becomes to easy? Thank's a lot.
  10. Hello all, I have a small but pertinent query. My sternum has been hurting badly since my last workout on Saturday, 16th march. The pain is largely concentrated around the middle of the sternum, where the chest muscle inserts into the sternum bone. From what I tried searching for online, the pain seems centered around the insertion points of the 3rd and 4th ribs. Have I injured myself? Has anyone else experienced similar pain? If so, what did they do and how long did it take to subside? I must mention here that this pain did occur on and off after doing tuck back lever. Especially when I started hitting the 50s-60s mark. But the pain would subside in 1-2 days and I would be all ready for my next workout session ( I workout twice a week, one on Tues and second on Sat) Now, however, the pain is not subsiding. In fact, I recently (~ 3 weeks back) started to incorporate XR Support Holds. Last saturday, I held the position for 20s with locked arms and I experienced a really strong contraction of my chest. The pain happened during the contraction and has persisted ever since What possible course of action should I take vis a vis my workouts? Should I suspend all workouts till the pain disappears? My routine was like this when this happened : 1. Warmup ( dynamic stretching) 2. Prerequisites ( hollow hold, superman hold, front plank, reverse plank, pronated grip dead hang, supinated grip dead hang: all for 60s continuous) 3.L sit-PB Low-20s + L sit PB Tuck-40s ( 2 weeks ago began incorporating PB Low as I could hold tuck for 60+s) 4.Dips-1x8 ( Reduced the volume from 3x8 3 weeks back when I began incorporating XR Support Hold) 5.XR Support Hold , 3 sets of ~10s 6. Tuck FL-2x30s 7.German Hang-60s 8. Tuck BL- 50s, 30s 9. Wall handstand- 3x10s I'd be grateful for any tips and suggestions.
  11. Hello all, I have a very simple training related question. I have discovered to my dismay that the parallel bar I had been using is simply too wide. So now I seek suggestion as to the course of action I may take. *Background story There is a parallel bar near my house (5 min walk) which I have been using for the past 10 months or so to get strong at regular dips as well as the support position of the dip ( top portion ) I have reached a stage where I can do easy 3x8 dips as well as a 60+ second support hold on the parallel bars. In BtGB, since the next course of improvement involves performing the Russian Dips, I tried to start integrating it for the past month or so. Nothing too much, simply trying to hold the bottom position of the RD with the upper arms resting on the bars. However, I faced specatuclar difficulties in trying to raise myself up from the position. I kept thinking it is possible I am not yet strong enough to get up from the bottom position, however, a nagging doubt began creeping up in my mind: that the bars might be too wide as in the bottom position, more often than not, I'd end up resting near my elbows instead of middle region of upper arms. I took a tape and measured the width: 28 inches!! That is 72 cm. Which is 8 inches or 20 cm too wide as per official FIG norms here :http://www.unorp.br/downloads_blogs/Nomenclatura_dos_aparelhos.pdf (Refer to the PB section ) -------- So I want to ask. Should I perhaps finally begin to train the support position in the rings? And as and when I start progressing in the support position, I commence Ring Dips? Because I had planned my training this way: PB Support Hold -> PB Dips -> PB Russian Dips -> XR Support Holds -> XR Dips Any help and input regarding this will be deeply appreciated. Thanks for going though my issue!
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