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Found 1 result

  1. Alexander Castiglione

    Strength and GST work

    Hey All, So I'm starting foundation 1, and after some searching on the Interwebs, I found someone that claimed that Texas Method (or Wendler) strength programs could tie in well with GST. I've pretty much abandoned trying to include Oly work, Gymnastics work, and metcons - my tendons and body won't allow it, and Coach Sommer put it bluntly: You're doing too much. As I'll be on a 3-4 day a week schedule, it doesn't seem like too much volume. My question is what would you recommend - Strength training prior to GST work, or after? I'm looking to do F1 and H1 concurrently, with Wendler: Mon - Squat, sPL, SL, and MN work. Wed - Strict Press with FL, HBP, RC (or HS work depending on feel.) Thu - Deadlift with HS if I didn't get to it the prior day. Maybe some conditioning work like prowler pushes or quick metcon's. (Given that i've had bouts with tendonitis, I'm trying to minimize my volume and concentrate of strength, mobility, and statics). Fri/Sat - Bench Press, with sPL, SL, and MN work. The author of the piece i found about integrating strength training advocated the Texas Method, but I've had pretty good results with Wendler in the past. Thoughts? Advice? Or am I just crazy and overdoing it?

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