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Found 9 results

  1. Raul Bogdan

    Holding the Full Planche

    Hey guys. Any tips to get more secconds of Full Planche? Straddle is getting easy atm so i went into full, but i cant really hold it. My best times are. <Straddle Planche - 13s <Maltese Straddle (pretty wide) - 5s <Full Planche - 5s (not holding, just falling down slowly...) Maltese Full - 0s Here i leave you a video of my Fp, so you can judge. Youtube.com
  2. Randia Pawlukiewicz


    Hello everyone! I would like to ask if anyone here does calisthenics near Sunderland/Newcastle? I ve been looking for a calisthenics park out here for sooo long, but couldn't find anything So i just attend gym... Could you give me some info bout that? Randia, xx
  3. WadeWilson

    Anyone from Slovenia?

    Just wondering if there are some users on here who are from Slovenia I know the scene is not that big in here but it's a small country and maybe we could meet and train together Sometimes it gets lonely. You feel me?
  4. Zi Yi Tan

    One Arm Planche/HS Calisthenics

    Hey guys this is my first post here, and this video blew my mind. I thought I'd get input from gymnasts because Street Workout borrows a lot of elements from Gymnastics. I understand that Street workout practitioners don't always have the best form and muscle activation, but I think that this guy Andrea Larosa has extremely good form, even on his one arm planche, at 0.10 of the video. Check out 0.36 as well. Remember that I have an untrained eye. Anyways, just wanted to see what you guys thought!
  5. Tinu Blaettler

    SANTA MONICA beach facility

    Hey guys, If you're ever in Santa Monica, you should use the facilities at the beach for a bodyweight training session. This place is simply awesome! They got Pbars, Rings, Traveller Rings, Ropes and much more! For an impression, you can watch my video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tq8EprtsWw
  6. ishocker

    Old broken arm weak elbow tendon?

    Ok im still fairly new to this calisthenics/gymnastics lifestyle and I want to make sure I don't mess myself up so it anyone could assist me I would really appreciate it I broke my 2 left arm bones (ulna&radius) twice right in the middle of the arm when I was in middle school (Im 23 now) second time the bone came out and had minor surgery but no plates or screws though, but now im training for a planche but I feel my left arm is slight weaker especially around the back elbow right under the triceps muscle but right above the actual elbow joint I don't know it that's a muscle or tendon sorry, but when I try some poses like crow stand I feel that left elbow area barely has muscle but I feel a nice tight muscle or tendon on my right elbow (I feel it with my knees when I get in that stance) but when I do straight arm planche holds with my feet elevated on something I don't feel stress or feel like it's gunna snap but I guess i am afraid or siking myself out in my mind that my elbow is gonna snap backwards since I feel there's not to much strength there, I never feel pain or any of that sort from the crow stance as well and I don't want to In the future either. Im just thinking since I broke it twice and like a month apart from each other im afraid the muscles got reattach differently? If that's even possible So I guess my question is, will I be able to ever do a straight locked out arm planche or is that out the window due to my old injury? If not what exercise could I do to strengthen that one area/muscle? and also both elbows pop when I extend them out must of the time but never pain, is this normal?
  7. Aidan Bentham


    Hi guys, I just joined this forum. I have been doing calisthenics for nearly a year and around a month ago I had a sharp pain in my right forearm (with the palm facing upwards, the pain is at the top left side.) It hurts when I release the pressure from it. For example I will do a tucked planche and when my arms are off the ground a shooting pain goes up my right forearm. The inpatient person I am I trained on it and as much as I love calisthenics and gymnastics I don't want to stop but I need a good old break, even with a break i did little bits here anf there. I personally think it was due to handstand walking and shock to my muscles etc. I have gone to the docs and they just said rest. I tried self massaging it and that just hurt
  8. Hi GB community ! I'm really wondering why Italians athletes have a higher standard of quality in body lines, technique, strength, etc. I think is not a secret that some quality work is coming from Italy. Is it something in their food ? (just kidding), support between athletes ? Genetics ? I really don't know the answer, but I know that they really focus on the basics and are to my eyes really hard workers. Thanks !
  9. Hi guys! I'm new here, 22 years old, from Portugal. I do kickboxing 3x a week and I am part of a team of calisthenics (Kickboxing: monday, wednesday, friday). By being part of the team I have to train my endurance (high reps @ pullups, dips, pushups, muscle ups ...). For power I do Squat and Deadlift. Can you help me try to combine all this with the initiation in the rings? Best regards,

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