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Found 11 results

  1. I have a GST All Access subscription. I answered the questions and the system created a work out program for me. I’ve been following the program schedule for one week. During my second week, I had to miss a day of training. Should I do the work out from the day I missed or should do the work out scheduled for that day?
  2. Daniel Luketic

    Foam Rolling/Massage and GST

    Hey Guys, What effect does foam rolling/massage have on training? Thanks, Daniel.
  3. Keilani Gutierrez

    Spanish Podcast Interview

    Saludos! for all the spanish speaking GB/GST practitioners out there, I had the honor of representing Gymnasticbodies in Latin America in an interview with Sergio from migymencasa.com where we talked about GST, the GB system, both of our experiences with the courses and also individualizing the training to achieve mastery in the 7 GST fundamental movements. que disfruten (enjoy) http://migymencasa.com/33-calistenia-hablamos-de-gymnasticbodies-con-keilani-gutierrez/
  4. Peter Osborne

    GST for Endurance Athletes

    Hi All, I am beginning GST in order to do strength training for rock and alpine climbing/mountaineering. I am also an endurance runner (marathons and moving towards my first 100k this year) and was wondering if anyone has had any success incorporating GST into an endurance training program similar to Crossfit Endurance (https://powerspeedendurance.com/). I have experience with Crossfit but feel the training in GST is more applicable to the requirements of a climber. I was thinking programming my week with 2 GST Days + 3 Endurance Days with GST component (do you recommend any particular training which could compliment Endurance training?). Do you think I will be able to progress in GST with this scheduling? Do you recommend including the stretching components each day(i currently do 15-45mins of mobility each night as I wind down). Any and all help would be great! Best, Peter
  5. Simone Di Giuseppe

    A new guy here!

    Well, hello there! My name is Simone, I am 20 yo and I come from Milan, Italy. This is my first time writing in this forum but I am definitely planning on actively joining the community and learn a lot from it! I was a former martial artist practitioner (Shaolin Wushu) and I have been practicing artistic gymnastics for 5 months right now. When I left Wushu, which was a difficult decision, I followed a certain desired that was deep inside my mind and I decided to try gymnastics. As my new journey started, I knew all the difficulties that an adult practitioner has to overcome (funny how 20 yo is basically an old one for gymnastics! ). But I also think that there's nothing like hard but smart work , followed by perseverance and patience. So I am slowly getting to beginners skills and drills on the gymnastic apparatus (h bar, p bars, vault, floor etc). There it goes my decision to take the handstand challenge (H1) ! In this months I learned a lot about this exercise, listening to everyone's advice in the gym but I am willing to upgrade my knowledge and execution about it. I have a great hip mobility due to my past years but I lack of upper body strenght and mobilty. This is probably the reason why I can hold a good handstand on the floor for just a few seconds, followed by the slow drop to a somersault. I am saying "good" because my coaches often tell me that I have a great line (ALWAYS followed by the most heartbreaking sentence: you should have started 15 years ago ) I am looking forward on slowly gaining the necessary strenght and mobility to perform it, respecting all the right execution canons. SO, I wanna thank you if you read the whole post!
  6. Alexander Castiglione

    Strength and GST work

    Hey All, So I'm starting foundation 1, and after some searching on the Interwebs, I found someone that claimed that Texas Method (or Wendler) strength programs could tie in well with GST. I've pretty much abandoned trying to include Oly work, Gymnastics work, and metcons - my tendons and body won't allow it, and Coach Sommer put it bluntly: You're doing too much. As I'll be on a 3-4 day a week schedule, it doesn't seem like too much volume. My question is what would you recommend - Strength training prior to GST work, or after? I'm looking to do F1 and H1 concurrently, with Wendler: Mon - Squat, sPL, SL, and MN work. Wed - Strict Press with FL, HBP, RC (or HS work depending on feel.) Thu - Deadlift with HS if I didn't get to it the prior day. Maybe some conditioning work like prowler pushes or quick metcon's. (Given that i've had bouts with tendonitis, I'm trying to minimize my volume and concentrate of strength, mobility, and statics). Fri/Sat - Bench Press, with sPL, SL, and MN work. The author of the piece i found about integrating strength training advocated the Texas Method, but I've had pretty good results with Wendler in the past. Thoughts? Advice? Or am I just crazy and overdoing it?
  7. Hi GB community ! I'm really wondering why Italians athletes have a higher standard of quality in body lines, technique, strength, etc. I think is not a secret that some quality work is coming from Italy. Is it something in their food ? (just kidding), support between athletes ? Genetics ? I really don't know the answer, but I know that they really focus on the basics and are to my eyes really hard workers. Thanks !
  8. Disclaimer: I wrote this post not for showoff, instead I'm posting this in order to let people now that GST and more specifically GB is an amazing tool for both physical and knowledge development. At April 10 and 11 I attended to a Olympic lifting seminar that was intended for crossfitters. I said that I didn't practice crossfit but instead GST and if I was able to go, despite not being a crossfitter and have almost not experience with weight training, they said yes and I went. We were guide by two really high experienced Olympic lifting coaches and in the facility they trained some member from the National Team of my country (Venezuela). Just a couple of minutes before the seminar I was talking to one of the coach about what GB was and even show him a few wrist conditioning exercises from GB and instantly he get amazed and interest by all of GB, I talked to him about how we strength the tendons and about how GB uses right programming for allow the connective tissue to catch the muscle in term of recovery ( all of these because he have a couple of athletes with injuries and problems most of them for a lack of structural balance in their routines) later he take some notes about the Webpage, about the courses, and told him about who is Coach Sommer. We started the seminar and instantly they were amazed by my mobility and flexibility, and they even called me things like "you're a prospect" (Note: I get my flexibility and mobility by following GB Loaded progressive stretching and shoulder mobility exercises from GB, I was even more flexible than one of his top young athletes, of course not because I'm really that flexible, all of this is due to they don't now nothing about how to properly train for some flexibility). First day we practiced just Snatch technique with a broomstick and then go for some snatches with empty bar and light weight, later we do some assisting exercises and we were done. Second day we learned how to C&J at the first session of the morning, its duration was 4h. We go for a break between 12pm to 1:30 aprox 2:00pm and we started the second session, it was basicly a session for finding our PB for the first time, I was able to snatch 40kg and C&J 50kg at 64kg BW, then we go for Front squats, (Note: my leg workout is only based on unweighted pistols) My 1RM was 70Kg ( I know, I know it's nothing impressive but it also a good place to start for someone like me that don't work with weights). To wrapped it up, at the end I had a special mention for good performance without having experience with Oly lifting. All of this is just a reflection of my foundation training and all about being here at GB. Thanks for taking the time to read it and thanks to the community.
  9. Evening folks, As the title suggests, i am wondering if there is an optimal, safe or ANY way i can combine doing Gymnastic Strength Training™, in particular foundation 1, alongside the Rushfit DVD's (hoping you have heard of it!). Cut a long story short, i have very recently started F1, and am currently 6 weeks into my Rushfit workouts. I work in law enforcement, so would certainly like to keep my conditioning up, and improve it! But i would like to be able to progress in terms of strength too. Following conversations with others i keep being torn between - 1) GST + either Rushfit or running 2) Full body weight training 3xper week + Rushfit or running Basically i understand the importance of strength ( especially in my job) but there has to be that additional factor of cardio and conditioning. No doubt in my mind that GST can lead to incredible strength over time, but can it be combined with enough 'cardio' that i can also achieve solid levels of cardiovascular fitness? Sorry to go on, but there are people here WAY more knowlegable than me about these things, and i would really appreciate some opinions
  10. Aaro Helander

    GB-related blogs and videos

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be a nice to have a thread where every forum member could post links to their personal blogs and videos or both if they have material that could be of mutual benefit for all GB students. Or is linking to any external sites prohibited? If yes, I assume this thread will be deleted and the case solved http://www.iofthestorm.net/2014/04/30/rest-day-workout-overtraining-recovery/
  11. Hi everybody. Right now I am taking a break from strength training because of a rotator cuff injury. While I am recovering I figured I might as well ask you this, since it has been on my mind for a long time. Is it possible with good results to create a foundation-like training program with gymnastics for parkour? It would not be the same as foundation, because parkour requires you to train (some) plyometrics along with maximal strength. Parkour and evenmoreso freerunning is street gymnastics with a minimalism approach. This means that equipment like rings, ropes, paralettes and so on would not be ideal, unless you want to do your training in a gym. A place where gymnastics are very different from parkour is the utilization of kips and swings to cheat yourself to explosiveness. That kipping motion rather a straight body position should indeed be emphasized. Another point is that parkour relies heavily on jump height and lenght; more than gymnastics. So I guess heavy squats with low reps would do it. Maybe add deadlift as well. Other than that for lower body; if you do parkour on off days the plyometric training would be integrated into normal parkour/technique training. The information in pic related I wrote to 4chan.org/asp's (alternative sports board) parkour community. They thought my advice was great. But it was written quite impulsive and I do not pretend like if it is a thorough work. I would appreciate if you would comment what I wrote, maybe come op with a work out plan yourself, or just leave some thoughts on the subject.
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