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Found 2 results

  1. Jan Hluchník

    Weekly schedule

    Hi everybody, I am about to start Foundation 1 and HS 1 and only problem I have is weekly schedule. Firstly I planned to go 4 days/week Foundation 1 and on Wednesday and Saturday have my leg/deadlift session with barbell. But when I looked at HS 1 integrated scheduling with Foundation 1, there is written that if I want HS 4 days/week too, I should go HS for Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri and Foundation Wed/Sat but for all 7 elements in one day - this inclines into my leg/deadlift sessions. Is it possible to go my HS just every day after my Foundation work ? And one more, is it possible (isnt it contraproductive?) to do all 7 foundation elements every day in 4days/week schedule for faster progression (instead of first 4 in one day and others 3 in second day) ?
  2. G'day everyone, My question is really in two parts, so apologies for that to begin with. The first part is directly related to Carbohydrate consumption for F1 and H1 training program run over a 4 day split (with H1 supplementing the lower body days). Workouts normally last 40-60 minutes depending on the micro cycle. 1. So, does the suggestions/examples given by Joshua in 'Perfect Workout Nutrition 2013' apply directly to this type of training? Are the recommendations sufficient or too much? how much Carbohydrate would generally be required for a standard F1 2. I also wanted to post up the nutrition and eating plan my Fiancé and I are working on to support this question, and see what some of the big brains around here thought? Following Joshua Naterman’s advice (link), alongside reading Dr Bernardots Advanced Sports Nutrition book, I believe the following would be required for me (180cm, 70kg) and my Fiancé (154cm, 57kg) Callum (me) Daily Totals (includes the during and post workout numbers below) CARBS: 350 – 490g = 1400 – 1960 CAL PROTEIN: 100 – 110g = 400 – 440 CAL FAT = 998 – 398 CAL During Workout (F1/H1) CARBS: 30g POST Workout: CARBS: 60-90g PROTEIN: 30g Candice (fiancée) Daily Totals (includes the during and post workout numbers below) CARBS: 275 – 375g = 1100 – 1500 CAL PROTEIN: 80 – 90g = 320 – 360 CAL FAT = 722 – 282 CAL During Workout (F1/H1) CARBS: 30g POST Workout: CARBS: 60-70g PROTEIN: 30g Thanks everyone and keep up the great work in this awesome community. Callum
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