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Found 7 results

  1. Alaa Diab

    What do FL and PE means

    Hi, I am seeing lots of abbreviations on videos and forums what do these mean FL/PE F1 H1,H2,H3 iM and more
  2. To give you some background information: I am 21 yo judoka of 10 years, not competitive but rather striving for perfect judo and body control, with normal health and general judo-given body control that lets me pick up any sport on moderate level by watching the real deal. For example I can adopt table tennis, golf and football by copying the other players on the fly. I can do 10+ behind the neck wide grip pull ups and shaky one leg squats. The thing is I'm not too flexible by nature and have been searching for ways to fix that. I came across this site on a random thread about calisthenics when someone said that is just gymnastics with poor technique. I'm impressed by the quality and credibility of the material as well as the good support on this forum. Not to mention this sounds superior in every way to other possibilities. Yoga was never an option as I have no desire to get acquainted with its religion. I'm moving out and starting my studies this month. I have the complex's gym free for use and I planned to do basic strength and mobility exercises every morning leaving the evenings to studies and judo/jog and other interests. I have some questions: Do the courses of GB fit for daily (or 5 times a week) use? How does upgrading work? If I buy Fundamentals + F1 w/pro+ package and later upgrade to full Foundation do I get a $195 (the cost of F1 w/pro+) discount to the already discounted bundle price of $395? I don't think Fundamentals is really invaluable for me but if I can save $80 of the $99 and still get fully discounted later on I don't mind doing it. At what point down the F1-F4 exactly do I need actual gymnastics equipment like parallel bars or a climbing rope? As a Finland based student some $500-600 + 24% VAT is already a huge stretch even spread over four years. If I have to pay $150 extra a year just to have access to a gymnastics gym away from my apartment even F1 isn't worth my time. It won't fit my budget nor my schedule. Sure I get it, GB is a gateway to gymnastics and you're supposed to move onto equipment at some point but I don't want to pay for the local gymnastics gyms for lessons and stuff if I only need the space. What happens when I'm done with the courses I want to do? I have trust in your Behavior based progressing system but how are reviews done? As a language enthusiast I know the true power to control comes through careful reviewing of the known. Is there a way to truly backtrack your progress if I for example don't do anything for two years and later want to get back to my former form? Thank you for your time! I wish I can find a good product and a hobby through this place. You've got a neat site and some real authority to back it up.
  3. G'day everyone, My question is really in two parts, so apologies for that to begin with. The first part is directly related to Carbohydrate consumption for F1 and H1 training program run over a 4 day split (with H1 supplementing the lower body days). Workouts normally last 40-60 minutes depending on the micro cycle. 1. So, does the suggestions/examples given by Joshua in 'Perfect Workout Nutrition 2013' apply directly to this type of training? Are the recommendations sufficient or too much? how much Carbohydrate would generally be required for a standard F1 2. I also wanted to post up the nutrition and eating plan my Fiancé and I are working on to support this question, and see what some of the big brains around here thought? Following Joshua Naterman’s advice (link), alongside reading Dr Bernardots Advanced Sports Nutrition book, I believe the following would be required for me (180cm, 70kg) and my Fiancé (154cm, 57kg) Callum (me) Daily Totals (includes the during and post workout numbers below) CARBS: 350 – 490g = 1400 – 1960 CAL PROTEIN: 100 – 110g = 400 – 440 CAL FAT = 998 – 398 CAL During Workout (F1/H1) CARBS: 30g POST Workout: CARBS: 60-90g PROTEIN: 30g Candice (fiancée) Daily Totals (includes the during and post workout numbers below) CARBS: 275 – 375g = 1100 – 1500 CAL PROTEIN: 80 – 90g = 320 – 360 CAL FAT = 722 – 282 CAL During Workout (F1/H1) CARBS: 30g POST Workout: CARBS: 60-70g PROTEIN: 30g Thanks everyone and keep up the great work in this awesome community. Callum
  4. Luce

    Twice a day

    I am new here and I simply tried to find a thread regarding training twice a day, I am sure there is something but couldn't find it. So, what is GB's view on training twice a day, or splitting ones' routine into two shorter sessions a day? Also, instead of training F1 and H1 on different days, could these both be done in the same day, F1 in the morning, and H1 in the evening, without taxing the system too much or getting into over training? In other words, doing strength work in the morning, skill work in the evening, or the other way around... Is there anyone who has experience training in this way with these programs?
  5. Robert Kenneth Onglao

    Fireform Intro - And F1 before H1?

    Hi, My name is Kenji. I bought the H1 and F1 starter pack and have been doing H1 for the past 3 months or so, and I am currently at the weighted dislocate mobility portion. I will also be doing the GB Seminar in Singapore this March, which I am extremely excited about. Introduction 27 years old, 5'9, 66-67kg, powerlifting background, did well enough in competition. My build seems conducive to powerlifting - long, thin arms and really thick legs. Historically, my shoulders are my weakest bodypart and I tended to have weaker pushing movements because of the length of my arms. Goals for 2015 - That said, my goal for 2015 is to hold a 30-second freestanding handstand anytime within that year. - My very lofty goal would be to perform one freestanding handstand push-up within 2015, or early 2016. I have tried doing F1 and H1 in tandem according to the templates, but could not due to time constraints - the volume and time of doing F1 in tandem with H1 really adds up. Choosing one to start with, I opted to do H1 first before I dive into F1 fulltime. After listening to the podcasts, the general consensus seems to be the need to build a foundation with F1 before all else. Should I continue on with H1 and do F1 after I get the handstand, or should I do the reverse and start with F1 instead? I will have a better idea of programming once I do the GB Seminar this March, but I'd like to already come into the event with the most conducive mind (and body) possible. Depending on the answers in this thread, I'll modify my training in the next 4 months to get the most out of the GB Seminar. I look forward to meeting you all, and I look forward to your feedback as well. Thanks and best regards, -Kenji
  6. Hello all, I recently decided to take the plunge and begin the F1 & H1 courses. My current exercise routine includes climbing/yoga and I have many of the muscle imbalances common in amateur climbers (rounded shoulders, poor shoulder mobility, and tight forearms). Based on what ive read in the forums and in interviews with Coach Sommer I am excited to work on my joint strength and mobility to solidify a life long engagement in athletics. However I am a little concerned about over training and risking injury. I was hoping to do F1 3x week with H1 incorporation and continue to climb/yoga 2-3x per week. Does this seem like too much? I am curious how other climbers have incorporated the F series in their climbing routine. Any advice is much appreciated. j
  7. Robert Siegel

    H1 limiting headstand?

    Using H1, is there any way to progress safely to handstand without headstand, or at least with much more brief headstand holds? I am concerned about pressure from body weight on the cervical spine.
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