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Found 6 results

  1. Madhav Gopakumar

    Choosing Exercises

    Hey guys, I am starting the intermediate one program, and I have been weight training for two years now. Should I choose the easiest progression that I cannot do, or the hardest progression that I can do? For instance I can do about 13 wall supported headstand pushups, 15 dips full rom, and 6 ring dips full rom, but these progressions are way ahead of pseudo-planche pushups - which I find it challenging to do 10. Thanks, Madhav
  2. Ben Sanford

    head pressure in a headstand

    Hi, I'm a foundation one subscriber but am interested in starting to work my way up to handstands. Any time I attempt to get upside down, there is enormous pressure on my head, face, and eyes and so I have to give up quickly. After just a few seconds my eyes are bloodshot. It feels like any more time and I'll bust a blood vessel in my eyes or something. I don't know if this is relevant or not but I am 6'6" tall. What's up with this issue? Is it something I can overcome somehow or should I just forget about handstands? Thank you, Ben
  3. Alexander Castiglione

    Freestanding Headstand Pushup Help

    Hey GB, So I'm working on Headstand Pushups freestanding. I can do them all day "against a wall" in the bastardized Crossfit fashion - in fact can crank out over 20 strict, so strength isn't the issue, it's balance. I'm still working on handstands, now am just working on good alignment against the wall, wall runs, etc - i can nail a 10-15s freestanding handstand every now and then (i know, nothing to write home about). That being said, are my attempts at a freestanding HeSPU in vain? or can someone give me some pointers? What i'm concentrating on at the bottom is to maintain that slight lean, PPT, squeeze glutes, then start to cant vertically and press out. I can get to the top, but I either fall out of position at the top, or when I'm lowering. Anybody else have similar issues? Fixes or drills that worked? Thanks!
  4. Alexander Castiglione

    Forearm Headstand - What am I doing wrong?

    Hey GB, I finally filmed myself doing some freestanding handstands to see if I could see anything out of place, and although some of them are not pretty, whenever I find the sweetspot, I'm in perfect alignment, stacked, etc (as it should be), however, I noticed I was having a tough time "finding" that sweet spot. So i figured I'd backtrack, and go to something like a forearm headstand (which I never really messed with, i know, i ran before i could walk). Anyway, I'm having a really tough time finding the sweetspot, and I'm falling all over the place. Does anybody have some cues or pointers I could use? My headstand I can get for 1 min plus, but that's not stacked, as you all know - you're kind of at a 70 degree angle with your body/legs relative to the floor. With a forearm HeS you need to be stacked. Any pointers? I feel like there is alot of weight on my head, and less on my arms if that helps. Whenever i try and maintain PPT i fall, or ignore PPT and stay tight and "straight" i fall. Or i'll look at the playback and see I was all over the place. Ideas??

    Headstand Pushup

    Hi I need some help, regarding HeSPU/HSPU. I'm able to perform a headstand, by how to I push up? Is it by kicking my legs into the air to get the push up? thx.
  6. Robert Siegel

    H1 limiting headstand?

    Using H1, is there any way to progress safely to handstand without headstand, or at least with much more brief headstand holds? I am concerned about pressure from body weight on the cervical spine.
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