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  1. Hello all, I have a very simple training related question. I have discovered to my dismay that the parallel bar I had been using is simply too wide. So now I seek suggestion as to the course of action I may take. *Background story There is a parallel bar near my house (5 min walk) which I have been using for the past 10 months or so to get strong at regular dips as well as the support position of the dip ( top portion ) I have reached a stage where I can do easy 3x8 dips as well as a 60+ second support hold on the parallel bars. In BtGB, since the next course of improvement involves performing the Russian Dips, I tried to start integrating it for the past month or so. Nothing too much, simply trying to hold the bottom position of the RD with the upper arms resting on the bars. However, I faced specatuclar difficulties in trying to raise myself up from the position. I kept thinking it is possible I am not yet strong enough to get up from the bottom position, however, a nagging doubt began creeping up in my mind: that the bars might be too wide as in the bottom position, more often than not, I'd end up resting near my elbows instead of middle region of upper arms. I took a tape and measured the width: 28 inches!! That is 72 cm. Which is 8 inches or 20 cm too wide as per official FIG norms here :http://www.unorp.br/downloads_blogs/Nomenclatura_dos_aparelhos.pdf (Refer to the PB section ) -------- So I want to ask. Should I perhaps finally begin to train the support position in the rings? And as and when I start progressing in the support position, I commence Ring Dips? Because I had planned my training this way: PB Support Hold -> PB Dips -> PB Russian Dips -> XR Support Holds -> XR Dips Any help and input regarding this will be deeply appreciated. Thanks for going though my issue!
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